Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Taking a Chansler With This Post

"FBI seeks ‘sextortion’ victims of man convicted in child porn case" by Monica Disare Globe Correspondent   July 07, 2015

Boston FBI officials warned there may be more local victims of crimes perpetrated by Lucas Michael Chansler, who recorded explicit images of hundreds of teenage girls throughout the United States and Canada.

Court testimony indicates that 350 minor victims were targeted in 26 different states throughout the United States, three Canadian provinces, and in the United Kingdom.

Chansler, now 31, would target girls through social networking sites and pretend to be an acquaintance, friend, or admirer, according to the FBI. Once he gained their trust, he would persuade the girls to expose themselves or engage in sexually explicit conduct on video chats he secretly recorded. He then threatened to put the images online or send them to the girls’ parents unless they agreed to provide more graphic images.

The FBI identified Chansler after the parents of one of the girls came forward. He was indicted in 2010. Last year, Chansler pleaded guilty to nine counts of producing child pornography and was sentenced to 105 years in federal prison.

Chansler told authorities he targeted girls aged 13 to 18 because adults were ‘‘too smart’’ to fall for his scheme.


Where the f*** was the NSA in all this? Bunch of 'em beating over over this stuff, huh?

For all we know, Chansler is a government scum. Must be why he was allowed to operate for so long.


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The only pornography I see is the Bo$ton Globe.