Friday, June 26, 2015

Cuba Getting Internet

Well, then they can read this:

Cuba faulted on human rights

"Cuba will open door to Internet a bit more; Government plans 35 Wi-Fi centers, lower access rates" by Michael Weissenstein Associated Press  June 18, 2015

HAVANA — The price remains unaffordable for most Cubans, but the change would represent a significant improvement in access for many people.

Going on the Internet at home remains illegal for most of the Cuban population, and access at offices with Internet is highly limited and controlled. Before Thursday’s announcement, the only wireless access had been at tourist hotels at hourly prices that represent nearly a quarter of the average monthly salary for Cubans.

‘‘The Internet space is opening up here and I think this is a significant step,’’ said Norges Rodriguez, a blogger and telecommunications engineer in Havana. ‘‘A year or two ago, we didn’t have anything like this.’’

Cuba’s lack of Internet access remains dire, he pointed out, saying 35 new Wi-Fi points would be insignificant in any other country in the hemisphere.

Critics say Cuba’s lack of connectivity is due largely to its fear that the Internet would catalyze social unrest. The Cuban government blames the US embargo on the island nation, and has publicly expressed its intention to expand access for its citizens.

There have been hints of the government following through slowly on that promise in recent months. The state communications monopoly, ETECSA, has experimented with a temporary price cut to $2, and the artist Kcho garnered much attention by opening a free, government-sanctioned Wi-Fi connection for the public at his Havana arts center....


So when is the next election?

UPDATE: Look what else is coming to Cuba.