Saturday, July 18, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: Wedding Colon

Sniff, sniff....

"A Cape Cod man pleaded not guilty to charges that he kidnapped a woman as she was headed to her wedding in an attempt to get her fiance to meet with him. The Cape Cod Times reported that Anthony Russ, 27, of Hyannis, pleaded not guilty Thursday. Police said 19-year-old David Colon’s fiancee was headed to her wedding in her wedding dress in April when Russ approached her car. Police said Russ got in her car, threatened her with a knife, and demanded that she get Colon. He allegedly punched her after she refused. Police said he released her when neighbors intervened. Colon was killed last month in an unrelated case (AP)."

He was shot in apparent drug deal gone bad.

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Thought you might need a rubdown.