Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mexican Drug Lord Spotted in Dallas

Got your attention, didn't it? 

That's your first lesson of the day.

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The blog editor can sleep through this class because all we have is a video for you kids:

"Surveillance video shows Mexican drug lord’s escape from prison cell" by Joshua Partlow The Washington Post News Service  July 16, 2015

MEXICO CITY — In his last moments as Mexico’s most important prisoner, Joaquin ‘‘El Chapo’’ Guzman paces his cell, past his single bunk with rumpled sheets, plastic water jugs on the floor. He seems particularly interested in what’s behind the waist-high wall of the shower stall, as he keeps bending down to look at the floor.

It is Saturday night, near 9 p.m., inside Cell 20 of the Altiplano maximum-security prison, and the video surveillance camera captures Guzman’s shadow as it traces across the walls. The 60-square-foot room is inside the wing for the country’s most dangerous criminals, where the drug lord spent the past year and a half in solitary confinement under 24-hour-surveillance, a monitoring bracelet on his wrist.

As the video shows, Guzman sits down on the edge of his bunk and slips off his shoes. He pads back to the shower, kneels behind the wall, and disappears.

Mexican authorities released the surveillance footage of Guzman’s dramatic prison escape on Tuesday night. From a hole in the shower floor, one of the small blind spots for the surveillance camera, Guzman’s allies had built a hatch over a shaft dropping 30 feet underground and leading to a tunnel that ran to a small cinderblock house in the cornfields south of the prison.

It's like watching a movie, and that may well be what it is. 

With all due respect, I no longer believe the version of anything put out by my propaganda pre$$.

What's the true version? I don't know, and I don't have time to investigate everything in the Globe. Safe to say if it looks like it, smells like it, and squishes when you step in it, well.... 

Guzman lifted the concrete slab cut into the shower stall floor and descended by ladder out of his cell. The tunnel, full of pumped-in oxygen, was equipped with a motorcycle-on-rails used to ferry out dirt and bring in supplies. Guzman probably rode it on his way through the nearly mile-long tunnel, well before authorities recognized he had escaped and launched a manhunt.

In the four days since his disappearance, Mexican authorities have failed to explain how their prized prisoner could have outfoxed the country’s most secure prison.

That's a good climax.

Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong has said that prison officials must have colluded with Guzman to help him flee.

After an initial hesitation, the Mexican government has agreed to accept the offer by the United States to help try to find and rearrest Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa cartel responsible for transporting much of the cocaine and heroin that reaches the United States.

Okay, the ending of the movie will be a special-operations team busting into some hide out and killing the guy months later.

What is so odd is the Mexican cartel responsible for most of the coke and heroin (actually, the heroin comes from Afghanistan, but we won that war and it is impolite to talk about such things) is the same one the U.S. assisted to the top of the heap for more than a decade -- or do you kids not remember the last class?


Yeah, yeah, get outta here and go home for the day. 

While down on the border:

"As Jade Helm 15 military exercises begin, Texans keep watch; Small town wary, but Jade Helm 15 launches quietly" by Manny Fernandez New York Times  July 16, 2015

CHRISTOVAL, Texas — Despite the Internet chatter about trains with shackles and Wal-Mart stores being closed to be used as detention camps, this small West Texas town on Wednesday seemed to be surviving the start of Jade Helm 15, the military exercise that some people fear is actually a ruse for a federal takeover of the state.

No military equipment or personnel were visible. No tanks were rumbling past the beige-metal community center on Main Street next door to the fire station here, the scene of 4-H Club meetings and family reunions. But that did not mean that people were not on the alert.


Jade Helm 15, an eight-week exercise that has generated paranoia for months fueled by conservative bloggers and Internet postings, began Wednesday in Texas and six other states: Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Utah.

Meaning it was a trap to make truth seekers look foolish.

Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs and other special operations troops will be conducting drills on private property, military bases and at some public facilities. According to military documents, hundreds of service members will participate in the operation in Texas, in more than a dozen mostly small towns and rural counties.

“The public can expect little disruption in their day-to-day activities since much of the exercise will be conducted in remote areas,” the organizer of the exercise, the Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, said in a statement Monday.

But in a larger sense, Jade Helm 15 has already caused disruptions, particularly in Texas.

Okay, that is where I was going to end my print copy. There is more.

On the orders of Gov. Greg Abbott, the Texas State Guard will monitor Jade Helm 15 from Camp Mabry in Austin, the state capital. So will at least one national group of unofficial monitors and protesters that calls itself Counter Jade Helm. It plans to have teams of volunteers follow Army vehicles and post their locations on its website.

Campbell and others said much of the paranoia over Jade Helm 15 was the outgrowth of the anti-Obama sentiment that is widespread in Texas. Residents supported the governor’s decision to have the state monitor the military’s activities. “I think there’s an overall distrust of the government now,” Campbell said. “If we had a government that we felt had our backs, I don’t think anybody would give it the time of day.”

That would be the ending paragraphs I was cutting.

The interesting part is not the web additions, but the paragraph that got sliced:

"Military organizers have not explained the meaning of the exercise's name, it's slogan ("Master the Human Domain"), or its logo, which features a Dutch wooden clog at the center of two intersecting arrows and a sword.

Times site scrubbed it, too. In fact, Googled it even, then taking Manny out

AJ in the lead, huh? Was wondering why he didn't come up in the print this time. 

I never even go there anymore. It's like Lenin said, what COINTELPRO did, and what we have seen currently with the creation of controlled opposition and terror groups: we will control the opposition because we will lead it. Is it just coincidence when my search for truth began more than 11 years ago that AJ and WRH were top of the list, for whatever that means? 

I trust no one except myself. As Gandhi said, the truth is the truth, even if you are a minority of one. Another cliche is that everyone holds a bit of truth (yes, even the lying government and the corporate media organs, even thought they present it in the most distorted fashion, turning things inside-out, upside-down, and backwards). You take what you can and leave the rest.

That is not to say I can't be wrong or am infallible. Far from it. I'm learning more every day, unfortunately. History isn't what I was told. 

Anyway, that gets me back to the spooky name and symbol they gave this thing. The mind-manipulating globalist controllers really like to screw with you regarding that stuff. I've seen the term on the blogs, and there does seem to be this ma$$ media push to commingle machines and man (Terminator Genisys, Humans, etc) turn us all into unisex and multisex personalities (Caitlyn Jenner the big news??)

Now what got lost in the Texas desert:

Training exercises off base involving role-playing are not new. But the size and scope of Jade Helm 15 make it unusual. 

All the shootings, prison escapes, terror attacks, drills gone live.

The military exercise will train special operations troops in what Army planners call “unconventional warfare.” The exercise is being conducted in rural Texas because the military needed “large areas of undeveloped land with low population densities with access to towns,” and wanted soldiers to adapt to unfamiliar terrain as well as social and economic conditions, according to Army documents.

Local officials who have been briefed on the exercise say it is modeled after the French resistance to Nazi occupation during World War II. It calls for some military personnel to play the role of the occupiers and for others to work undetected as part of the resistance. Military maps show Texas and Utah as “hostile,” other states as “permissive,” and still others as uncertain but leaning hostile or friendly. 

Get a medal out of it, too.

According to some right-wing bloggers and activists, the exercise is part of a secret plot by the Obama administration to impose martial law, confiscate firearms, invade red-state Texas or prepare for instituting “total population control.” A report on Infowars, a website operated by Alex Jones, a libertarian-leaning talk radio host from Texas, suggested the name Helm was an acronym for Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. 

There he is! Part of the big show.

The level of realism sought by Army planners and uncertainty about whether troops will try to blend in with civilians during the exercise have heightened the curiosity and unease among some Texans. The military has told local officials that fire extinguishers will be at each training site and that some personnel may carry weapons loaded with blank ammunition or paintball-like training cartridges. According to a PowerPoint presentation prepared by the military for Texas officials, some Jade Helm 15 participants “may conduct suspicious activities” as part of their training and others “will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles.”

Any seen on motorcycles to advance the police state a bit further?

Residents and local officials - even those who are supportive of Jade Helm - said Army organizers exacerbated the paranoia by releasing few details about the operation and by putting realistic war game activities in civilian areas, no matter how remote. Army coordinators said in statements that they had kept the state and local authorities updated and informed. Abbott will receive regular updates from the Texas State Guard as the exercise proceeds, but a spokesman for him said he had no concerns about it.

“The Special Operations Command has assured Texas that this exercise poses no risk to anyone, and the governor sees no reason to worry or doubt them,” said the spokesman, John Wittman. 

I take you at your word.

In Christoval, an unincorporated town of about 500, Scott Degenaer, 53, smoked a cigarillo outside his home and said he was not sure what to think about Jade Helm 15. But he had suspicions. Two flags flapped in the breeze on his porch: an American flag and a Confederate battle flag. Signs on his house and in the yard read “Pray for America” and “Warning: The door you are about to break down is locked for your protection!” 

I don't blame him.

Degenaer, a Navy veteran, said that he saw a Black Hawk helicopter flying over Christoval on Sunday and that he understood why some people would bury firearms.

“With Obama being in there,” he said, “with the way he’s already stomped all over the Constitution, pushing his presidential authority to the max, it would only be just the stroke of a pen for him to do away with that. This man is just anti-US.” 

Where you okay with Bush saying it was a doggone piece of paper?

Throughout the interview, Degenaer was skeptical whether the reporter and photographer who spoke with him were members of the news media and wondered if they were part of Jade Helm 15. “Spec Ops grows beards,” he said, referring to the photographer’s facial hair. “Y’all got a military ID?”

He mocking you?

Not everyone here is as suspicious as Degenaer. Sylvia Pate, who owns a scenic river retreat and bed-and-breakfast, said those who had fears about the military exercise were in the minority. “I think the predominant opinion is that Jade Helm is necessary, and it is not a politically driven initiative, and it’s just not a significant enough issue to worry about,” said Pate, a former corporate executive in Dallas.

While much of the attention on Jade Helm 15 has focused on conspiracy theories, Army planners have spent months quietly persuading private property owners and small-town leaders to welcome them to their communities. Many local officials and ranchers have granted troops access to their land and buildings, without asking for compensation.

In the West Texas town of Eldorado, the longtime mayor, John Nikolauk, said he was allowing the troops to use his ranch.

“We’re a very patriotic part of the country and we think it’s great,” said Nikolauk, a former US Air Force pilot.

Nikolauk and other local officials said they considered the Internet rumors about Jade Helm 15 far-fetched

It was a trap!

“If the government has an idea they can come in and take over, and take guns away, the stupidest place they could come is West Texas,” said Bill Ford, a commissioner in Tom Green County whose district includes Christoval. “There’s more guns and ammo here and more people willing to use them than any combat area they’ve fought in.”

Isn't that the exact reason they would go there? British marched to Concord and Lexington because of it.

You know, “I try not to listen to all these conspiracy-theory-type people,” but....


Yeah, that is them, and rather than get into all the deceptions, double-deceptions, double-crosses, double-agendas, and all, I'll present one exhibit: the fall of those towers at free-fall speed on 9/11, including one that was never hit by a plane, when fire never before or since has felled a steel-framed building. It defies the immutable laws of physics, and yet it is a narrative that the propaganda pre$$ and its lead progenitor, the NYT.

I'm not even going to go into the events down there and what we all might have seen, or the various theories -- for lack of a better word -- about what truly happened. I know what I think; you are free to draw your own conclusions. Just start at WTC 7 and work from there. 

The point is, the worst "conspiracy-theory-type people" are what you read and see in the pre$$ and ma$$ media -- and some of the stuff they have been serving up lately has truly been laughable.

Well, I'm done sweating out the fear (into the hole that story went) because the propaganda pre$$ in$ult proves there will be no declaration of martial law; however, I will still view suspiciously any large police actions that occur the rest of this summer.

UPDATE: Prison escapes show why life without parole is not enough

The latest word on Guzman is he hitched a ride in a truck.