Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jade Helm No Joke

I thought it was but recent events have proven me wrong and it now appears to be nationwide:

"Prosecutor says N.Y. escapees used contractors’ tools" by John Kekis Associated Press  June 15, 2015

DANNEMORA, N.Y. — District Attorney Andrew Wylie said there was no evidence the men had a ‘‘Plan B’’ once the getaway driver backed out, and no vehicles have been reported stolen in the area.

That has led searchers to believe the men are still near the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, where the manhunt was in its ninth day Sunday, with hundreds of law enforcement officers slogging through mosquito-infested woods, fields and swamps close to the Canadian border for Richard Matt and David Sweat.

At the same time, Governor Andrew Cuomo cautioned that for all anyone knows, the convicts could be in Mexico by now.


Residents were very much on edge, with some saying they were keeping guns handy. But there was also an outpouring of support for the search effort. A restaurant urged people to tie blue ribbons around trees and mailboxes.

Tie a blue ribbon 'round the old elm tree....?

‘‘The locals have been awesome,’’ said Sergeant Barry Cartier of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, part of a crew from a neighboring county working 12-hour shifts. ‘‘They come around with food all the time. We've got too much to eat.’’

Yes, we love our tyranny here in AmeriKa.

Many residents in rural Dannemora are unaccustomed to locking their doors, but they have been much more watchful since the prison break....

I always lock the doors even when I'm inside the house.


"As the manhunt hit its 10th day, more than 800 law enforcement officers went door-to-door over the weekend and combed the rural area for signs of the escapees."

The rest is a rehash!

"Search for 2 N.Y. prison escapees expanding" Associated Press  June 16, 2015

DANNEMORA, N.Y. — Search teams hindered by cool, rainy weather combed through woods for an 11th day trying to track down two escaped murderers on Tuesday as one official raised doubts the escapees relied solely on a now-jailed prison worker to help them get away after their breakout.


More than 800 law enforcement officers who are searching for convicts David Sweat and Richard Matt shifted their focus eastward along Route 374 leading from the village of Dannemora, home of the Clinton Correctional Facility, in far northern New York.

State police said Tuesday the manhunt will be expanded beyond where it’s been most intense, 16 square miles of woods, fields and swamps around a road where search dogs caught the scent of both men and searchers found evidence indicating they may have spent time there. 

You understand the difference between print and web versions, right?

Clinton County Sheriff David Favro said rain has been washing away any scent dogs might find and interfering with thermal imaging devices being used to detect body heat. 

Where have those been the past 11 days (I've seen Cops), and quite the timely excuse for failing to capture the phantoms.

Matt and Sweat escaped June 6 from the maximum-security prison near the Canadian border.

Sweat, 35, was serving a life sentence without parole in the killing of a sheriff’s deputy. Matt, 48, was doing 25 years to life for the kidnap, torture and hacksaw dismemberment of his former boss.

Meanwhile, the prison worker charged with helping the killers flee by providing them with hacksaw blades, chisels and other tools was visited in jail Tuesday by her husband, also a prison worker.

Favro described Joyce Mitchell as ‘‘composed’’ during the morning visit with her husband, Lyle Mitchell.

Prosecutors say Joyce Mitchell, a prison tailoring shop instructor who befriended the inmates, had agreed to be the getaway driver but backed out because she still loved her husband and felt guilty for participating.

District Attorney Andrew Wylie said Monday that there was no evidence the men had a Plan B once Mitchell backed out, and no vehicles have been reported stolen in the area. That has led searchers to believe the men are still near the prison.

But Favro said Tuesday that while he has ‘‘no concrete information,’’ he doesn’t believe the escapees would have counted only on Mitchell for the success of their ‘‘elaborate, well-thought-out escape plan.’’ 

I'm so glad he's throwing out theories!

The rest of the web adders to my print:

‘‘My theory — my theory only — is that she was Plan B,’’ he said. ‘‘I would have viewed her as baggage, almost, for them to be able to escape into freedom because she’s leaving behind a family and a husband.’’

He said investigators won’t be certain until the fugitives are caught.

But Favro said, ‘‘I find it difficult to believe right from Day 1 that they would go through that — probably took some time to really map together — and they would get out on the hopes that a civilian worker that they found would assist them in actually getting away.’’ 

I'm finding this cock-and-bull cover story difficult to believe.

Mitchell was charged Friday with supplying contraband, including a punch and a screwdriver, to the two inmates. She has pleaded not guilty. She has been suspended without pay from her $57,000-a-year job overseeing inmates who sew clothes and learn to repair sewing machines.

Authorities say the convicts used power tools to cut through the backs of their adjacent cells, broke through a brick wall and then cut into a steam pipe and slithered through it, finally emerging outside the prison walls through a manhole. Wylie says they apparently used tools stored by prison contractors, taking care to return them to their toolboxes after each night’s work.

In Broome County, where Sweat and his cousin killed a deputy in 2002, Sheriff David Harder said his office has been investigating since Sweat broke out of prison, contacting his family and associates and committing about 50 officers to the case. Sweat was ‘‘a kind of survivalist,’’ who was caught in the woods in New York’s Southern Tier five days after that killing after somebody came forward with information, he said.



At least they didn't spoil the parade.

"Prosecutor: Worker discussed having inmates kill husband" by Mary Esch Associated Press  June 18, 2015

That's what the district attorney said. He offers no evidence, so how could he know that?

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. —Meanwhile, State Police expanded the search for the killers beyond a 16-square-mile area of woods, fields, and swamps where the manhunt had been most intense. Police stepped up roving patrols and were checking the hundreds, if not thousands, of seasonal homes and hunting camps in the region.

Officials said the number of law enforcement officers in the search had been reduced from more than 800 earlier in the week to more than 600 Wednesday. In Dannemora, the heavy law enforcement presence prevalent for more than a week all but disappeared by Tuesday, and roadblocks were gone.

Drill is over there?!

Interesting how the web axed that, huh?

State police said Wednesday that they have "no hard evidence" that Sweat and Matt were able to leave the area. But they cautioned that the lack of evidence doesn't mean the escapees are somewhere near the prison.

She was also visited by the husband who is cutting her loose and who she wanted dead(?), I was told. 


So what is with the f***ing games, Globe? 

Meanwhile, down in Texas:

"Gunman killed after firing on Dallas police headquarters" by Peter Holley Washington Post  June 13, 2015

WASHINGTON — A gunman with a history of domestic violence and delusional behavior opened fire at the Dallas police headquarters early Saturday, prompting a standoff that ended hours later when the man was shot and killed by a police sniper, authorities say.

Again, I'm already suspicious that this is even real. Already smells like a cover story, and how about that deke and deception by the media? Told you the martial law was only kooks, and yet here it is covered by this ridiculous nonsense.

The suspect — who identified himself to police as 35-year-old James Boulware — was shot by a sniper around 5 a.m. in a parking lot in the Dallas suburb of Hutchins, where he was holed up inside an armored van, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said at a news conference Saturday morning.

“At 5:07 a.m., our SWAT snipers shot at the suspect through the front windshield of the van, striking the suspect,” Brown told reporters. “Since that time, we have sent the bomb tech robot, that has a camera, to try to confirm whether the suspect is deceased.”

In a turn of events that remains almost as shocking as the attack itself, no one was injured in the violent rampage.


The gunman’s death brought to a close a chaotic spate of violence that began nearly five hours earlier when the suspect parked a dark-colored vehicle outside the police headquarters at 1400 South Lamar St. and began to spray the building with gunfire.

And yet, the sniper’s bullet did not put an end to the danger faced by authorities Saturday.

Several hours after the suspect had been shot, police were still unable to approach the man’s vehicle until they could confirm whether it was rigged with explosives. 

Nice scenario for the drill.

The suspect had told police negotiators that he had C4 explosives in the van and authorities later found two pipe bombs packed with screws and nails inside the vehicle, police said. During an intentional detonation of the ordinance Saturday afternoon, the suspect’s vehicle caught fire, setting off rounds, police said.

Brown said his department is working with the FBI.

And thus the powerful stench of sh** struck the nose.

Some witnesses originally reported seeing what appeared to be multiple people firing automatic weapons at the police station, but Brown said authorities believe only one individual was involved in the shooting.


Cellphone videos from a gathering across the street showed the suspect firing upon police and officers sprinting for cover.

As if I'm going to believe videos cited by this pre$$! HA!

“He could have easily struck a civilian, but we think his intent was to strike officers,” he said. “He didn’t care when officers confronted him. He shot at officers just as freely as he was able to.”

With each paragraph the official story stinks that much more.

As more officers arrived, the gunman rammed a police car with the van, shooting at the officers and other police cars before officers returned fire.

Brown said authorities have not uncovered a motive for Saturday’s shooting, but they are investigating the suspect’s troubling social media footprint. 

Here we go! Who do they want to demonize and submit to scorn?

The website noted that the suspect left aggressive messages on a Dallas County judge’s Facebook page and left conspiratorial rants on websites about North Korea, Russia, and Osama bin Laden.

There you go. 

Police in Paris, Texas, told the Dallas Morning News that they’d arrested Boulware in 2013 “after he obtained firearms, ammunition, and body armor before threatening to attack his family, as well as churches and schools.”

So did the FBI fail to notice, or did the locals just lose the communication like they did with the bikers?!! I mean, COME ON!!!!


"Texas police shooter had violent past" Associated Press  June 14, 2015

DALLAS — The man linked to a violent assault on Dallas police headquarters was accused two years earlier of choking his mother, then fleeing to an East Texas town where schools were locked down out of fear he would attack them as ‘‘soft targets,’’ according to accounts from police and family members.

So he was on their radar, and he turned it toward the poor, beleaguered, police murders and oppressors, huh?

Police said the suspect, who planted pipe bombs outside the headquarters and fired at officers early Saturday from his armored van, told them he was James Boulware.

They were in his van.

He was killed hours later by a police sniper, and the medical examiner still hadn’t officially confirmed the man’s identity on Sunday.


In interviews with the Associated Press, Boulware’s father recalled his son’s seething anger at police after losing custody of his child, and his brother recalled that the family’s attempts to get Boulware help were rebuffed.

‘‘We had tried for two years,’’ his brother, Andrew Boulware, said Sunday. ‘‘I didn’t honestly think that he would ever go this far, but it was always in the back of my mind that it was a possibility.’’

Authorities say it was miraculous no one else was injured in Saturday’s attack, in which the gunman sprayed the front of the building with gunfire just after midnight.

Hey, there are my paper is filled with miracles every day. They couldn't do better if they scripted it themselves.

After opening fire, the suspect drove the armored van into a squad car, still firing, then led police on a chase to a restaurant parking lot in the suburb of Hutchins. The police sniper shot him during the standoff, but it took several hours to confirm his death out of fear that he had loaded his van with more explosives. 

Why no mention of the chase a day earlier, and I just read that the identity has not been confirmed. WTF?

Police on Sunday said they had put 14 officers involved in the incident on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Boulware was arrested for family violence in Dallas two years ago, in a case that was later dismissed.

Print ended there. 

According to a Dallas police report, a witness says Boulware was in his mother’s house and ‘‘began talking rudely about religion, Jews and Christians.’’ The report says Boulware then grabbed his mother by the neck for 2-3 seconds until a third person could pull him off. The two men fought until Boulware left the house.

The police report says he was then reported the same day to be in Paris, Texas, about 100 miles away, where he grabbed weapons and body armor and talked about ‘‘shooting up schools and churches.’’ Andrew Boulware and his father, Jim, confirmed the incident.

Andrew Boulware accused authorities in Dallas of ignoring family members’ statements that James was mentally unstable.

‘‘They diagnosed him as sane in 15 minutes,’’ Boulware said.

He remembers James claiming that he had dreamed about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and other disasters before they had happened. He also remembers pleading with James Boulware to get medical help, and going to a local official but being ignored.

Odd thing is, memorial pages were posted before that fiction. 

Of course, anyone who believes what the evidence clearly shows is crazy on that one.

‘‘He never was properly diagnosed,’’ Andrew Boulware said. ‘‘He could be the nicest guy in the world. He tried to help friends out whenever he could. He was not a bitter person.’’

His mother, Jeannine Howard, said in a statement to local media that she considered her son ‘‘lost to mental health’’ long before his death.

‘‘We tried to get him mental help numerous times, but the system failed him, because he was declared ‘sane,'’’ she said in the statement. ‘‘He was very delusional. It was very obvious.

‘‘We hope something good can come from this, and that people will reach out to hurting souls around them and unite to build up others, rather than tearing them down,’’ she added. ‘‘We hope that people with mental illness will receive the care they need to avoid situations like this in the future.’’ 

Oh, I'm sorry, but that reads like a crisis actor.

Boulware lost custody of his son, something that his father, Jim, said weighed on him deeply and caused him to distrust police

Blacks do for a different reason.

Howard told TV station KDFW that she was granted custody of the child on Monday.

The day before the shooting, Boulware spent several hours at his father’s home in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton. He was talking about the armored van he had just purchased days earlier, having taken a bus to Georgia to pick it up and drive it back.

He also talked about the police, including his reaction to a widely-watched video of a white police officer in McKinney, Texas, pushing down a black teenage girl at a pool party.


Playing ‘good cop/bad cop’ in McKinney, Texas
Judging police in the court of YouTube
Texas officer at center of pool party controversy resigns
Texas officer cites stress in pool altercation

The kids broke into the backyard of someone to swim in their pool. What would you do?

‘‘He made statements while he was here that the police are the ones that took his son away from him,’’ Jim Boulware said.

But Jim Boulware said he didn’t know what was to come. His son left the house that day suggesting he was driving out to West Texas and planning to sleep in the van.

Andrew Boulware said he hadn’t seen his brother in more than two years. He remembers James Boulware living in a home in Paris without electricity and tried to help him, but was rebuffed.

‘‘I went back out there after he got released and I brought him a box of food, and he said, ‘Get off my property,’ and so I did,’’ he said. ‘‘I tried to call him three or four times after that, but he never did answer.’’


Of course, Boulware is dead (as they always are) and thus can't offer his version of events.

More laughs:

"Man helped plan Texas cartoon-contest shooting, indictment says" by Ryan Van Velzer and Jacques Billeaud Associated Press  June 17, 2015

PHOENIX — Calling him ‘‘off-the-charts dangerous,’’ authorities outlined the evidence Tuesday against a Phoenix man who they say helped orchestrate a shootout on an anti-Islam event in Texas and had aspirations to join the Islamic State terrorist organization and attack the Super Bowl. 


43-year-old Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem was arrested last week on charges related to the shootout at a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest that led to the deaths of two roommates from Phoenix. An indictment filed in federal court in Phoenix says Kareem hosted the gunmen in his home beginning in January and provided the guns they used in the May 3 shooting in Garland, Texas.

At a hearing in federal court, FBI special agent Dina McCarthy described how a witness and a confidential informant learned about Kareem’s interest in the Islamic State, including watching the group’s videos with Texas shooters Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi. McCarthy said a 2012 investigation into Kareem determined he had a terrorism training document on his computer. She said he wanted to attack the Super Bowl when it was in Arizona this year, but provided no specifics about how serious he was.

In other words, THIS IS ALL ANOTHER GOVERNMENT SET-UP by some instigator!

The magistrate denied bail for Kareem, who is charged with conspiracy, making false statements and interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit a felony.

‘‘This is an individual who is apt to incite violence,’’ prosecutor Kristen Brook said. ‘‘This defendant, based on all these facts, is dangerous, he is off-the-charts dangerous.’’ 

Of course, if you are a war-mongering leader of a nation it's all good and the pre$$ helps you out.

Defense lawyer Daniel Maynard called it a trumped-up case based largely on an unreliable confidential informant charged with kidnapping and sex trafficking. 

They always are! Look at the SCUM the FBI is using to ensure idiot patsies!

‘‘This is your typical jailhouse snitch,’’ Maynard said, adding there’s no proof Abdul Kareem purchased any of the guns used in the Texas shooting.

Then the government will manufacture some.

Soofi and Simpson were roommates in Phoenix and drove to Texas to attack the event featuring cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims. They were killed by police after they drove up and opened fire outside the contest at a conference center, injuring a security guard. No one attending the event in suburban Dallas was hurt. Kareem attended the same Phoenix mosque where Soofi and Simpson occasionally prayed. 

That is because it was a staged and scripted fiction, my friends.

Kareem practiced shooting with Simpson, Soofi and others in the remote desert outside Phoenix between January and May, the indictment said.

Court records in Phoenix show Kareem had a criminal record, struggled with substance abuse and had difficulty finding steady employment.

He has two aggravated drunken driving convictions in Arizona, including a 1998 case where he was found passed out with a beer bottle between his legs behind the wheel of a vehicle that was still running. He was also charged in 1997 with aggravated assault after a woman told police that Kareem had pointed a gun in her direction. Kareem maintained that he didn’t point the weapon at anyone and instead had taken the gun away from his brother during an argument.

After a second DUI arrest, probation officials say Kareem was generally cooperative but had continued to drive while drunk and struggle with substance abuse. He was sentenced to four months in jail. 

I'm surprised to see that a pious Muslim who dreams of joining ISIS is a heavy drinker.

He was born and raised in Philadelphia as Decarus Lowell Thomas and changed his name to Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem in 2013.

So which government intelligence agency is employing him?

Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, said Kareem attended the mosque for at least four years, and, at times, volunteered to clean the carpets. On at least one occasion, Simpson helped him with the carpets, he said.

Shami said he has not seen Kareem at the mosque in the last six to eight months, and he first learned about Kareem’s possible involvement in the plot when FBI agents showed him 15 to 20 photos of different people.

‘‘They had a lot of photos. They asked not only me, but other people if they have seen him,’’ Shami said. ‘‘The FBI is going to do their jobs and they are going to follow their leads and whatever they find we are going to cooperate with them.’’

The FBI arrested Kareem on June 11.

Hours before the shooting, the bureau warned local authorities that Simpson, who had a prior terrorism-related conviction, might go to the event, but police said they didn’t see the bulletin in time

All that money spent on security and spying and it FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neither the FBI nor Garland police said they anticipated that either suspect would target the contest, whose depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are considered blasphemous by Muslims. Such drawings have sparked violence around the world.

The FBI has said Simpson and Soofi were armed with three pistols, three assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.


What is a joke is for me to continue covering the absolute crap coming forth from the Boston Globe. That is the only way to describe this regurgitated rank-rot and rote propaganda that is on display every day.

The joke may also be on you because I may be done for the day.


You know what a blank space means, right? 

The blank stare must have wiped out the rest of the coverage judging from its feature and focus in my agenda-pushing press.