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World War III: Returning to the Mediterranean

(Ninth in an occasional series as time and events allow)

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It's quicker than I would have liked; however, events demanded it. 

As all invading empires from the north have done, they landed in Tunisia:

"Terror attacks kill 67 in Tunisia, Kuwait, France; Two of three strikes claimed by Islamic State" by Ben Wiacek and Paul Schemm Associated Press  June 27, 2015

SOUSSE, Tunisia — A young man pulled a Kalashnikov from a beach umbrella and sprayed gunfire at European sunbathers at a Tunisian resort, killing at least 39 people — one of three deadly attacks Friday from Europe to North Africa to the Middle East that followed a call to violence by Islamic State extremists.

The shootings in the Tunisian resort of Sousse happened at about the same time as a bombing at a Shi’ite mosque in Kuwait, and an attack on a US-owned factory in France that included a beheading.

It was unclear if the violence was linked but it came days after the militant group urged its followers ‘‘to make Ramadan a month of calamities for the nonbelievers.’’ In all, the assailants killed at least 67 people.

We've been warned. Scripts are already written and waiting for handout.

The SITE Intelligence Group reported later that the Islamic State claimed credit for the Tunisia attack on its Twitter account and identified the gunman as Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani. The militant group also took credit for the Kuwait bombing.

That was not in print, and the smell of bull excrement just wafted through the room (as the NSA collects all those tweets and the sites stay up)!!!!!

The attack in Tunisia, the country’s worst ever, comes just months after the March 18 massacre at the national Bardo museum in Tunis that killed 22 people, again mostly tourists, and has called into question the newly elected government’s ability to protect the country.

Here is the skinny on that. 

Maybe they need EUS troops, huh?

‘‘Once again, cowardly and traitorous hands have struck Tunisia, targeting its security and that of its children and visitors,’’ President Beji Caid Essebsi told reporters at the RIU Imperial Marhaba hotel, near the beach rampage site.

Essebsi promised ‘‘painful but necessary’’ measures, adding: ‘‘No country is safe from terrorism, and we need a global strategy of all democratic countries.’’ 

Absolute STENCH!

Rafik Chelli, an Interior Ministry official, said the attack was carried out by a young student not previously known to authorities. At least 36 people were reported wounded in the shooting spree, which ended when the gunman was shot to death by police.

I've seen this script before, and I will explain the increasingly added italics below.

The suicide bombing at the Shi’ite mosque in Kuwait City killed at least 27 people and wounded scores of other worshipers at midday prayers — the first such attack in the mostly quiet and relatively secure Gulf Arab nation in more than two decades.

Print told me the U.S.-created ISIS™ took responsibility.

In southeastern France, a man with ties to Islamic radicals rammed a car into a gas factory, touching off an explosion that injured two people. Authorities arriving at the site discovered the severed head of the driver’s employer hanging at the plant entrance.

Let me call you a cab to get you away from the latest French false flag.

The suspect, Yassine Salhi, was seized by an alert firefighter, authorities said, and French President Francois Hollande said the attacker’s intention had been to cause an explosion.

A security alert for the southeast region was raised to its highest level for the next three days, and the US Embassy in Paris warned American citizens to be vigilant.


In an audio recording released Tuesday, the Islamic State called on its supporters to increase attacks during Ramadan and ‘‘be keen on waging invasion in this eminent month and commit martyrdom.’’

In Britain, police said they were tightening security at major events after the attacks in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia, including for the weekend events of Armed Forces Day and the Pride London gay and lesbian festival.

I'm sure there will be plenty of flags flying there.

The attacks were condemned by the United Nations, the United States, Israel and others. 

More testimony to either the complete falseness of the events or their false flag quality.

‘‘We stand with these nations as they respond to attacks on their soil today,’’ the White House said. Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren added it was ‘‘too soon to tell whether or not these various and far-flung attacks were coordinated centrally or whether they were coincidental.’’


The carnage in Tunisia began on the beach, where tourists described hearing what sounded like fireworks and then running for their lives when they realized it was gunfire.

They probably were!

Video of the aftermath showed medics using beach chairs as stretchers to carry away people in swimsuits. 

Like I would believe any video cited by the propaganda pre$$.

‘‘He had a parasol in his hand. He went down to put it in the sand and then he took out his Kalashnikov and began shooting wildly,’’ Chelli said of the gunman.

He then entered the pool area of the Imperial Marhaba hotel before moving inside, killing people as he went.

British tourist Gary Pine said he was on the beach with his wife around noon when heard the shooting. They shouted for their son to get out of the water, grabbed their bag and ran for the hotel. Their son told them he saw someone shot on the beach.

There was ‘‘sheer panic’’ at the hotel, Pine said. ‘‘There were a lot of concerned people, a few people in tears with panic and a few people — older guests — they’d turned their ankles or there was a few little minor injuries and nicks and scrapes.’’

The Health Ministry said the dead included Tunisians, British, Germans, and Belgians, without giving a breakdown.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said at least five Britons were killed but expected to toll to rise because a high proportion of the dead were believed to be British.

All this was left on the cutting room floor:

"Elizabeth O’Brien, an Irish tourist who was with her two sons, told Irish Radio she was on the beach when the shooting began.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. It sounds like gunfire,’ so I just ran to the sea to my children and grabbed our things” before fleeing to their hotel room, she said. 

Well, at least that will give the Irish papers something new to write about.

Since overthrowing its secular dictator in 2011, Tunisia has been plagued by terrorist attacks, although only recently have they targeted the tourism sector, which makes up nearly 15 percent of GDP.

Time to look at that in a new light.

“The Foreign Office will declare the summer effectively over for Tunisia, and it will destroy — besides the lives taken — the tens of thousands of livelihoods who depend on tourism for a living,” said Simon Calder, a London-based travel commentator. Nearly half a million Britons visited Tunisia in 2014.

The attacks are also a blow to Tunisia’s image as a stable, democratic nation emerging from its revolution in 2011, said Jonathan Hill, a professor of Defense Studies at King’s College in London.

Awwwwww, their image is being spoiled!

“The terrorists are attacking Tunisia’s reputation,” he said. “Not just as a safe and welcoming destination for Western holidaymakers, but as the one real success story to emerge out of the Arab Spring.” 

Turns out the Arab Spring was nothing but intelligence agency instigation to remove stale dictators and replace them with fresh ones.

International police agency Interpol offered investigative help in the wake of Friday’s violence."

Then take a look at this:

Bodies lay on a Tunisian beach after a shooting spree.
Bodies lay on a Tunisian beach after a shooting spree.

Where is the blood?!!!???


Does that look like a scene of mass murder to you?

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Yeah, it sure looks that way!!!! Seems to be the rule these days when it comes to mind-manipulating ma$$ media, no matter what the event.

Also see: 



It's all about getting at Syria.


I'm top siding this update for a very obvious reason:

A man laid flowers Saturday at the site of Friday’s attack at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse, Tunisia.
A man laid flowers Saturday at the site of Friday’s attack at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse, Tunisia.

When you add that with the mannequin covered by a towel above, tell me, does it really look like a scene of mass murder and carnage?  All you know is what you see there. It could be anything. It's the lying propaganda pre$$ telling you what it is. Why should they be believed at all after decades of agenda-pushing lies?

I know what you are saying: why the fakery then?


"Gunman focused on tourists in slaughter at Tunisian beach hotel" by Carlotta Gall and Farah Samti New York Times   June 27, 2015

SOUSSE, Tunisia — Dressed in black shorts and a T-shirt, the young man walked purposefully along the beach but looked much like any other tourist — until he unwrapped an assault rifle and opened fire, first into the sand and then in an arc at sunbathing tourists. 

First question was how did he hide the weapon in a T-shirt and shorts? 

I love it when NYT propaganda collapses in the first paragraph. maybe they are trying to subtly tell us something.

“He seemed like he did not know how to handle the weapon because it is heavy,” said one witness, Hassen, 30, who declined to give his full name. “He seemed not to be experienced.”

The cover story now in rubble after two paragraphs. 

And yet he allegedly mowed down 39 people, etc, etc, huh?

Yet the gunman was silent and businesslike, Hassen and other witnesses said Saturday.

Who hired him?

As the tourists fled and saw friends falling, he pursued the sunbathers from the beach to the pool and eventually to the administration offices on the second floor of the Imperial Marhaba Hotel here, killing 39 people and wounding 38 others Friday.

Later identified by the authorities as a 23-year-old Tunisian student, Seifeddine Rezgui, the gunman was eventually shot and killed by a police officer, but not before carrying out Tunisia’s worst terrorist attack in living memory.

Good script, huh..... and it's all fake.

The only words he uttered were to tell Tunisians to get away. It was tourists, he made clear, he wanted to kill. Fifteen of them were British, a number that is expected to rise, a spokesman for the British embassy in Tunis said. About the same number of Britons were injured, he said.

“Something was not right,” said Christine Callaghan, a middle-aged woman from Norfolk, England, describing the moment she first heard the gunshots as she lay with her husband by the pool. “It was very long and very loud,” she said, from her hospital bed Saturday. “My husband screamed out: ‘Quick, run!’ ”

I would say so.

The tourists fled in their bathing suits into the hotel through the dining room, piling up mattresses in a corridor for protection, and barricading themselves into a banquet hall as they heard gunfire and explosions.

In the rush, Callaghan lost sight of her husband.

I'm losing sight of the point of this pure propaganda.


Rezgui had completed a technical degree at a college in the city of Kairouan and was pursuing a master’s program. He was the holder of a passport but had never used it, Prime Minister Habib Essid of Tunisia said. He described his attack as that of a “lone wolf.”


Tunisia has struggled to contain an insurgency along its border with Algeria, but a greater problem seems to stem from sleeper cells established by the group Ansar al-Shariah, whose leaders are longtime members of Al Qaeda, are now based in Syria and Libya, and are connected to the Islamic State.

Seriously, WHAT DID I SAY YESTERDAY!? Using this to justify intervention in those places because ISIS™ is now there!

Since December, a group of Tunisians in Syria have called on fellow Tunisians to rise up against their government and have threatened to put fire to the country in the name of an Islamic caliphate.

The Tunisian government has responded to the attack, the second in three months in which a large number of foreign tourists have been killed, with a security crackdown. 


Essid said army reinforcements would support security forces guarding important locations and would seal off several areas along the border with Algeria as military zones.

He also announced the closing of 80 mosques that were being investigated for extremist links and said permits for political parties, civil society organizations, and associations would be reviewed. Yet the actions were already being criticized by activists and by the public as too little too late.


Even after the attack on the National Bardo Museum in Tunis in March, in which 21 foreign tourists were killed by two gunmen, the government had not properly secured its coastal tourist areas. The prime minister said from now on the tourist police and security guards at hotels would be armed and would guard the beach and the interior of the hotel.

And there it is! Why this excuse sorry excuse of a staged and scripted false flag was needed: an increase of tyranny for the protection of elites.



Hard Proof of the Use of Fake Blood and Moulage in Tunisian Shooting Hoax 

Is that why the ma$$ media pictures look as they do?

Tunisia — False Flag Attack on Hotels


A hit team that came in boats, huh?

I suppose ISIS™ is responsible for this, too:

"18 die in Tunisia as train hits truck blocking tracks" Associated Press  June 17, 2015

EL FAHS, Tunisia — A Tunisian passenger train smashed into a semi-trailer truck on the tracks early Tuesday morning, killing 18 people as the train derailed.

At least 86 people were also injured when the train hit the truck at 6:30 a.m. outside the town of Fahs, 37 miles southwest of the capital, Tunis, authorities said.

It was initially reported the truck driver was among the dead, but Lieutenant Colonel Selmi Yousfi said he escaped when he saw the train barreling toward him at about 80 m.p.h., and later surrendered.

Some of the passengers were ejected upon impact, said an emergency services official. The train engineer was among those who died.

The crossing had a warning sign, but lacked guardrails, lights, or barriers.

‘‘Accidents like this one happen at crossings, and it’s usually due to the lack of attention by the cars and trucks, because the train has to follow the rails,’’ said Yousfi.

End print.

Habib Jouini, the engineer of a train not involved in Tuesday’s crash, faulted the security of the railway.

‘‘We have these level crossings but they’re not secured, there is no guard,’’ he said.


After securing Tunisia it's time to head for Libya:

"US targets terrorist leader in Libya airstrike" by Eric Schmitt New York Times  June 15, 2015

WASHINGTON — The United States carried out an airstrike in Libya early Sunday against the mastermind of the 2013 terrorist seizure of an Algerian gas plant that left 38 foreign hostages dead, US and Libyan officials said on Sunday.

I suppose it is only an aberration that Blogger's search can't find anything.

So what ails Algeria that lies must be resurrected, or is it all just public relations propaganda?

The Libyan government issued a statement Sunday night saying that the airstrikes killed the terrorist leader, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, and “a number” of other Libyan terrorists in the eastern part of the country.

The Libyan statement said: “The Libyan government announces that American planes undertook action that resulted in the death of the wanted terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar and a number of Libyans belonging to one of the terrorist groups in Eastern Libya, after consultation with the Libyan interim government to take action on terrorist leadership present on Libyan soil.”

Add another soul to Obama's death toll.

US officials confirmed that Belmokhtar was the target of the strike, carried out by multiple US F-15E fighter jets. But they expressed caution about his fate, saying forensic proof was needed to declare with certainty that Belmokhtar had been killed. Given the likely extent of the damage — multiple bombs were dropped on the target, officials said — that determination could take some time unless terrorist websites issue an official statement of mourning.

After that, it's rewrite adders.

If confirmed, the death of Belmokhtar would be a major counterterrorism victory for the United States against one of the world’s most wanted militants. 

Just when they need one, too!

“I can confirm that the target of last night’s counterterrorism strike in Libya was Mokhtar Belmokhtar,” said Colonel Steven H. Warren, a Defense Department spokesman. He said Belmokhtar “has a long history of leading terrorist activities” and “maintains his personal allegiance to Al Qaeda.”

The US government, he said, was “continuing to assess the results of the operation and will provide more details as appropriate.”

Belmokhtar is an Algerian militant with a long history in the Sahel region, which falls on the southern flank of the Sahara stretching from Senegal to Chad. Although his direct operational ties to Al Qaeda may have lessened, his stature as a terrorist leader has grown.

Called the Prince by his entourage, he was considered the last major surviving figure among the jihadists in North Africa. All the others have been killed in French raids. He is certainly the most feared among them because of his operational and planning skills.

Born in Algeria, he fought in the Algerian civil war of the 1990s. He joined a militant group based in Algeria and took up smuggling and kidnapping for ransom; one terrorist raid included the abduction of a Canadian diplomat in late 2008.

Belmokhtar’s success in maneuvering largely unhindered for years in the deserts of northern Mali and southern Algeria and Libya was a result of his masterful integration into the local populations. He married a woman from Timbuktu, Mali, spoke the local dialects and shared some of his rich takings from more than a decade of kidnapping Westerners. 


Six Zionist Companies Own 96% of the World's Media
Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed
Operation Mockingbird

Why Am I No Longer Reading the Newspaper?

Just thought you should know where all this sh** is coming from.

The Canadian diplomat, Robert Fowler, a former UN special envoy, was released after four months. He said in a 2013 interview, “I was always impressed by the quiet authority he exhibited.” Fowler met with Belmokhtar several times during his captivity in the desert.

Among his militant names is Laaouar, or the One-Eyed, because it is said he may have lost an eye while fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, where he learned combat skills. A major cigarette trafficker, he is also known as Marlboro Man.

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He is (or was) a veteran of the CIA, huh?

So what's his new name and where did they send him for his next mission?

Belmokhtar became a leading figure in Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, the Al Qaeda affiliate in North Africa. He was the most experienced of four leaders of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb until he broke with the group to lead the Al Mulathameen Battalion, which was officially designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the State Department in 2013. 

They of course mean Al-CIA-Duh.

In January 2013, Belmokhtar led the attack on a gas plant in Algeria that resulted in the death of 38 civilians, including three Americans.

Print version was pretty lame, huh?

Four months later, his group joined with a West African terrorist faction — the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa — to carry out attacks in Niger that killed at least 20 people, the State Department said.

In August 2013, Belmokhtar’s faction and the West African extremists announced that they were joining to form yet another group, Al Murabitoun. But the merger fell apart, and the other militants split from Belmokhtar’s group. This year they announced they had joined the Islamic State. 

How does my government mouthpiece know so much about them?

Belmokhtar has remained loyal to Al Qaeda. His last public statement was a rebuke of his colleagues who had gone to the Islamic State, who he said had “violated the foundation” of their organization. 

And the U.S. killed him, an enemy of enemy?

Western diplomats say that intelligence agencies have been tracking Belmokhtar in and out of Libya at least since a late 2012 spotting in Tripoli. But the targeting by US air power came up in just the past 48 to 72 hours, a senior US official said.

Officials confirmed that US surveillance drones had been part of the effort to track the terrorist leader. 

This is 100% agenda-pushing bullshit.

“It was a strike on an extremist leadership target whom we believed posed a threat against American and Western interests,” said one official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential intelligence reports. 


The attack marked the first time the US military has carried out any kind of airstrike in Libya since the NATO operation there in 2011 that helped oust Moammar Gadhafi.

US commandos, though, have carried out other operations in Libya since the NATO air war. 

Yeah, Obama's special forces are kicked down doors and killing people all across the planet.

In October 2013, US forces captured a Libyan militant who had been indicted in 2000 for his role in the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The militant, born Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai and known by his nom de guerre, Abu Anas al-Libi, had a $5 million bounty on his head. 

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They are packing full your intestines with the stuff (he dead now).

In June 2014, US commandos operating under the cover of night seized the man suspected of leading the deadly 2012 attack on the US Mission in Benghazi, Libya, ending a manhunt that had dragged on for nearly two years and inflamed domestic and international politics. 

He got pinned with that false flag gone wrong or whatever it was.

About two-dozen Delta Force commandos and two or three FBI agents descended on the outskirts of Benghazi in a predawn raid to grab the suspect, Ahmed Abu Khattala. No shots were fired, and the suspect was spirited out of Libya to a US Navy warship in the Mediterranean, on which he was transported to Washington for prosecution. 

Thus he could be tortured because he was in international waters. That's what Obama has done. He's off-shored torture (as his ma$$ media slaves tell us he has ended it; NSA obviously has dirt on reporters, and the Justice Department did/is spy/spying on them)!

The airstrike against Belmokhtar came as the group’s chief ideological rival, the Islamic State, has expanded its presence inside Libya, alarming Western officials because of the country’s proximity to Europe, across the Mediterranean. 

Maybe getting rid of Khadafy wasn't such a good idea after all. 

Of course, controlled chaos is the neo-con plan so everything is perfect!

Four years after the removal of the Gadhafi regime, the near-collapse of the Libyan government has left no central authority to check the group’s advance or even to partner with Western military efforts against it. 

Then NATO soldiers will have to do it.

Two armed factions, each with its own paper government, are fighting for control, and each has focused more on internal quarrels than on defeating the Islamic State. 

Meaning both sides are working for the U.S. and its allies.


I'm convinced by the photo. You?

"EU launches navy operation against migrant-traffickers; Ships to patrol off Libya; officials seek UN support" by Jamey Keaten Associated Press  June 23, 2015

LUXEMBOURG — The European Union launched a naval operation Monday to try to stop human-traffickers from bringing migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe in unseaworthy boats, a lucrative and at times deadly practice.

More than 100,000 migrants have entered Europe this year, with some 2,000 dead or missing during the perilous quest to reach the continent. Dozens of boats set off from lawless Libya each week, with Italy and Greece bearing the brunt of the surge.

The naval operation, which was officially launched by EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg, will operate in international waters and airspace until the EU can secure a UN Security Council resolution endorsing its effort and permission from Libyan officials to enter their territory.

Of course, they DO NOT NEED ONE and will be GOING AHEAD ANYWAY if they DON'T GET! They THINK WE FORGET THINGS out here! 

Btw, I think Russia will be vetoing it after being fooled the first time in Libya.

‘‘We will start implementing the first phase of the operation in the coming days. This covers information-gathering and patrolling on the high seas to support the detection and monitoring of smuggling networks,’’ said EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

‘‘The targets are not the migrants. The targets are those that are making money on their lives and too often on their deaths,’’ she told reporters.

The EU aims to ‘‘dismantle the business model’’ of the traffickers by destroying their boats, she said. But the United Nations has been slow to endorse the operation amid criticism from refugee groups that the move will only deprive migrants fleeing poverty and conflict of a major way to escape, rather than address the roots of the problem.

Libya’s divided factions have also been reluctant to approve any operation in its waters or on land.

A senior EU diplomatic official, speaking on condition of anonymity to provide operational details, said five naval units led by Italian light aircraft carrier Cavour will be joined by two submarines, three maritime surveillance planes, two drones, and two helicopters for the operation.

They will be involved in rescue work if needed. Politically sensitive actions such as boarding or destroying smuggling boats could come in later phases of the operation.

The first phase aims to gather intelligence on who the traffickers are, how they operate, and where the money goes.


What is odd is the war paper dropped the military aspect of the campaign:

"EU must act on migrants, group says; 1,000 rescued as Italy, Greece face massive influx" by Lorne Cook and Jan M. Olsen Associated Press  June 23, 2015

BRUSSELS — The European Union must quickly improve overcrowded reception centers for migrants in Italy and Greece, a leading humanitarian group said Tuesday as ships from Denmark and Norway plucked nearly 1,000 people from the Mediterranean Sea off the Libyan coast.

What are the Scandinavians doing down there?

Conflict and poverty have driven more than 100,000 migrants to Europe so far this year, and almost 2,000 have died or gone missing on the perilous sea journey.

EU leaders will discuss an emergency plan to share thousands of new arrivals in Italy and Greece among the bloc’s 28 nations during a summit starting Thursday.

No agreement on the contentious plan is likely before July, and four European countries — Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland — said Tuesday that they find it unacceptable.

Doctors Without Borders migration expert Aurelie Ponthieu said the agency’s teams in the two countries are overwhelmed.

‘‘The situation is already out of control in Greece, and the Italian reception system is up to its limits,’’ she said. ‘‘EU member states have the resources, and they have the responsibilities.’’

I'll bet you are all wishing you hadn't joined that globalist-created group.

The call came as ships from Norway and Denmark signaled that they have picked up hundreds of migrants from small boats off Libya in the past 24 hours....


Once you make it to the other shore:

"Milan officials seek help as migrants inundate transit site" by Colleen Barry Associated Press  June 12, 2015

MILAN — City officials appealed for help in managing the huge flow of migrants arriving from southern Italy after rescue at sea, as increasing numbers are unable to find beds and are sleeping in the Milan train station.

About 350 migrants have slept in and around the station the last two nights because of a lack of beds in city-organized centers, according to the Progetto Arca charity.

Competing with the homeless, are they?

Hundreds were waiting Thursday afternoon on a mezzanine to find out if there would be a bed for them that night, including a group of children who drew with pens and paper donated by an 11-year-old Italian girl who asked her mother to bring her to the station after seeing the children on the midday news.

‘‘I wanted to help these children who unfortunately are escaping war and don’t have anything left. I also wanted to console them,’’ Alice Chiappelli said as her mother watched from nearby.

RelatedObama’s Wars Have Created More Refugees Than Hitler and Tojo Combined

Just wanted you to know who sent them to knock at your door.

The Red Cross dispatched a team on Thursday in response to reports of scabies among migrants, ‘‘given the very serious situation in Milan’s Central Station,’’ and regional officials were opening a health post there on Friday.

If you point that out you are a politically-incorrect racist.

The city’s top welfare official, Pierfrancesco Majorino, has appealed to station officials to provide space for new arrivals to receive assistance and rest away from the main arrivals hall.

‘‘Everyone would be better off, even travelers,’’ Majorino said in an appeal on Wednesday.

Don't go to Italy for vacation this year.

Italy’s state railway said in a statement Thursday it would renovate space adjacent to the station to receive migrants, but it gave no time frame.

Milan is hosting the Expo 2015 world’s fair, now in its second month, which is expected to attract 20 million visitors during its six-month run.

Who cares?

Milan city officials say more than 64,000 migrants have passed through the Central Station in the last 20 months, with 10,000 since Jan. 1.

Most are Eritreans and Syrians fleeing conflict and oppression at home.

They come to Milan because word has spread city officials provide food, medical care, beds, and legal advice. The vast majority remain a few days before moving on.

I'm told that stuff does not lend itself to the problem by a government and pre$$ that is pushing the agenda.



"Officials were forced to take emergency measures Saturday to accommodate the influx of migrants rescued at sea who have been sleeping in train stations after Italy’s neighbors tightened their border controls, preventing many from continuing their journeys to northern Europe. Officials closed a migrant reception area overlooking the Milan train station’s main entrance hall where hundreds have been sleeping this week amid increasing health and sanitation concerns. And in Rome officials began setting up tents with 150 beds outside the Tiburtina station where police had removed hundreds of migrants earlier in the week."

Great, tent cities in Rome!

"EU nations strongly divided over plan to take in migrants" by Lorne Cook Associated Press  June 17, 2015

LUXEMBOURG — European Union nations failed to bridge differences Tuesday over an emergency plan to share the burden of the thousands of refugees crossing the Mediterranean, while on the French-Italian border, police in riot gear forcibly removed dozens of migrants.

Western governments act like Israel more and more often.

Around 100,000 migrants have entered Europe so far this year, with some 2,000 dead or missing in the dangerous trip across the sea. Italy and Greece have borne the brunt of the surge, with many more migrants expected to arrive from June through September. 

And Greece has bigger problems right now.

At talks in Luxembourg, EU interior ministers disagreed over how 40,000 new refugees arriving in Italy and Greece should be split up among the 28-nation bloc to ease the load on the two southern nations.

‘‘We are working to avoid the political bankruptcy of Europe,’’ Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told reporters.

Past voluntary efforts to host migrants have proved inadequate. The plan to relocate Syrians and Eritreans over the next two years is politically explosive, however, since it would legally set in stone each EU country’s commitment to host a certain number of refugees. Only about 10 of the EU’s 28 nations back the plan.

Less than half back the plan, huh?

The emergency plan was drawn up after 800 migrants were feared to have drowned trying to reach Italy in April. EU leaders will now discuss it when they meet in Brussels on June 25-26, and interior ministers will take the issue up again at their next meeting in July.

‘‘We know that there is significant resistance in some member states to an obligatory measure,’’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Berlin.

Earlier Tuesday, police on Italy’s border with France removed a few dozen African migrants who had been camping out for days in hopes of continuing further north.

Some migrants protested, grabbing onto signposts, while others had to be carried off by their legs and arms — a chaotic scene underlining Italy’s contention that the rest of Europe must do more to deal with the migrant crisis.

That is where the print ended, and the question is why? If a nation had nothing to do with it, why should they be forced to stress their already strapped services?

Migrants on dangerous rocks jutting out into the sea were left alone.

‘‘We are human beings. We are not animals,’’ said Saddam, a Sudanese migrant who watched the police operation Tuesday and only gave his first name. ‘‘I know we are black and we are come from Africa, but we are still humans.’’ 

I'm not arguing that at all, and I'm sorry my shit government put you in this situation.

Alfano said the scene in Ventimiglia was ‘‘a punch in the eye for those who refuse to see.’’ 

I didn't get to see this in print.

His French counterpart, Bernard Cazaneuve, denied that France had closed its border at Ventimiglia.

‘‘When migrants cross borders and it is established that they arrived in Italy, then it is only normal that they return to Italy,’’ Cazaneuve said in Luxembourg.

In Greece, hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, including women and children, protested Monday on the eastern island of Lesvos, demanding better living conditions and faster processing of their asylum registrations. They also want to be housed separately from Afghan arrivals after a fight broke out in one of the island’s camps. 

They are coming from Afghanistan? How many are Al-CIA-Duh, ISIS, or the rest?

Lesvos has borne the brunt of a huge influx of migrants from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa crossing from Turkey to nearby Greek islands. More than 50,000 migrants have arrived in Greece so far this year.

And Greece is already getting bent over by the bankers.


"Far-right parties form coalition in EU Parliament" by Raf Casert Associated Press  June 17, 2015

BRUSSELS — A coalition of far-right, anti-immigrant parties in the European Parliament announced Tuesday they are uniting to form a political group under the leadership of France’s National Front chief Marine Le Pen.

Tuesday’s move of the National Front, the Dutch PVV of Geert Wilders, Austria’s Freedom Party, Italy’s Northern League, and the Belgian Flemish Interest Party will give them more clout in the European Union legislature and add more of an anti-EU flavor to its proceedings. The group will also push its strong the anti-immigrant agenda.

I like to think of it as the law, but we see that doesn't matter to the political cla$$ and their media mouthpieces.

‘‘I am happy to announce the beginning of the group Europe of Nations and Freedoms,’’ Le Pen told reporters, surrounded by leaders of the other political groups. ‘‘We will be a political force that cannot be compared to our previous situation.’’

Most of the parties made gains in last year’s European election but until now had failed to find enough cohesion to form a united group.

‘‘This is D-Day. This is the beginning of our liberation,’’ said Wilders, the Dutch political firebrand best known for his anti-Islam and anti-immigration stance.

He's an agent provocateur.

Italy and Greece have borne the brunt of Europe’s immigrant surge, as around 100,000 have entered Europe so far in 2015.

Forming a recognized group gives the politicians more staff, access to funds and more rights to start initiatives.

To get full standing in the 751-seat legislature, a group needs to have at least 25 members from seven nations. Le Pen’s National Front already has 23, so individual membership was not so much a problem as getting the country quota.

On top of the five parties, two Poles and a member of Britain’s UKIP party also joined to get to seven nations. UKIP itself, the most vocal far-right, anti-EU party so far in the legislature did not participate in the new group. And the new far-right group decided not to take in Greece’s Golden Dawn party.

More power to them then.

The political impact on the legislature is still expected to be minor since the Christian Democrat-led EPP group has 221 members and the S&D socialists have 191.

With the parties’ strongly nationalist agendas and belief in independent decision-making, Wilders acknowledged it would sometimes be tough to act as one.

Often misdescribed by globalists as fascism when they are the truest fa$ci$ts of all.

‘‘Of course we have differences, but the differences are not our weakness but our strength,’’ Wilders said.

The announcement of the multi-nation group comes amid a political drama and legal troubles within France’s National Front. Party co-founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, an EU deputy, has been suspended from his party role of honorary president for life after restating anti-Semitic remarks.

Looks like free speech is finished in France, too.

His daughter and the current party president, Marine Le Pen, has worked to revamp the National Front’s image to make it an acceptable political alternative. The party is also being targeted by French and EU judicial officials in separate investigations regarding funding.

Meaning she's checking with Israeli Zionists.


Another member of the group:

"UN counters Hungary’s anti-migrant campaign" Associated Press  June 18, 2015

BUDAPEST — One features a tour guide from Afghanistan, another a Bangladeshi woman who runs a restaurant with her husband. The United Nations’ refugee agency is setting up billboards presenting successful refugees in Hungary, countering the government’s intense anti-migrant campaign that it calls a catalyst for xenophobia.

U.N. has nothing better to do with the money than put up propaganda billboards, huh?

While fringe groups are usually behind European anti-foreigner movements, Hungary is unusual in that it’s the government that is driving the backlash.

It's not unusual in Israel.

On Wednesday, Hungary’s foreign minister announced that the government is considering a 13-foot-high fence along the border with Serbia to stop the flow of migrants reaching the country.

Israel is deporting black Jews while Israel's solution to immigration is the same.

The hardening line has alarmed UN officials monitoring refugee rights.

“We want Hungarians to understand that refugees are people just like them caught in very extraordinary circumstances,” said Kitty McKinsey, spokeswoman for the UNHCR Regional Representation in Central Europe. “We’re not in a fight with the government. We’re here to support the government in taking care of refugees.”

Honestly, the total hypocrisy that comes from the JU.N. is disgusting.

The billboards went up Tuesday evening at several Budapest subway stations, showcasing refugees who settled in Hungary and found success. “We want to live here, that’s why we opened up a restaurant,” reads the billboard featuring Bangladeshi restaurateur Begum Ali.

By contrast, the government has set up billboards reading: “If you come to Hungary, you cannot take away Hungarians’ jobs” or “If you come to Hungary, you must respect our laws.”

Oh, how mean!

While many Hungarians are fired up by the government campaign, there’s also a strong groundswell of support for refugees on the streets of Budapest.

“He’s cute,” student Krisztina Molnar said of a billboard of an Afghan tour guide called Dariush. “He doesn’t look threatening at all, but I’ve never met any refugees. I think there is plenty of room in Hungary to take in refugees.”


Why do I keep returning to do this?

"EU leader urges crackdown on ‘illegal migration’" Associated Press  June 26, 2015

BRUSSELS — The European Union’s president called Thursday for a crackdown on migrants who are only looking for jobs as opposed to those fleeing war or persecution, as migrants keep arriving on Europe’s shores in greater numbers.

More than 100,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean and landed in Europe this year — with almost 2,000 dying or reported missing. Although many are fleeing war zones, others who are just looking for a better life in Europe do not qualify for international protection.

‘‘We need to contain illegal migration and this should be our priority,’’ EU president Donald Tusk told reporters at a summit of the bloc’s leaders in Brussels. ‘‘All those who are not legitimate asylum-seekers will have no guarantee that they will stay in Europe.’’

Migrant reception centers in Italy and Greece are overwhelmed even as the summer brings more from overseas.

EU leaders on Thursday were discussing a plan to share 40,000 of the refugees expected to arrive in Greece and Italy in the next two years.


"EU leaders fail to agree on quotas for resettling migrants" by Andrew Higgins New York Times   June 27, 2015

BRUSSELS — Facing a migration crisis that has infused Europe’s usually arid and consensual decision-making with angry passions, European leaders ended an ill-tempered discussion of the problem early Friday with a vague pledge to spread 40,000 migrants across the Continent.

But they ditched what had been the heart of a plan to share a burden now borne largely by Greece and Italy — a system of mandatory quotas to spread the tens of thousands of migrants in the two countries across the European Union.

Heated arguments among leaders at a two-day summit meeting in Brussels exposed deep divisions and even disarray in a European bloc already badly strained by the repeated failure of talks to prevent a default next week by Greece. 

If the Grexit doesn't destroy the E.U., this will. 

Is that what the bankers want?

The intersection of the Greek debt crisis and the immigration issue also underscored the dangers to the European Union of a potentially bankrupt and destabilized Greece on the front line of what has been an extraordinary surge of migrants to eastern Greek islands from Turkey.

Many of them are fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

They can thank Obama.

In recent weeks, standoffs with migrants at Europe’s internal borders have led to bitter squabbling among governments and screaming headlines in newspapers, particularly in Britain, about trouble caused by desperate people seeking a better life.

Look at the bias in the agenda-pushing pre$$. Not a terrorist worry, nor one for drug dealers, human traffickers, rapists, murders, who knows what?

Migrants who enter the European Union in Italy and Greece often seek to reach — and are blocked from — preferred destinations farther north in Europe, where they hope for better job prospects and more generous government benefits.

But that is not why they are coming here say my politicians and pre$$.

Hundreds of migrants were camped out in recent weeks at a crossing between Italy and France, after French border officials denied them entry, and officials at the French port of Calais struggled once again this week to prevent surges of migrants from being smuggled in trucks bound for Britain that use the tunnel crossing the English Channel.

Even so, just hours after finance ministers representing 19 countries that use the euro again failed to break the deadlock between Greece and its creditors, EU leaders killed proposals that would have forced each country to take a certain number of asylum seekers, opting for a voluntary program instead.

Not one word about the referendum called.

A final statement adopted Friday committed all 28 member states to “agree by consensus by the end of July” on how to distribute across Europe the 40,000 people now in Italy and Greece who are “in clear need of international protection.”

So are Palestinians, but I don't see any big move from Europe to care for them.

It described this as a “temporary and exceptional” measure.

They never are! They only say that to get you to accept it!

Leaders have found broad consensus on taking stronger measures on interdiction, endorsing a stalled military operation “to tackle the traffickers and smugglers in accordance with international law,” and reinforcing controls on Europe’s external bordersto better contain the growing flows of illegal migration.”

The most dangerous route taken by migrants is across the central Mediterranean from Libya and other parts of North Africa. Flows there increased by 29 percent over April, according to Frontex, a European agency that helps patrol the bloc’s outer borders.

In an effort to develop a unified response to the crisis, the European Commission, the bloc’s executive arm in Brussels, last month announced a plan for mandatory quotas that would force individual states to accept migrants currently in Italy and Greece. But this immediately met with fierce hostility, notably in eastern and Central Europe, where leaders denounced the scheme as a violation of their sovereignty.

Britain, which has the right to opt out of the bloc’s migrant policy, along with Denmark and Ireland, has criticized the plan, which has been seized on by British politicians who want Britain to leave the EU.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy protested that a nonbinding pledge to take in immigrants would achieve nothing.

“If this is your idea of Europe, you can keep it,” Renzi told fellow leaders, according to Italian news reports. “Either there’s solidarity or we are wasting time.’’ 

That's what I'm doing, all right.


And as we head further north:

"Dutch party leader posts Mohammed cartoons on YouTube" by Corina Ruhe Bloomberg News  June 20, 2015

AMSTERDAM — The controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders showed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in a three-minute film on YouTube on Saturday after public television didn’t air the program as planned.

Wilders, a parliamentarian for the Freedom Party, had intended the film to be televised during a slot granted to political parties in the Netherlands. Dutch public broadcasting system NPO said it had received the wrong footage and the program would air on June 24.

“It’s important we show them,” Wilders said of the nine cartoons in the film. “That is the only way to assure that the terrorists do not defeat freedom of speech.”

Well, there is free speech, and then there is free speech

Amazing how the insulting of Muslims is being cited as a prime example of free speech. 

Now compare it with reaction to criticism of Jews.

Wilders has been a vocal opponent of Islam and migration to the Netherlands, using his Twitter account to rail against everything from Islamic State killings to refugees seeking asylum. He has lived under police protection since 2004, after death threats. In his 2008 film “Fitna,” he called on Muslims to rip out “hate-preaching” verses from the Koran.

Who would want to waste their time?

The politician, whose party controls 12 of the 150 seats in the Dutch House of Representatives, attended the exhibition of Mohammed cartoons last month in Texas where a shooting broke out, leaving the two attackers dead.

You can take a look back if you want.

A spokesman for the Justice Ministry said the airing of the new film is an issue between Wilders and the broadcasting system. The Dutch government has not voiced official opposition to Wilders’s plans, though embassies around the world have been put on notice.

“We’ve got a wide freedom of expression in the Netherlands,” Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher told reporters in The Hague last week. “That’s a great thing.”


I ended the last battle with war talk so why not this one?