Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Minnesota School Field Trip

Well, it's kind of a grey classroom and why shouldn't the kids have some fun?

"Class makes field trip to Minn. sex-toy shop" Associated Press  June 03, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS — A sex education teacher has drawn the ire of parents after taking middle- and high-school students on a field trip to an adult novelty store in Minneapolis.

(Blog editor's chin slumps to chest, and between the teachers sleeping with the kids and these types of things, one wonders what is going on in the schools. Perverts gravitate towards it because it's like a wolf in that fold?)

Gaia Democratic School director Starri Hedges took about a dozen students to the Smitten Kitten last week. Hedges told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis that she wanted to provide a safe environment for students to learn about human sexual behavior. 

So you took 'em to a porno shop? And what about love (silly, stupid me!)?

Besides offering adult books, videos, toys, and other products, the store also has educational workshops, which the students attended.

‘‘What I saw happening on our trip, I thought it was beautiful because kids could talk to these sex educators without any shame, without any fear,’’ Hedges said. Some of her students bought condoms, she said.

The small K-12 school has a motto that promises academic freedom, youth empowerment, and democratic education. Parents say it has about 25 students. Tax records show the school, housed in a Unitarian church, has an annual budget of about $100,000.

Parent Lynn Floyd’s 11- and 13-year-old daughters were on the field trip. Floyd says the trip was ‘‘a major breach of trust’’ and has withdrawn his children from the school. Floyd said he is most troubled that parents were never notified before the trip.

‘‘I just struggled to think that I wasn’t involved in that,’’ he said.

Hedges said that she ‘‘unfortunately didn’t communicate well enough with parents ahead of time’’ about the trip. Pornographic items were off limits to the children, Hedges said, but sex toys and other products were visible.

Smitten Kitten owner Jennifer Pritchett said the store is an educational resource about sex and sexuality.

Once I get through the giggling regarding my long ago past I note that is where my print copy ended.

‘We leave it up to the discretion of parents and guardians as to when, if, and in what capacity they seek resources from our educators,’’ she said.

Minnesota Department of Education spokesman Josh Collins said the state has no authority over the school because it is private. ‘‘I don’t think anybody would think that going to the Smitten Kitten is a great idea,’’ he said.

It is not clear whether the field trip broke any laws. A city ordinance said those younger than 18 should not be exposed to ‘‘sexually provocative written, photographic, printed, sound, or published materials deemed harmful to minors.’’

Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal said inspectors visited the store Tuesday and plan to issue a violation notice for failing to comply with the city ordinance and for not complying with a zoning ordinance. She said the store can reconfigure its space or cover the items to comply. Pritchett, the store owner, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Hedges said she probably would not take another class to the store.

‘‘It was certainly the first time we have taken that kind of field trip and it will probably be our last, which I feel bad (about) because the kids had so much fun,’’ Hedges said.


Like, you know, this kind of fun:

"EL James is back for more. A fourth novel in the British author’s multimillion-selling ‘‘Fifty Shades of Grey’’ erotic series will be released June 18 by Vintage Books, the publisher announced Monday. The new book, ‘‘Grey,’’ is told from the point of view of billionaire Christian Grey, whose explicit romance with young Anastasia Steele became an international obsession

(Blog editor notes that I already get $crewed with the billionaire's view every morning I purchase a Globe)

As with the ‘‘Fifty Shades’’ books, ‘‘Grey’’ will be published as an e-book and a paperback original. Begun as fan fiction inspired by the ‘‘Twilight’’ novels, the ‘‘Fifty Shades’’ trilogy has sold more than 125 million copies. The first ‘‘Fifty Shades’’ movie came out earlier this year and grossed more than $500 million worldwide."

The main message of the books, and to a lesser degree the cleaned up film? Torture is love.

What a sick, sick ma$$ media we have now. I mean, they are just totally out there with the debauchery these days. It's snowballing, too.

"Teacher to face trial on charges he ID’d pupil in sex case" AP  May 28, 2015

PITTSBURGH — A teacher charged with intimidating a student by pointing her out to classmates as the person who accused another teacher of an inappropriate sexual relationship was ordered Wednesday to stand trial on witness intimidation charges.

Plum High School teacher Drew Zoldak, 40, told his class last month that he missed school so he could be interviewed by detectives. He pointed out the student and said it was ‘‘because of her,’’ police said.

Police said he then called the girl to the front of his forensic science class and asked if she would be OK regarding next week’s topic, which was sexual assault.

The girl testified that she ‘‘wanted to go away and hide’’ after Zoldak’s remarks. Two male teachers are charged with having a sexual relationship with a female student.


I'm not signing that permission form for any trip. Sorry, kiddo.