Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Weight of Being a Father

I wouldn't worry too much:

"The research wasn’t designed to prove fatherhood causes weight gain, and it raises more questions than it answers, although it should spark further study....


Just be glad you are not a woman.

Don't plan on having a family, either:

US Senate to vote on Planned Parenthood aid

It's one of those appalling operations that is part of the $eamy under$ide of "life" that ma$$ media mostly ignore and help cover-up when called upon.

I suddenly see the hub of hospitals in a much different light.


"Mass. teen dies snorkeling in Rhode Island'' by Sarah Roberts Globe Correspondent  July 16, 2015

A New Marlborough teenager has died after she went missing for nearly two hours while snorkeling with her father off the coast of Narragansett, R.I., officials said.

Maia Stanton was pronounced dead at South County Hospital Wednesday after rescuers found her along the rocky shoreline at the end of a dead-end residential street, according to fire officials.

Narragansett police said she was 14 years old and from the village of Southfield in New Marlborough.

Maia was snorkeling with her father, Jeremy Stanton, 43, when a wave knocked her under the water and out of her father’s sight, police and fire officials said....

Narragansett Fire Chief Scott Partington the area can be hazardous for swimmers.

“It’s a notoriously dangerous area for any kind of activity,” Partington said. “They do a lot of fishing and sightseeing off the rocks, but swimming is at the person’s own risk. There are signs up that discourage those activities.”


NDUGOP presses Planned Parenthood aid ban, faces long odds