Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Back on the Beat

Feels good to be past the political crap and back to our normal coverage:

The Saudi slaughter in Yemen has stopped(??) and it looks like the Iran crisis is easingJohn Kerry has moved from kitchen to Kenya, where the US military presence in the region is growing with drone strikes in Somalia largely from a military hub in Djibouti that Kerry will visit later in the week. In Somalia, he did not leave the heavily defended airport but made a brief and symbolically significant stopover with a video message to the Somali population

I can't tell you how embarrassed I was when I read that.

Even more embarrassing is the SITEing of “ISIS™”  in Texas (another FBI-framed bunch of cartoon character flunkies). Now you know who all the phonies are, Baghdadi and the rest. The Geller Garland smells like Gladio, "criminal special interests playing both sides of a manufactured strategy of  tension to achieve further bloodshed, death, and conquest abroad, while inviting fear, division, and a growing police state stripping us all of our rights here at home." I think the French would know what we are talking about, what with the “right to put tiny microphones in a room or on objects such as cars or in computers, or place antennas to capture telephone conversations, or use mechanisms that capture text messages in bulk collection and analysis of metadata similar to that done by the United States’ National Security Agency.” Plays right into the upcoming Jade Helm 15 exercises, doesn't it? Texas IS where they are conducting them. 

As for Nepal, everything must be back to normal because the Globe is silent today. Same with the Mediterranean migrants.

That gets us to the police repression part of the program:

"Israeli president calls for calm after anti-discrimination protests in Tel Aviv" by Jodi Rudoren New York Times  May 05, 2015

Must have been cleared through the Israeli military then because the article is completely different from my print (for not the first time and becoming all too normal), which was more along the lines of this. Israeli racism and supremacism doesn't exist only against Palestinians -- no matter how much lipstick and perfume the NYT puts on that pig (with all due respect to pigs).

At least now you know where the Amerikan cops get the attitude.

"Man arrested near scene of Baltimore riots; Obama addresses the crisis" by Ben Nuckols Associated Press  May 05, 2015

BALTIMORE — Days after riots crippled Baltimore, tensions again escalated Monday after police said they arrested a man who appeared to be armed in a scuffle that drew a crowd of protesters who chanted ‘‘black community control the police!’’ 

There a game at Camden Yards tonight?

Lieutenant Colonel Melvin Russell said police pursued a man who was spotted on surveillance cameras and appeared to be armed with a handgun. Police said the man was taken into custody after a brief chase, during which a gunshot was heard. 

There has been all sorts of reporting on this, from complete hoax to set-up to real. 

Russell said that police never fired their weapons and that no one was shot. Police recovered a handgun loaded with three rounds, one of which was spent, they said. The suspect was not injured but was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, he said.


Live television coverage and photos tweeted from the scene on North Avenue showed medics putting a man in an ambulance and a large police presence, with officers lining up to apparently block one street. 

That means nothing to me anymore.

The arrest happened in the same area where police first spotted Freddie Gray on April 12. He was arrested and fatally injured in police custody. Six officers were charged Friday in Gray’s death.

A day after officials lifted a curfew, the Maryland National Guard on Monday continued gradual withdrawal of the 3,000 troops sent to the city. A state of emergency is to remain in effect until the pullout is completed.

A la Iraq or Afghanistan.

President Obama addressed the turmoil in Baltimore, and what he has called the “slow-rolling crisis” of police relations with minorities, when he met with a group of young black and Hispanic men in New York on Monday.

Obama traveled to the Bronx to attend an event at Lehman College, where he announced the creation of an independent nonprofit organization that is a spinoff of his My Brother’s Keeper initiative. The president established the initiative early last year to address the lack of opportunities for boys and young men from minority groups.

The president lamented the “troubling questions” raised by encounters between police officers and African-Americans, even as he condemned the looting and violence by a “handful of criminals and thugs” after Gray’s death.

This guy's song sounds the same as Bush's did about this time in his term, and I'm feeling the same way about him.

A group of business leaders also announced the creation of the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance in an effort to match Obama’s efforts. The new alliance could foreshadow the president’s plans for after his term ends in January 2017, when he will need a vehicle to promote his initiatives.

How much is he thinking of commanding for a speaking fee?

Organizers said the new alliance has commitments of more than $80 million from companies such as American Express, Deloitte, Discovery Communications, and News Corp. 

I will charge ahead and remind you that Deloitte is the company writing all the crappy software codes and News Corp. is Fox. 

The alliance will use the money to help private-sector companies address obstacles that young black and Hispanic men face, to provide grants to programs for disadvantaged youths, and to assist communities with efforts to aid their populations.

Hey, I have faith that the corporate masters who have driven and benefitted from wealth inequality will look after you. 

After Monday’s clash in Baltimore, a few dozen police officers wearing helmets and carrying shields formed a line across North Avenue as crowds gathered across the street, occasionally shouting ‘‘control the police’’ at the officers.

Minutes after police briefed reporters, the line of officers left the street and police began to allow traffic to get through the intersection.

Meanwhile, about a dozen protesters briefly blocked traffic while chanting ‘‘Kill the killer cop!’’ and ‘‘Black community control the police!’’

A dozen agent provocateurs!


The focus and coverage confirms this event as an agenda-pushing psyop of some time:

"Officer charged in Gray death contends arrest was legal; Confiscated knife is said to be banned; AG Lynch visits kin, legislators, police" by Juliet Linderman and Brian Witte Associated Press  May 06, 2015

BALTIMORE — One of the Baltimore police officers who arrested Freddie Gray wants the Police Department and prosecutor to produce a knife that was the reason for the arrest, saying in court papers that it is an illegal weapon.

Is there one? I mean, if this is a staged and scripted psyop there may not be one. Does this cop know that?

The city’s top prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, said Friday in charging the officer and five others that the knife was legal under Maryland law, meaning they had arrested Gray illegally.

The motion was filed Monday by attorneys for Officer Edward Nero in Baltimore District Court.

Nero is charged with second-degree assault, misconduct in office, and false imprisonment, charges that can only be proved if Gray was wrongly arrested, said Andy Alperstein, a Baltimore attorney who has represented police officers but is not involved in the Gray case. If the knife was illegal, ‘‘there is no case’’ against Nero and another officer, he said.

Uh-oh. All the celebrations and victory of the last few days will dissolve into an even bigger rage. Then it's bye-bye Baltimore!

‘‘If the facts were that the knife was illegal then the Gray arrest would be justified. Even if it wasn’t illegal and the officers acted in good faith, it would be the same result. All charges fail,’’ Alperstein said.


Mark Zayon, Nero’s attorney, argues in his motion that the knife in Gray’s pocket — described in charging documents as ‘‘a spring assisted, one hand operated knife’’ — is illegal under both Baltimore’s switchblade ordinance and state law. Gray was charged under the city ordinance, which has a different definition than the state law of what constitutes a switchblade.

A city ordinance says any knife with an automatic spring or other device to open and close the blade is illegal. State law says a knife is illegal if it opens automatically by pushing a button, spring, or other device in the handle.

Some spring-assisted knives are opened by pushing a thumb stud attached to the blade.

Many knives have these spring-assisted opening mechanisms but are not the automatic knives prohibited under Maryland law, said Michael Faith, marketing director for Henderson’s Sporting Goods in Hagerstown.

‘‘An automatic knife means all you do is push a button and the blade pops out,’’ Faith said. ‘‘A lot of knives will have a little spring assist so when you push it open with your thumb, the knife will open up pretty much by itself.’’

Police said officers chased Gray two blocks after making eye contact with him and subsequently found the knife in his pocket.

Look at how the conversation has shifted to whether he had a knife or not. In any case, the guy was running away with a knife in his pocket that the cops couldn't have known was there. That a threat?

The Associated Press has made repeated requests to the Police Department for a physical description of the knife as well as photographs. Police later referred the request to the state’s attorney’s office.

What do they have to hide.... or not?

A week ago, the largely peaceful protests gave way to looting, arson, and violence across Baltimore. Mosby announced the charges Friday, a day after receiving the investigative report from the Police Department.

6 officers were charged, 3 are black, 1 is woman! Shouldn't be a race issue.


Meanwhile, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged Tuesday to improve the city’s Police Department. ‘‘We’re here to hold your hands and provide support,’’ Lynch said in a meeting with faith and community leaders.

See: Lynching Obama's New AG

The new attorney general met privately at the University of Baltimore with Gray’s family, days after the state’s attorney charged six police officers involved in Gray’s arrest.

Lynch was joined by the head of the Civil Rights Division, Vanita Gupta; Office of Community Oriented Policing Services director Ronald Davis; and Community Relations Service director Grande Lum.

The FBI and the Justice Department are investigating Gray’s death for potential civil rights violations. The Justice Department is expected to release results of a separate review of the Police Department’s use of force practices in the coming weeks.

Lynch met with Representatives Elijah Cummings, John Sarbanes, and Dutch Ruppersberger, and senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin.

‘‘Last week was very painful for the people of Baltimore,’’ Cardin told Lynch.

Lynch met privately with Police Commissioner Anthony Batts at police headquarters. She then met about a dozen police officers who had been on the streets when violence broke out last week, telling them that they had joined a noble profession.

You must salute the party members, 'er, thin blue line of $ecurity forces!


RelatedAre Baltimore charges about justice or crowd control?

The latter, and that dog Dershowitz got off in more ways than one.

N.Y. officer dies from gunshot wound to head

Activists call for US review of Boston police

What? Complaints about the country's model police force? It's the jails in Worcester that are a problem. Ride along for yourself.

Best left forgotten:

"A former officer on trial with five colleagues in a drug squad corruption case denied robbing or threatening drug suspects or lying on police paperwork as he was questioned Monday by federal prosecutors. Michael Spicer, 47, is the only defendant taking the stand in the joint defense effort. Spicer remained calm as he reviewed a string of undercover cases in which the squad is accused of robbing drug dealers of more than $400,000 and sometimes framing them in court. Spicer acknowledged that he was not present for many of the episodes described in court by more than a dozen drug dealers, and he could not dispute them. Police supervisors not charged in the case have defended the accused officers and attacked the government’s star witness — a former squad member caught in an FBI sting."

That's some defense! 

I haven't been getting a whole lot of coverage of that.... or this:

"US reprimands agents after man forgotten in San Diego cell" Associated Press  May 06, 2015

SAN DIEGO — The US Drug Enforcement Administration issued reprimands and suspensions of up to seven days to agents involved in detaining a college student who was handcuffed and forgotten in a cell for five days, punishments that drew criticism from the Justice Department and others for being too light.

The Justice Department, which oversees the DEA, said it was concerned the penalties might be inadequate and underscored the need for a broad review of the DEA’s disciplinary practices.

A Justice Department inspector general report last year found that several DEA employees saw or heard Daniel Chong in his cell at the agency’s San Diego office in April 2012 but did nothing because they assumed someone else was responsible.

Or were they busy partying and looking at porn?

Chong, then a 23-year-old student at the University of California San Diego, survived without food or water, drinking his urine, defecating in his cell, and carving a farewell message to his mother on his arm with broken glass.

News of the discipline came two weeks after the DEA’s embattled chief, Michele Leonhart, announced plans to retire amid pressure from members of Congress who questioned her handling of misconduct allegations against agents.

Chong, who was detained during a drug raid and never charged, won a $4.1 million settlement from the government, and his ordeal led to nationwide changes in DEA detention policies.

Why must taxpayers continue to pay for the crimes of government thugs? 

Maybe the offender(s) should have to pay it themselves.

The DEA completed its disciplinary review in March by punishing six agents, Peter Kadzik, an assistant attorney general, wrote last week to Senator Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican who has strongly criticized the DEA’s handling of the case.


Related: Cha-Chong!

I know there is an art to all this, but I'll be damned if I can hear it.


Today's paper starts off with all sorts of overinflated importance and hot air regarding some footballs. More myths shattered. 

It's still a little early to take the dog for a walk before returning home and then going to get a Globe (looking less likely now; maybe I'll watch it this morning). Missouri seems a Staudter place with the Mike Brown memorial gone, and I'm not having cold pizza for breakfast

Chilling shooting of English High student detailed in court

Just warming things up for you.

Judge blasts ‘rush to judgment’ in Boston officer’s 1993 killing

Can you even believe in the cops anymore?

City’s police to honor fallen NYPD officer

Eric Garner case prosecutor wins House seat

In a rather divisive race.

Baltimore mayor wants federal probe into city’s police force

It's what people were saying, the slow incrementalism toward federalizing police into a national police force. You think they are unaccountable now, just wait.

Benjamin Netanyahu forms fragile coalition in Israel

Netanyahu celebrated a surprisingly strong victory in the March 17 elections after a divisive campaign but ended up scrambling to scrape together the minimum required 61 of Parliament’s 120 members into his Likud coalition and hold onto his premiership. He was forced to make major concessions to the more conservative Jewish Home and emerged weakened to lead a coalition that Israeli experts said was unlikely to last long or do much.

Sure smells like election fraud, but I'm told “Netanyahu simply miscalculated, and what you see here is a big political mess, with Netanyahu himself doubling as foreign minister, at least for now.”

Do you see anything about Nepal or the Mediterranean migrants? 

Nope, it's more of the same. It's a German Gladio today (was it rehearsed or just an impulse?) following up on the SILLI sh*t in Texas, even though "the FBI invested a huge amount of labor and money to protect society from Simpson, but he and Soofi still managed to obtain assault rifles and launch an attack." Sure looks like a staged and scripted production to me, although I doubt this is

Kerry trying to cook up a ‘‘humanitarian pause,’’ huh? A ‘‘friendly face on the dock waiting to say, ‘It’s going to be OK,’ makes all the difference in the world.’’ It is the "air and sea blockade imposed on Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition has aggravated the shortages of food and other necessities for an estimated 16 million Yemenis in desperate need of food and fuel." 

What a disingenuous scum if not nuts.

I might have missed something, but so what

Time to put the Nazi scientists brought here by ‘‘Operation Paperclip’’ to sleep as I take one last look at the names.