Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Danish DJs Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat

The story carries particular relevance today because just last night I watched one feast on clover in the backyard, one of at least three around here (believe it or not, I saw three of them one dusk, and awww the heck with the garden. We can all share. Hope they leave me some things):

"Danish disc jockeys say they killed rabbit on air" Associated Press  May 27, 2015

COPENHAGEN — A Danish radio station has faced a storm of angry protests after two of its hosts said they clubbed a young rabbit to death on air with a bicycle pump.

Co-host Kristoffer Eriksen from public broadcaster Radio24syv said the Monday morning show stunt was aimed at initiating a debate about ‘‘the vast hypocrisy surrounding our relationship with animals.’’

First of all, if true it is more than a stunt, it's murder of a sentient being. 

The other host of the show, Asger Juhl, said on air that the rabbit twitched several times before quietly dying, describing the experience as ‘‘totally weird.’’

In a video posted by the radio channel on its Facebook page, Juhl is seen picking up a smooth, gray-haired rabbit from a cardboard box next to the microphone table, caressing it and saying he’s about to kill it.

The video did not show the killing. Radio24syv later posted a video on Facebook allegedly showing the cooking of a rabbit and explained it wanted to raise a debate about the morality of killing and eating animals.

So you guys killed one to.... that seems a bit hypocritical, doesn't it? I agree it is a debate worth having. World could be fed on grains and the like, but many powerful industries and instincts will fight it. The meat is questionable now anyway, what with the horse as hamburger, lamb as rat, the antibiotic chicken and so on. Even the grain is largely GMO, so....

Not to be a jerk here, but can we debate the morality of killing people in wars based on lies and deceit?

A group claiming more than 800 supporters has appealed to listeners for a boycott of the broadcaster.


Put a cover over the body and just thank God they are not Dutch.


Dutch police detain motorcycle gang members in raids

Drove all the way from Texas through New Hampshire before getting there.

UPDATE: Obama hails, welcomes Dutch royals