Saturday, June 20, 2015

South Carolina Church Shooting Took Attention Away From Fast Track Approval

"Sneak Attack: Mass Shooting Distracts from TPP Fast Track Approval

(Truthstream Media) While the media are busy stoking the latest mass shooting to further racial tensions and societal divide, Washington politicians moved in stealth to rapidly pass the very fast track trade authority in the House that Congress had rejected days before.

The previous failure of the bill garnered big media attention celebrating a victory for Americans, but the second try got muted media time at best with most outlets ready to give more airtime and headline space to the sensation and tragic South Carolina race-tinged shooting.

The violent death of Rev. Clementa Pinckney and at eight others is no less tragic, but the timing is too suspect to go unnoticed or be believable on its face.

But while the death of nine people captures the nation’s conscience, the TPP trade authority stands to affect billions of lives – negotiated in secret, the deal stands to destroy millions of American jobs and opens special loopholes for corporations to dominate business here and abroad.

Level 1: Protest movements anger is further fueled by horrible massacre, with racist overtones linking closely with publicized police killings of black men.

Possible effect: Spreading riots, protests, violence and power to media narrative pushed by the likes of Al Sharpton, President Obama, Attorneys General Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch, etc.

Level 2: Less attention to controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, with confusion, silence and secrecy keeping the public from understanding its importance and true impact on jobs, the economy and the enormous power it hands to public and private interests.

Likely effect: Diffusing resistance makes the “free trade” deal more likely to succeed, and quietly take effect while the public looks elsewhere. Special interests group including organized labor, who opposed the deal, feel that some in Washington listened and stood up for them by opposing the deal the first time around, while conceding defeat after it is passed the second time around.

Synthesis (combined effect): Government should have more power, and government gets more power.

This meme put out by the Free Thought Project pretty much sums it up:
The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Misdirection works almost every time people don’t keep their eye on the ball.

And divide and conquer works wonders to keep resistance from spreading and succeeding.

Pay attention to what is happening and learn how to overcome their weapons of mass distraction and opposition steam-valving!



Obama works with GOP to rescue trade bill

House revives core of Obama’s trade agenda

As predicted, and isn't the biparti$an$hip of tru$t wonderful?

Time to turn my attention away from the Globe.

Church Shooter's Family In Shock Over Killings

Dylann Roof’s friend: ‘He never said anything racist’

The Happy Hoaxers and Other Arch-Fakes in Charleston S.C. Shooting Hoax

"Charleston Shooting Suspect Dylann Roof Called a Pill-Popping Racist"  Note that threats of racist mass murder were considered normal banter within this culture, hardly worthy of notice. --


South Carolina Church Shooting a Hoax? 

It sure is looking that way.

At Roof bond hearing, victims’ relatives speak of pain, forgiveness

It's just as nodisinfo said, the stories beggar belief, and "Obama, a day after lamenting the poor prospects for new gun control, said his words had been misinterpreted as resignation that nothing would change, and renewed his call for legislation," while the "Justice Department, which was already looking into the possibility of a hate crime prosecution, said Friday that it had not ruled out the possibility of calling the case an act of domestic terrorism, an act of racial terrorism.” 

And down the euphemistically-Orwellian matrix we go.

For Charleston, issues of race are never past 

They never are for the paper, and I'm just thankful blacks haven't been lied into the wars and looted by bankers like the rest of us. I wonder what AmeriKa will do in 70 years when the stars and stripes are as reviled as the swastika.

Boston pastors weigh security and openness

I would skip services to be on the safe side (and I already do. I never go to mass anymore).

Trooper kills man who allegedly refused to drop knife 

So much for being the model for the nation. 

Ed Davis just happened to be passing by, huh? Gimme a break! 

At least they blew away someone who deserved to die, what with the way he was acting and the long criminal history. The cops claim they recovered a knife but won't say anything about it. If you read the article, you can pretty quickly see that they didn't have to kill this guy. They even knew where he was.

That's enough of a recap. There will not be any Slow Saturday Specials today. There are none to be had in the pos, and thus I will be cleaning up and posting some long-delayed projects before going on vacation this summer.