Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ron Paul Candidacy Was CIA-$upported Controlled Opposition

His nothing campaigns took a lot of time, energy, and focus away from so many other things -- and now we know why:

"PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel is associated with Facebook Inc. and Palantir Technologies Inc., a data analytics firm financed by the Central Intelligence Agency....


So PayPal is a CIA front for business record collection, Facebook a front for personal information, and another CIA front to analyze it all. How nice. 

He’s also politically active, promoting libertarian causes and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, backing conservative antitax campaigns, and donating to gay rights groups and other causes."

A real agenda-pu$her! 

And who are the other people that have pushed Ron Paul the hardest?

"At MIT event, group entices students to ditch school" by Michael B. Farrell |  Globe Staff, October 10, 2013

Under the noses of school officials, a group started by PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel used an event last weekend at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to try to persuade budding entrepreneurs that college is a waste of money and they should drop out and start businesses instead.

Like babysitting?

A billionaire, the high-profile Thiel has used part of his fortune to target the higher education establishment as a bloated sacred cow; one line of attack is to offer bright young achievers $100,000 to forgo college and work on innovative ideas under the tutelage of his organization in San Francisco.

He is right about the money-junkies taking over the echelons of ejewkhazion and the debt-enslaving reason for it all.

See: Skipping School Series: Dropping Out of College

There is always the Army if you don't make it.

The Thiel Fellowship routinely makes scouting expeditions to top schools. Of the 62 fellows who have been selected since 2011, one-third have ties to New England, including students from MIT, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and a high school dropout from Marlborough. On Saturday, Thiel representatives were in Cambridge at the HackMIT event, a weekend-long crash contest in computer coding that drew 1,000 students from MIT and schools across the country.

Makes the hacking sound benign, doesn't it? 

SeeSunday Globe Special: Hacking is Good Bu$ine$$ 

You $ee who is the largest customer i$, 'eh?

“The best way to learn isn’t by sitting in a classroom, but by doing,” Thiel Fellowship cofounder Jonathan Cain told attendees at the start of the event.

In a later interview with the Globe, Cain stressed that dropping out isn’t for everyone but that ambitious students should realize “you don’t necessarily have to go through these traditional gatekeepers to change the world. All you need to do is build it.”

Speaking of gatekeepers:

Six Zionist Companies Own 96% of the World's Media
Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed
Operation Mockingbird

Why Am I No Longer Reading the Newspaper?

The two have basically converged into one organization representing a set of near uniform intere$ts.

The Thiel Fellowship was also a sponsor of HackMIT, its name featured prominently on the event’s website, as were other corporate sponsors Thiel is associated with, including Facebook Inc. and Palantir Technologies Inc., a data analytics firm financed by the Central Intelligence Agency.

The HackMIT event was organized by an MIT student group, and not the university, and drew so many attendees it was held at the school’s indoor athletic facility.

Well, it isn't called the Military Institution of Technology for nothing.

MIT officials said they did not know that Thiel’s program was involved until contacted by the Globe.

Is that like a CIA-type denial or what? It's on the damn website and they don't bother to read it?

One prominent MIT professor was taken aback at the brazenness of Thiel’s pitch on his campus.

I was taken aback by the brazenness of the admi$$ion of CIA funding for a certain company.

“They are taking advantage of the very institution that they are saying you don’t need,” said Bill Aulet, director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, who has become something of a guru within tech start-up circles.

Aulet also labeled Thiel something of a hypocrite.


Thiel, meanwhile, is not just another Silicon Valley luminary, but a worshiped entrepreneur with a seeming golden touch.

I Can not begin to ImAgine the rea$ons how and why, can you?! 

In addition to founding PayPal, he was the first outside investor in Facebook, parlaying a $500,000 investment into $1 billion in stock sales.


He’s also politically active, promoting libertarian causes and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, backing conservative antitax campaigns, and donating to gay rights groups and other causes.... 


I guess that's why Ron never veered from the Al-CIA-Duh script surrounding 9/11. Did you happen to see where his campaign manager went?

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Another CIA-backed controlled opposition outfit of agenda-pushing division. Sorry.


I really can't put into words how deceived and betrayed I feel, the result of which is I will never trust anyone who is part of the Zionist media machine again, no matter how "fringe." 


Lost on MIT’s campus? Follow the drone

MIT: Drones can help people, too

Well, the CIA does have a presence there. How long before each person has one following them?

More hacking around at MIT:

"Students joust for MIT hacking title" by Jeremy C. Fox |  Globe Correspondent, October 07, 2013

CAMBRIDGE — The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s first HackMIT, a student-run competition that drew undergraduate and high school programmers from across North America and overseas....

Translation: the U.S. government is looking for a few good hackers!

Victor Hung, 20, and Vincent Siao, 21, high school friends from Vancouver, British Columbia, were among more than 1,000 programmers who pulled a massive all-nighter Saturday, greeting the dawn Sunday having created computer programs and electronic tools that could change lives.

The long hours were evident inside MIT’s Johnson Athletic Center Sunday morning, where sleeping bodies occupied benches lining a hallway and deflated air mattresses lay heaped in a pile.

Other self-described “hackers” — in the sense of creative programmers, not online pirates — wrote code and assembled microcomputers and robotic devices inside the facility’s ice rink, while outside tables were piled high with apples, potato chips, and cookies.

Wait until they start working for government.

At the rink’s center, a young man was cocooned inside a blue-and-gray-striped hoodie, head down on a table for a few moments of sleep. Beside him, a bespectacled fellow in autumnal plaid slumped in his folding chair, arms crossed on his chest, with a dormant laptop computer before him.

While some succumbed to exhaustion, others worked the room, hyped up on caffeine and adrenaline, eager to discuss their work with judges and prospective employers....

Once again, the bottom line focus in my Globe is bu$ine$$.

Judges from the hackathon competition’s corporate sponsors narrowed the hundreds of teams down to 10 finalists, but the three winners were chosen by the vote of their fellow hackers, according to Katie Siegel, a member of the organizing team from the MIT student group TechX.

Should I even.... never mind.

“I think the quality of hacks was very high,” said Siegel, 19, a sophomore computer science major at MIT. “Judging was super close.”

Among the finalists were a program that can build a simple video game around any line drawing, a device that raises and lowers windows in response to weather changes, and an interface that turns the entire planet into a video-game environment using Google Earth.

More whimsical projects — such as Horton,an aloe plant that tweets about weather conditions at its Twitter account @hortontheplant — garnered admirers but did not crack the top 10.

Some developers expressed hopes of building a business around their creations, but first-place winners Hung and Siao said they were focused on innovation for its own sake.

“I think we’re just going to build more cool things,” Siao said. “I don’t think we’re thinking about money right now.”


Their first try:

"David Koch funds day care at MIT" by Carolyn Y. Johnson |  Globe Staff, October 04, 2013

CAMBRIDGE — David H. Koch, a billionaire philanthropist and MIT graduate known as much for his conservative activism as for his generosity, had already given the Massachusetts Institute of Technology about $150 million for research and faculty positions, decided to spend $20 million more on day care.

On Friday, the David H. Koch Childcare Center will be dedicated, in a celebration that highlights a major and ongoing shift in universities’ thinking about recruiting and retaining people who do world-class research. The best professors, scientists, and researchers are not just minds, universities have increasingly acknowledged; they have families, too.

The new center will serve 126 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It nearly doubles MIT’s day-care slots on campus....

Very charitable of he who made the Top 400.


Also see


"MIT student seen jumping on skylight before fall, police say" by Dan Adams and Martin Finucane |  Globe Correspondent | Globe Staff, September 12, 2013

An 18-year-old member of an MIT fraternity survived a fall after crashing through a skylight while reportedly jumping on it and plummeting down a four-story stairwell during a party at a frat house in Kenmore Square.

Witnesses told investigators that the unnamed student was jumping up and down on a plexiglass dome on the roof of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity house at 487 Commonwealth Ave. about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when it gave way, sending him crashing to a landing four stories below, according to a Boston police report.

He suffered injuries not considered life-threatening to his head and genital area, the report said.

Police and city inspectors issued the fraternity several citations after the incident, including for alcohol violations and having an unpermitted roof deck.

At least CIA or DIA or MIT college kids can still party and have fun!

The building is owned by the fraternity’s alumni association, the national Phi Sigma Kappa organization said.


Bryan Glascock, commissioner of the city’s Inspectional Services Department, said, “He’s probably the luckiest guy I’ve ever heard of. He should be feeling pretty good about things that he’s not dead.”

Michael Carey, National Phi Sigma Kappa vice president, called the fall an accident and said the MIT chapter of the group was one of the best in the country.

“These are your future senators, doctors, and lawyers, solid members of the community,” he said in an interview.

I feel like I'm in such good hands.

The national fraternity has launched its own investigation, Carey said, and could cite the chapter or individual members if warranted.

The student who fell did not suffer debilitating injuries and was conscious after the fall, according to Carey.

“He knew where he was; he knew what had happened,” Carey said. “He was funny, he was trying to be joking about it.”

Carey said members of the fraternity were shaken.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology said in a statement that its police department had taken statements from witnesses and that the school would investigate the incident. Any possible disciplinary action would not be publicly announced because of privacy policies, an MIT spokeswoman said.

And because it would be embarrassing to so many.