Saturday, May 31, 2014

Slow Saturday Special: Striking Ireland Post

24-hour strike at Aer Lingus snarls Irish airports

I'm still able to let this post fly:

"N. Ireland leader retreats from anti-Muslim remarks" Associated Press   May 30, 2014

DUBLIN — Northern Ireland’s Protestant leader retreated Thursday from anti-Muslim comments he made when defending a Belfast evangelist’s right to denounce Islam, but government colleagues accused him of defending prejudicial attitudes at a time of rising race-motivated violence.

Being stirred up by someone, chi bono?


First Minister Peter Robinson, who has attended Pastor James McConnell’s church, offered support both for the preacher’s right to speak and the sentiments expressed.

That is not being in favor of free speech then. You are only in favor of free speech if it is opposed to you and you are offended by it. Everyone is in favor of free speech when it is seconding, thirding, their motion.

He told a Belfast newspaper, the Irish News, that he also distrusted those Muslims ‘‘who are fully devoted to sharia law’’ — but would trust them to collect his groceries or hand him the correct change in a shop.

Wow! Step and fetch it!

The audiotaped interview, played Wednesday on BBC radio, stunned commentators in Northern Ireland. Many branded Robinson’s comments as both racist and patronizing. The government’s justice minister, David Ford, said Robinson used ‘‘the kind of language that would have gone down well in South Africa a few years ago or the southern parts of the United States half a century ago.’’

Yeah, I'm kind of fed up with that myself; however, I'm even more fed up with the attack on free speech.  

Let 'em say it; it is our job to call them out for idiocy.

McConnell told his congregation May 18 that Islam was ‘‘a doctrine spawned in hell,’’ to describe Islam as evil and Muslims as untrustworthy....

I know what I do not trust anymore, and the good pastor here has obviously never dealt with a bank.


wHo is your wife doing, first minister?


"Yesterday a reader sent this in to me. At first I thought it might be one of those hoax postings because of the intensity and graphic evil of the claims made against the highest authorities in this church. It's not that I did not believe them to be capable of it; it just hit with a great deal of force. Then several people commented to tell me it wasn't a hoax. Then someone wrote to tell me it was even worse, then someone sent it to me again. I guess it has gotten a lot of interest. This won't be showing up on the mainstream news because the people who own the mainstream news are without a doubt also engaged in similar things. In lieu of reporting on this, we get what they consider important and on the heels of these things they mainline their coming objectives. The disconnect between the real and the irrelevant in some minds is... well, I don't know what it is....


Yeah, maybe the Catholics should be watching where they throw stones despite the propaganda pre$$ spit polish about Francis.

"Firebomb hits Northern Ireland hotel" Associated Press   May 31, 2014

DUBLIN — A firebomb detonated Friday in a hotel lobby in the Northern Ireland city of Londonderry, but police said a swift midnight evacuation ensured that nobody was injured. 

I bet I know who did it!

The bomb exploded inside the Everglades Hotel in Northern Ireland’s second-largest city. Witnesses said a masked man tossed a bag beside the hotel’s reception desk, said he was from the IRA, and warned that a bomb inside the bag would explode in 30 minutes.

Oh. I was all excited to holler Muslim terrorist. 

‘‘Someone set off the fire alarm and I called the police,’’ said Gary Rutherford, who had just dropped off relatives at the hotel. ‘‘It was quite confusing at the time for most of the guests because they were in bed. It was mayhem.’’

As British Army specialists were deploying a robot to examine the bomb, it exploded and sent flames cascading throughout the evacuated lobby. Nobody was injured.

Oh, no! This is looking like ANOTHER FALSE FLAG pos!

Analysts noted that the hotel last week hosted a police recruitment drive for more applicants from the city’s mostly Catholic population, a peacemaking goal bitterly opposed by IRA activists.

Why didn't they.... never mind. The ridiculous and ludicrous are no longer to be questioned.


Well, Britain did declare war on Ireland. 

Globe stopped beating that Drumm.