Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They Don't Want Your Blood Money

But you might as well take it, we think that you should. 

And look who is throwing around your tax dollars to pay for the mass murder based on lies, deceptions, and obfuscations, Americans.

"Globe Editorial: Blood money well spent  
March 21, 2011

An obscure cloak-and-dagger incident....

a still-murky incident....   

Actually, there is no murk about itThe AmeriKan spy was trying to give "Al-CIA-Duh" nuclear bomb and biological weapons material and he killed the ISI men tailing him.  

Also see: Pakistan Releases "Al-CIA-Duh" Man

Yeah, I can see why the newspaper would be happy.

In a country where anti-American feelings run extremely high — inflamed by US missile attacks on Al Qaeda and Taliban targets inside Pakistan, and stoked by a conspiratorial-minded national media — furor over the Davis case had cast a pall over efforts to improve cooperation between the two governments....  

That is REALLY, REALLY OFFENSIVE from an agenda-pushing, war-promoting organ that sold us Saddam's nukes and the outrageous -- and PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE -- government story about 9/11. 

The manner in which the crisis was resolved serves both Pakistani and American interests. The Pakistani government and military saved face, resolving the problem without compromising their country’s sovereignty.   

As their sovereignty is violated every time a missile lands, some contractor like Davis is crawling around, or U.S. troops in "red-hot pursuit" cross six miles into Pakistan (they think we forget about these things we see brief flickers of but we do not). 

The Obama administration got its man back without the dangerous precedent of a Pakistani court ruling that Davis was not entitled to diplomatic immunity.  

And everyone within the AmeriKan power structure breathes a huge sigh of relief.

What must come next is a reconciliation between the CIA and its Pakistani counterpart, the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency. The ISI wants to know about CIA officers and contract employees entering Pakistan. Such professional courtesy is commonly granted between allied intelligence organizations, and should be observed with Pakistan. But Washington is no less entitled to know the full extent of ISI connections to the Afghan Taliban and all terrorist groups operating in Pakistan.

When are the American people going to be entitled to the truth instead of obfuscating murk and obscurity, Glob?


Prop 101: Al-CIA-Duh and the OSI

Prop 101: Al-CIA-Duh's Greatest Hits

Prop 101: The "Terrorism" Business

New York Times Admits War on Terror is U.S. Creation 

Yup, it's ALL MONEY WELL SPENT, Americans. 



"US missile strike victims to be paid

MIR ALI — The Pakistani government will compensate the families of 39 people killed in a recent American missile attack close to the Afghan border, an official said yesterday, one of the first times authorities have announced such a move.

But you know where that $$$ will be coming from, Americans. 

The March 17 strike in North Waziristan district was condemned by Pakistan’s army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who said the victims were innocent civilians, something denied by a US official. Kayani’s statement represented a rare public criticism by the Pakistani military of the United States over one of the attacks (AP)." 

I don't know what to say anymore, dear readers. I have been on here for five years screaming, yelling, and swearing for the wars to end and they have only escalated.   

Before I started this I was doing the protest thing and trying to talk 9/11 Truth; however, Americans really do not want to hear it even if they sense it on some level and acknowledge it when you mention it. I'm sorry and sad to report that, but it is the truth. 

I tried to get into the political scene, but the Republican establishment is not interested in Ron Paul people. That's why I'm here and have been here.  I suppose I have reached a point of resignation. These wars won't be over until the USraeli Empire falls.

I would just like to add (for the record) that I object to the mass-murdering atrocities based on lies, and all the abominations that followed. This has all been done without my consent as a citizen; in fact, it has basically been shoved up our asses by a lying, corrupt government and its unabashed corporate mouthpiece of a media. 


So how many more innocent souls are we going to have to fork over some measly thousands (as the war machine gobbles up trillions)?

"US drones kill six Taliban in Pakistan" April 14, 2011|Associated Press

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Two US missile strikes killed six reputed Afghan Taliban fighters in a Pakistani tribal region yesterday, drawing sharp condemnation from Pakistan’s government just days after it asked Washington to limit such attacks.  

I take that as a no.

The United States relies heavily on the covert CIA-run missile program to kill Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Pakistan’s northwest — a program Pakistan publicly denounces but has secretly helped.

Yeah, they MOSTLY KILL CIVILIANS (and certainly all innocents), but you know... (sigh).

The Obama administration said Tuesday it is negotiating a possible reduction in US intelligence operatives and special operations officers in Pakistan as the two countries try to mend relations badly strained by the detention of a CIA contractor for killing two Pakistanis.

Yesterday, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry called drone attacks “a core irritant in the counterterror campaign’’ and said it had lodged a strong protest with US Ambassador Cameron Munter....   

Then stop winking at them.

The latest strikes were the first missile attacks since a mid-March strike that Pakistan’s army chief said killed dozens of peaceful tribesmen.

On Monday, Pakistan’s spy chief, General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, met with CIA head Leon Panetta in Washington amid lingering tensions over the January shooting deaths of two Pakistanis by CIA security contractor Raymond Davis.

Davis was freed on March 16 after nearly two months in detention.  

Yeah, and.... ?


There was no more, readers.  

And forgive me for laughing at this next headline:

"CIA seeks to restore trust with Pakistan" April 12, 2011|Associated Press

WASHINGTON — “The CIA-ISI relationship remains on solid footing,’’ said George Little, CIA spokesman, after the meeting between Panetta and the ISI chief, General Ahmed Shuja Pasha. 

Prior to the meeting, Pakistani officials said joint counterterrorist operations with the CIA had been limited to information sharing since the incident with the CIA security contractor, though US officials dispute that. The mutual complaints reveal a wide gulf in the relationship that one meeting will not fix.

US intelligence and military officials believe factions in the Pakistani intelligence agency support Taliban and other militant groups, which are killing US troops in Afghanistan. 

Hey, so do weGood way to keep a war going, 'eh?


Yeah, nothing about the CIA creating, supporting, and funding such things.

Looks like the Pakistani government will be shelling out some more coin, too:

"Pakistan kills 30 militants near border" April 09, 2011|Associated Press

KHAR, Pakistan — Government security forces killed 30 alleged Islamist militants yesterday in a region close to the Afghan border, a Pakistani official said, bringing to more than 80 the number purportedly killed in two days of fighting there.  

And all the reporting it got in the Globe was this deceptive headline and brief.

There was no way of verifying the limited information released about the battles in Mohmand, where the military has repeatedly tried to flush out the Taliban and Al Qaeda militants.  

That is the attitude I now take with everything in my newspaper.

The army, which has an interest in exaggerating its battlefield successes, blocks access to Mohmand and other Afghan border regions....  

I laughed when I read that off-the-cuff journalistic insult from the AmeriKan reporter. 

It's the subtle kind of s*** that has really turned me off to the newspapers.

Also yesterday, the bullet-riddled bodies of three men accused by the Taliban of acting as US spies were found in North Waziristan, a Pakistani tribal region that America has repeatedly targeted in missile strikes, two Pakistani intelligence officials said.

Now that I believe.


More blood:

"Bombers kill 42 at Pakistan Sufi shrine" April 04, 2011|Associated Press

MULTAN, Pakistan — A pair of Taliban suicide bombers struck one of Pakistan’s most important Sufi Muslim shrines yesterday, killing 42 people and wounding 100 who were celebrating the anniversary of its founder’s death with music, meditation, and other practices abhorred by Islamist militant groups....

Sorry, but when I see s*** like this I now suspect "Al-CIA-Duh" idiots, Blackwater-type contractors like Davis, or government intelligence agencies.   I'm no longer buying the sectarian bit, or all the other inventive and ingenious propaganda the media and government overlords come up with. 

That's just the way it is, dear readers. The lies, omissions, distortions, and obfuscations have simply reached a crescendo with me.


"52 feared dead after explosion in Pakistan mine" by Associated Press / March 22, 2011

SORANGE, Pakistan — Rescuers used shovels and bare hands yesterday to dig out miners buried after a gas explosion deep in a coal mine in southwestern Pakistan, lining up wooden caskets to await the bodies from an accident in which 52 are feared dead.

More than 200 people stood outside the mine waiting to help or hear news from the search, but since the accident Sunday only bodies — 27 of them — have been recovered....

Government mine inspector, Iftikhar Ahmed said the mine, owned by the state-run Pakistan Mineral Development Corp., was declared dangerous two weeks ago because of the presence of methane gas, but the warning was ignored by the contractor working it. Methane gas is a major cause of coal mine explosions around the world. It can cause also cause asphyxiation....

Mining — for gems, marble, granite, chromite and coal — is one of the only industries in much of western Pakistan. But it has attracted very little foreign investment in recent years because of the precarious security situation.

Yeah, it is a civil war over the Pakistani state extracting resources and shorting the people of the area.

Accidents are commonplace.  

Amazing how some mine blasts (as well as regions of Pakistan) or one-day wonders of an afterthought, isn't it?


"Pakistani politician escapes 2d attack" April 01, 2011|Washington Post

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — One of Pakistan’s most influential religious leaders and politicians narrowly escaped a second assassination attempt in two days yesterday as he was touring the volatile northwest to address a string of rallies.

There was no indication who was behind the attacks on Senator Fazlur Rahman, the leader of a faction of the Jamiat-e-Ulema-i-Islami party. He is strongly anti-American and once supported the Afghan Taliban, but he operates within the democratic system and is mistrusted by Pakistani Taliban extremists.

I have my suspicions.

“I am safe… . There is blood everywhere, and my clothes are covered with blood,’’ Rahman said moments after a powerful bomb exploded amid his convoy, killing 14 people and injuring at least 30. Rahman was traveling in a police van after an attack Wednesday morning.