Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thawing Out Into WWIII: Syrian Situation

I've been frozen in carbonite for the last couple of days but can still see. The snow has melted and El Nino has arrived just in time for the ongoing conflict to heat up. It really is no secret.

Read yesterday that Saddam Assad (sic) still has chemical weapons (checked it twice, I did, but by now it has dispersed and disappeared although some trace elements still linger).

The Amnesty International guys are more worried about barrel bombs, but no mention of the U.S.-supported ISIS or Al-CIA-Duh-connected Al nUSrA using the stuff as in the past, only that "Syria is so awash with weapons and bombs that the lives of 5.1 million people there, including 2 million children, are at constant risk."

Better check those 52 civilians killed in a US airstrike and let's hope the faulty drone or stunt doesn't bring a tear to your eye. Maybe it was Israel. Or the rebels (not militants or insurgents?)

Nevertheless, John Kerry is out there smoothing everything over so don't worry none about the US training of terrorists or the avowed goal of toppling Assad. I can see why he would be dismissive of a proposal that starts with "the establishment of a transitional governing body that would require Syrian President Bashar Assad to relinquish power at some point." 

Meaning it is a non-starter, and who would they then negotiate with? ISIS and Al-nUSrA?

It would be SILLI were it not so sad, and since we are all giggly:

Bin Laden loyalist reportedly killed in Syria

As Psyop Hersh backs the bin Laden narrative, something that has the blogs afire. I'm not wasting my time with some limited hangout that has literally become a cartoon. Maybe you will be lured into the galaxy of jihad as the airstrikes from above continue (even nailed a Nazi hiding out in Syria), but it is a new year and the rebels are fighting back, taking a key city, and brutally executing people in horrifying videos.

The propaganda pre$$ won't stay silent on the matter, with God as their witness (ma$$ media has failed us all)-- and we all know whose side God is on and which side he is against. The atrocities by the extremists are literally beyond belief when you SITE them. Shocking, I know.

Even the UN is failing the lost generation (thanks to Bush and Obama) as the UN decries abuses by world powers but will still send a mission to Aleppo no matter how many casualties and how difficult. I mean, when you have Angelina Jolie briefing the UN Security Council on your behalf no losses are too great -- unless you are Palestinian. Refugees becoming refugees from their refuge as the Islamic State advances into Damascus! It's either fight or flight at this point.

Meanwhile, "in Afghanistan on Saturday, the country’s senior Shi’ite community leader said the Islamic State group was responsible for kidnapping dozens of Shi’ite men and boys in Afghanistan in February. Mohammad Mohaqiq said two former Taliban leaders, who switched allegiance to the rival Islamic State, were responsible for the abduction of 31 members of the minority Shi’ite Hazara community on Feb. 24 in southern Zabul province."

Only proving ISIS is EVERYWHERE, and "in a separate statement e-mailed to reporters, a Taliban splinter group, Jundullah, asserted responsibility for the attack. Last year, Jundullah said it was aligning with the Islamic State."

(Word is they also shot a cop in Boston).  

Jundullah, btw, is the CIA-created group that is generally used for terror attacks inside Iran.

So how long before the swarm of lies war moves into Lebanon?

NDU: Number of Britons in Syria rising

‘‘The makeup of terrorism has changed, [and it's] a mix of families, women, and teenagers’’ now. I'm not making that up.

"Every week it seems the Western mainstream media devises yet another propaganda narrative to be launched at the Syrian government and Bashar al-Assad. As one can easily see, each attempt becomes more and more desperate.

After numerous attempts at portraying Assad as guilty of having committed atrocities against innocent civilians, using chemical weapons, and dropping barrel bombs, the media has since taken to narratives portraying the Syrian president as losing his grip on the Syrian government as well as suffering huge territorial losses.

The latest round of propaganda surrounded the alleged arrest of the head of the Syrian Intelligence Bureau, Ali Mamlouk, due to his also alleged participation in a coup attempt against Assad....



"The UN cultural agency expressed alarm Friday over clashes between Islamic State militants and Syrian government forces near the ancient city of Palmyra." 

How you guys doing with the refugee problem?

So much of Syria is in shambles right now, and that's what was the plan from the beginning.