Saturday, May 31, 2014

Slow Saturday Special: Small Town Gossip

I usually walk away when it starts.... 

"Mystery yacht has Hampton Beach talking" by Billy Baker | Globe Staff   May 31, 2014

HAMPTON BEACH, N.H. — The rumors began swirling just as soon as the giant empty yacht crashed into the marsh here.

A popular one was that it was to be blown up in a Denzel Washington movie, though no one seems to know where that came from. Then there was the one about how it was being used as a set to film pornography. Still others whispered that it was used for drug smuggling.

And it went on from there. It’s hard to stop a small town on a gossip roll, and what a roll it has been....

The truth, it turns out, has just as many twists as a Denzel Washington movie, and it involves a Miami couple on a serious string of bad luck....

The newspaper is not where I look for truth, sorry.


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I'm tired of the self-inflicted false flags and hoaxes, sorry.

I'm sticking with the Saturday stuff today.

"N.H. man, 52, allegedly threatened school shooting unless his father gave him money

A 52-year-old man pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he threatened to commit a school shooting unless his father gave him money, Essex prosecutors said. Lawrence Beam Jr. of New Durham, N.H., was charged with threatening to commit a crime, intimidation of a witness, threatening to use a firearm, extortion, two counts of criminal harassment, and two counts of making annoying telephone calls at his arraignment in Lawrence District Court, prosecutors said. Beam allegedly demanded $10,000 from his father, and told him that if the money was not provided, the son would shoot up a school, prosecutors said. Authorities did not release the name of the school."

Looks like Larry went of the beam a little bit, huh?

"Officials say group of Brighton High students made list of people to possibly harm

A group of Brighton High School students are under investigation for allegedly making a list of people they “might want to harm,” officials said. Brian Ballou, a Boston public schools spokesman, said a “small group of students,” possibly only two, made the list Friday. Ballou did not give any specifics as to who was on the list. The students and their parents were spoken to by school officials, Ballou said. It is not yet clear if they will receive any punishment or charges. “We have no reason to believe there was the intention of actually harming anyone,” said Ballou, who did not name the students involved."

So when do AmeriKan officials get investigated for all the wars they want to start. 

Of course, they didn't intend to hurt anyone with the lies that led to them.

Might want to hear this, though.