Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Night Rub Down

I must admit, I'm exhausted and the reading the Globe always makes me anxious:

"10 arrested after raids on three massage parlors in Plymouth" by John R. Ellement and Rebecca Fiore Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent  June 18, 2015

Ten people were charged after police raided three massage parlors in Plymouth that allegedly operated as houses of prostitution, officials said Thursday.

The crackdown followed an investigation of several months. Police Chief Michael Botieri said the investigation began in August 2014 with assistance from the US State Department, the state Division of Professional Licensure, and District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz’s office.

The district attorney’s office said that over several months police saw men patronizing the three spas, mostly for one-hour periods....

I'm glad they are rooting out real crime and letting looting banksters get away with murder.


The masseuses were all Chinese women, and now that you are all relaxed:

"EL James spends ‘Grey’ day with New York City fans" by Leanne Italie Associated Press  June 19, 2015

NEW YORK — For ‘‘Fifty Shades of Grey’’ fans, Thursday belonged to Christian.

A fresh book in the erotic franchise was released on hunky Christian Grey’s 28th birthday to the delight of teens to mid-life mommies eager to read the story as told from his perspective.

So gross!

Kimberly Caravallo, 20, a college student from the Bronx, wasn’t about to miss it. She and her sister waited nearly 15 hours to be first in line at a Barnes & Noble store on Fifth Avenue to get their copies of ‘‘Grey’’ signed by EL James herself.

They passed Wednesday night sitting on the sidewalk and napping. ‘‘We came a little bit unprepared with just a little sweater,’’ she said.

Why? Because Christian is ‘‘extremely dreamy.’’

Roughly 300 other people joined them as James passed release day in New York rather than back home in London. She also attended a fan event in suburban Long Island and answered a few questions, including a request for her take on why the damaged billionaire who likes his sex rough is so popular.

‘‘Because he doesn’t exist, really,’’ James offered wryly.

That doesn’t matter much to Amber Garrow, 38, a teacher’s aide and mother of four from Connecticut. She hopped on a train at 4:30 a.m. and headed to Manhattan for her fourth time meeting James.

So what’s the big deal about the retelling of the first Fifty book through Grey’s eyes? It’s the period where he first meets the young and innocent Anastasia Steele and tries to convince her to embrace his BDSM lifestyle as his submissive. Ana narrates the trilogy that has sold more than 125 million copies worldwide.


Yes, TORTURE is now being equated with PLEASURE by the sickeningly disgusting pre$$. 

As opposed to certain other things, this filth is readily available and is protected under free speech grounds -- and I'm not arguing it. You are only in favor of free speech if it is speech you object to, and I'm all for the propaganda pre$$ and any other slime putting their stuff out. Put it all out there. People will see the truth.

‘‘We’ve been curious about his thoughts and how he feels about certain situations,’’ Garrow said. ‘‘It’s truly about two people saving each other.’’

OMG! The AmeriKan people are sick!

And did her kids know what she was up to? ‘‘My oldest one just rolls his eyes and walks away,’’ she said.

Much of the excitement was a short turnaround between James’s announcement of a fourth book earlier this month and its release. Her publisher, Penguin Random House, said 1.6 million copies have been printed. Downloads hit the tops of lists at Amazon and

Not that any of these fans had much time to dig into James’s fresh pages before stepping up to have their copies signed.

Christopher Basso, 24, from Linden, N.J., planned to save ‘‘Grey’’ for later, when he was all alone.

‘‘Christian, I think, has always been kind of the impetus that kept people reading,’’ Basso said. ‘‘He didn’t like revealing things to Ana. Now we get to find out.’’

I don't want to.

What’s Grey’s allure?

‘‘Christian is a boy, you know. He’s like a child in an adult’s body that needs to be nurtured, and that’s what Ana does to him. She brings him into, kind of, adulthood,’’ Basso said.

Through three books and one blockbuster of a movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, Christian’s outer shell was intact.

‘‘Nobody gets to break that. Except Ana, but now everybody will get a chance to see just what makes him Christian,’’ Basso said.

Are the books mere smut or an epic love story?

‘‘I think they go hand in hand,’’ said Artavia Jarvis, 25, a Manhattan writer of young adult and dystopian lit.

‘‘I think he’s probably just as controlling as we thought,’’ she said, ‘‘but it’ll be fun to hear it from his point of view and not hers.’’

James, meanwhile, giggled and joked her way through her Long Island fan meet-up, where she was also asked if the books have improved her sex life.

‘‘Oh. Um,’’ she demurred. ‘‘I think we should move on.’’

She's not getting laid and you will see why in a second.


With all due respect, it looks like she is a virgin writing about her own wistful fantasies while having not a clue about such things. 

Globe managed to keep it all behind closed doors, too.

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Did you learn anything, kids -- other than your teacher is a pervert and the ma$$ media is sick?

I'm going to spend the rest of the evening consolidating things and getting them ready for post tomorrow.