Saturday, March 23, 2013

Harvard Hacker Cheated on College Quiz

Seems to be a pattern and part of the culture over there.

"Harvard stripped of quiz bowl titles" by Eric Moskowitz  |  Globe Staff, March 22, 2013

It came just a month after a similar penalty was imposed on MIT for tournament cheating by a current student, a scandal that roiled the close-knit, intensely competitive realm of college quiz bowl but was missed by the wider world.

The Harvard scandal, though, sent waves across Twitter and the Internet on Friday, within hours of the school’s first NCAA Tournament win in basketball, and following an investigation into cheating on a take-home exam last spring.

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Pride and joy at Harvard after hoop upset

Did New Mexico try and shave points? 

I guess Arizona doesn't cheat.

“Maybe it’s the Harvard cheating scandal and the Harvard 14-3 [seed] upset in the NCAA Tournament, but it’s like the perfect storm” for quiz-bowl attention, said Andrew Hart, a leader on the newly crowned 2011 Minnesota team. He fielded no interviews at the time but was suddenly beating them back on Friday.

Hart and others were at once celebrating ex post facto titles, defending the wider integrity of the academic sport — defamed by what they called a few rogue actors — and dispelling myths about quiz bowl, which has longer and more involved questions than bar trivia or “Jeopardy!”

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