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Terror in Tennessee

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Again? Even after all the July 4 success? Or because of it?

"FBI seeks answers in Tenn. rampage; 2 wounded, assailant dead; FBI searches for possible terrorist ties" by Adam Goldman and Greg Miller Washington Post  July 16, 2015

WASHINGTON — Four Marines were killed Thursday in shootings at a pair of military facilities in Tennessee by a gunman who is being investigated for possible ties to Islamist terrorist groups, US law enforcement officials said.

The shooter, identified by the FBI as Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, of Hixson, Tenn., was killed at the conclusion of a rampage that also left a Chattanooga police officer and a member of the US military wounded. 

I've seen this movie before.

The assault marks the latest eruption of gun violence in the United States. It comes amid a flurry of recent arrests, disrupted plots, and warnings from US counterterrorism officials that the Islamic State has called on its followers to mount attacks against US targets, including military installations.


Aaron Alexis, Part Deuh
Shooting at Walter Reed 

They look like drills, as does this.


US officials said an initial check of federal terrorism databases produced no information that Abdulazeez had been under investigation.

They came up with a former pro basketball player.


Ray Mabus, secretary of the Navy, said in a statement that ‘‘while we expect our sailors and Marines to go into harm’s way, and they do so without hesitation, an attack at home, in our community, is insidious and unfathomable.’’

Authorities said they had reached no conclusions about the shooter’s motivations. He had recently been arrested for driving under the influence and appears to have made frequent postings about his religious views online.

Oh, no. Another pious Muslim patsy partying.

In one Internet posting this month, Abdulazeez had written ‘‘This life is a test of faith,’’ according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online postings by radical Islamist organizations and described the statement as an ‘‘aspiration for paradise.’’

That confirms it! This is ALL BULL! It's SITE's signature, and it does indeed look another hoax, another drill gone "live."

Even so, friends who said they had been in recent contact with Abdulazeez said they saw no sign that he was violent.

Possible mind control manipulation.

Hussnain Javid, a student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, said he was friendly with Abdulazeez and that they had both studied engineering.

Javid said that he ran into Abdulazeez about seven months ago at the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga and that Abdulazeez had recently moved back to the area and was looking for a job.

‘‘Everything seemed fine,’’ Javid said. ‘‘It is very shocking. He seemed to be a very nice young man.’’

The son of Kuwaiti and Palestinian parents, Abdulazeez was born in Kuwait but was a naturalized US citizen, according to the accounts of friends and relatives.

He grew up in the Chattanooga area, where he was on the wrestling team at Red Bank High School. Beneath what appears to be his senior photo in the school’s yearbook is a provocative quote: ‘‘My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?’’

Oh, he was a mouthy Muslim.

Public records indicate that he had no criminal history aside from vehicle-related offenses, including the April arrest.

He appears to have participated in mixed martial arts, and appears in a fight video on YouTube.

Oh, fer cryin' out loud. Making the connection to the marathon cover crap!

An online résumé indicates that Abdulazeez had recently worked as a ‘‘procurement engineer’’ with Global Trade Express.

Who the hell are they?

In a news conference in Chattanooga, Edward Reinhold, the special agent in charge for the FBI in Knoxville, declined to discuss details of the investigation, and would not say whether Abdulazeez had killed himself or was killed by law enforcement.

‘‘We will treat this as a terrorism investigation until it can be determined it was not,’’ he said. As news of the shooting spread, schools, a shopping mall, and roads in the area were all temporarily closed.

Obama said the exact opposite, and what is with this?

In the neighborhood where Abdulazeez lived, news footage late Thursday showed heavily armed law enforcement officers entering the family home and taking away at least one handcuffed woman in traditional Muslim garb.

Elijah Wilkerson has lived in the neighborhood only five years, but he says his wife often went walking with the Abdulazeezes.

‘‘It’s like a family down there,’’ Wilkerson said, gesturing to his street, currently blocked off by police. ‘‘I would have never imagined it would be up in here.’’

Dean McDaniel, 59, a longtime neighbor of the Abdulazeez family, said he regularly saw Abdulazeez and his siblings around the neighborhood.

The attack began at 10:45 a.m. when Abdulazeez fired rounds into the windows and door of a local military recruiting office. He then fled in a silver-colored Ford Mustang and drove to a Naval Reserve center several miles away, where he again opened fire and all five fatalities occurred.

Police in Chattanooga said shortly after 1:15 p.m. the shooting was over and the gunman was dead. Agents from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives converged on crime scenes littered with glass.

‘‘I know the whole rest of the state joins me in just a feeling of being sick in our stomach for the lives lost and the senselessness of this,’’ said Tennessee’s governor, Bill Haslam.

The attack came almost exactly a month after a shooting at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., that prompted debate not only over the Confederate battle flag but also whether the terrorism label should be applied to the assault by a gunman allegedly motivated by racist views.

That is interesting because that "shooting" -- and now this one -- have totally taken attention of the police killing people.

The shootings in Tennessee add to the mounting toll of US gun violence but are more likely to be seen as part of a growing danger attributed to the influence of the Islamic State and other terrorist groups.

How many more psyops are we going to be subjected to this summer?

FBI director James Comey recently disclosed that authorities had arrested more than 10 people over the past two months as part of a burst of activity by law enforcement to prevent attacks timed to the July 4 holiday and the Muslim observance of Ramadan.

But they missed this guy, huh?



"Investigation focuses on gunman’s trip to Jordan in 2014" by Timothy Williams and Richard Pérez-Peña New York Times   July 18, 2015

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Federal investigators on Friday dug into the background and travels of the 24-year-old gunman who they say killed four Marines in an attack on two military sites here, focusing on a seven-month trip he made last year to Jordan and scouring his electronic trail in search of a motive for the killings.

He goes over to the Middle East for seven months and not even a blip on the radar? He was working for what looks like a dummy corporation based in Britain, and the whole thing has the smell of sheep-dipping.

The crucial, unanswered question was whether Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, a naturalized US citizen who was born in Kuwait, came into contact with, or was inspired by, any Islamist extremist groups, intelligence officials said.

Federal agents flew Abdulazeez’s computer, cellphone, and other electronics to Washington for forensic analysis. They also worked with local law enforcement following up on 70 leads about his activities, and they asked intelligence services in Jordan and Kuwait about his movements there.

(Blog editor shakes his head; what garbage are they creating for his electronic trail here?)

Abdulazeez, who was killed in a gun battle with the police during Thursday’s attack, was the son of Palestinians from Jordan.

I already saw this, but the Palestinian connection is a new twist.

He had made several trips to Jordan and Kuwait, where he had relatives, officials said, but he spent most of his life in southeastern Tennessee, and graduated from college here with a degree in engineering.

Yeah, he's got the good life (an engineer working for a package delivery company??). Why would he want to blow it?

“We are exploring all travel he has done, and we have asked our intelligence partners throughout the world to provide us with any information they may have as to travel and activities,” said Edward W. Reinhold, the agent in charge of the Knoxville office of the FBI, which is leading the investigation.

“It would be premature to speculate on exactly why the shooter did what he did,’’ he said. “However, we are conducting a thorough investigation to determine whether this person acted alone, was inspired, or [was] directed.”

Officials said there was no indication so far of any links to terror groups, leaving them to wonder how a young man with no known history of violence or radicalism turned up Thursday with several weapons, spraying bullets at Americans in uniform.

Some “lone wolf” attacks have been carried out by people who had no direct contact with extremist groups, but they were influenced by messages online, like those from the Islamic State urging Muslims to take up arms and attack US military sites.

“This attack raises several questions about whether he was directed by someone or whether there’s enough propaganda out there to motivate him to do this,” said a senior US intelligence official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was still underway. That is scaring me.

Will have to shut down the $elf-$erving, self-supplied government propaganda from directly created, funded, and directed by government intelligence operations while removing all those who question the official version of anything.

A congressional official who was briefed on the investigation said it was not yet clear whether Abdulazeez’s computer or communications were encrypted, which would lengthen the time needed to pry clues out of them.

Oh, yeah, encryption will have to be disabled for government. That's another side benefit here. All my stuff is right here.

Just days before the attacks Thursday, Abdulazeez began a blog where he posted about Islam, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks international terrorist groups. 

The pile of crap propaganda just exploded beyond the doors of the room.


New details emerged of the bloody day that shook this city, with officials describing a furious firefight between Abdulazeez — armed, some federal officials said, with an AK-47 assault rifle — and Chattanooga police officers as they battled at the Navy reserve center where the four Marines were killed.

Yeah, "new details." What are they, writing the cover story script on the fly or releasing it piecemeal with break for commercials?

Reinhold of the FBI said the gunman “did have at least two long guns,” meaning rifles or shotguns, and he said some of the guns were legal and some may not have been. Abdulazeez, he said, did not have body armor, but wore a vest with multiple ammunition magazines.

How did he get those, and they don't know about the guns????

The gunman fired first on an armed services recruiting center in a strip mall here, and then, pursued by Chattanooga police officers, raced in a Ford Mustang convertible to the Navy reserve facility, a fenced-in campus with buildings and a tree-lined parking lot, and opened fire.

“All indications are that he was killed by fire from the Chattanooga police officers,” Reinhold said.

Fred Fletcher, the Chattanooga police chief, said that as soon as the call went out on the radio, officers swarmed the scene, including members of his command staff who bolted from a meeting, and others who were off-duty at home and responded in civilian clothes.

“It was clear that this gunman had every intent to encounter and murder police officers,” he said.

And yet he killed Marines.


William C. Killian, the US attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, said, “We will continue to investigate it as an act of terrorism until the proof shows us otherwise.” 

The mixed messages from authority are getting to me, but the guilty until innocent attitude is scary.

A day after the shootings, the city mourned. About 600 people attended a memorial service at Olivet Baptist Church for the slain Marines and wounded Navy officer.

The speakers, including Governor Bill Haslam, said the attack would not drive a wedge between members of this diverse city, which has a sizable Muslim population. “The sense of violation that we all feel today cannot be healed individually,” Mayor Andy Berke said. “The pain can only be healed as a community.”

Sailors and Marines in uniform were at the service, some giving the Marine Corps battle call of “oo-rah!” each time the bravery of the Marines was invoked.


“I ask you to use this in some way to heal what is broken in Chattanooga, in the state of Tennessee, in this country,” said Sergeant David Jones, a Marine stationed here.

I'm trying.


I hate to say it, I really do, but they look like crisis actors to me.

RelatedSullivan was ‘everything that a Marine should be’

Who could doubt that?

"Tennessee shooting sparks safety concerns at military recruitment centers" by Sara DiNatale Globe Correspondent  July 18, 2015

Boston police and several other departments in Massachusetts increased patrols around military buildings and recruitment centers after the shootings.

Former Boston police commissioner Edward F. Davis, who now runs his own security company, said he thinks those qualified and certified to carry a gun should have the choice of whether to bring a weapon while working in recruitment facilities.

Meaning Ed was well compensated for going along with the cover story of the Marathon. He knew about the drills gone live.

“We have to adapt with the emerging threat,” the former police commissioner said, adding that patrols outside military buildings should be increased.

“To deny people have declared war on our civilian population is foolish,” he said....

That is what this government has done, what with all the police killings (over 2 a day) and all the rest of the tyranny foisted upon them in one form or another every day.

In Bedford, Police Chief Robert Bongiorno said he wants people in the areas neighboring the base to know they should go about their normal business but not hesitate to report anything suspicious.

Max Abrahms, a political science professor at Northeastern University who studies terrorism, said there has been a “statistically significant uptick” in domestic terrorism in the United States.

It's all $elf-$erving slop to benefit a chosen few.

“And most of these attackers are lone wolves,” he said.

Last month’s shooting in South Carolina — allegedly at the hands of a white supremacist — resulted in the deaths of nine people at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

See: Raising the Flag of Surrender

Earlier in June, Boston police killed Usaamah Rahim, who they said was the subject of a terrorism investigation that focused on an alleged plot to kill police officers.

I need to go back and look at that soon.

A Western Massachusetts man, Alexander Ciccolo, who is accused of plotting to bomb a local university in support of the Islamic State terror group, was held without bail this week.

See: Adams Terror Plot Absurd

“I think, absolutely, domestic terrorism threats are on the rise and are not limited to any particular type of terrorist,” Abrahms said.

It just occurred to me that the GOVERNMENT is SCARED STIFF of the CITIZENRY! They wouldn't be reacting in this hysterical fashion and shoving the agenda over all these events otherwise.


I wonder what will happen when a female ranger is killed.

The first thing I did today for further investigation was check Aangirfan for what kind of witchcraft could be at the bottom of this. Then I moved up to the top when I logged in today and began working my way down and found what I needed right beneath it:

"There are enough active shooter scenarios going down lately that it’s all but impossible for one person to follow, investigate, deeply investigate and analyze them all. Some of them seem to be, or have proven to be, hoaxes, or at least laden with jarring gaps in factual evidence and reporting so as to invite inquiry.

There are a growing number of bloggers who inquire, probe and analyze. It’s hard enough to make the rounds to see what they are saying and compare it to what the mainstream media are saying, or the governmental spokesepople have said at any given time or moment. These events also “play out” in the social media with heavy “gatekeeper” involvement. 

But it has gotten to the point where some specialized service or institute or dedicated branch of investigative journalism could be devoted to the task. The latest — well, now, actually, second-latest — is the one in Chattanooga where gaps and discrepancies became evident almost immediately. There’s one that just popped up in Maine that strikes me as the real deal.

(See my pdf entitled “catastrophic crunch” for a sampling of offerings about the Chattanooga shooting incident. Nothing here should be seen or construed as a criticism of anything there.) The individual reader still has to have an active mind, a well-honed “crap detector” and some time. catastrophic crunch

But the active shooter scenario is just one small focus. The anniversary of the incident involving MH17 (as discussed here and here) is another example.


Every morning I wake to sunshine and birdsong (sometimes a little bit of morning fog). I rise to take my morning coffee. (There is always coffee. And my pantry is always full of good food. Make a note of that.)

Then I begin my work. I do this work on behalf of all of you, although I’ve never spoken of it before. But lately I’ve heard people wondering: why is it we are not more upset by the things that are going on in the world? In our own country, our own town? Why is there no generalized rage at the contempt for life displayed by those in power? Why are we so servile to the rich and corrupt? Why do we not swarm the streets in protest every day, demanding someone’s head on a platter?

Well, now I’ll tell you:

And you, dear readers, need to go see the inspiring and incisively insightful quotes and rest that accompany the article. Outstanding, and they got their wish from these quarters.