Friday, May 22, 2015

Grey Classroom

"Teacher suspended after showing ‘Fifty Shades’ to students" AP  May 20, 2015

ROMNEY, W.Va. — A West Virginia teacher has been suspended without pay for showing part of the erotic movie ‘‘Fifty Shades of Grey’’ to students as a reward for good work.

The Hampshire Review reported that the county school board unanimously voted this week to suspend Hampshire High School health occupations instructor Kristie Long for the rest of the school year.

The newspaper said that students had asked Long to show the movie and that one brought the DVD to school last week. An assistant principal shut down the movie after 10 minutes after being alerted by another adult.

Long told school officials she did not know what the movie was about.

The movie opened this year on Valentine’s Day weekend and became one of the biggest R-rated openings ever.

It's the story of a woman's liberation and empowerment.


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