Friday, March 29, 2013

Senate Election Special: Lynch the Loser

I'm sure he's a good guy and all, but.... 

"Democratic contenders to air first US Senate ads; Lynch focuses on blue-collar roots" by Michael Levenson  |  Globe Staff, March 12, 2013

Recent polls have indicated US Representative Stephen F. Lynch needs to act quickly if he wants to defeat US Representative Edward J. Markey, who is heavily backed by the national Democratic establishment and liberal activists who exert a large influence in the state’s Democratic primaries.

And it $hows.

According to a recent survey by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lynch is trailing Markey by a wide double-digit margin. About 42 percent of those surveyed said they had no opinion of Lynch, and 19 percent said they had never even heard of him.

Markey’s decision to launch his own ad campaign five weeks before the primary comes as polls show he is not much better known than Lynch, despite his long tenure in Washington.

Who the hell are they talking to, and what a bunch of idiots in this state.

About 31 percent of voters in the UMass Lowell survey said they had no opinion of the Malden Democrat, while nearly 19 percent said they had never heard of him. Even among registered voters who said they follow Massachusetts politics closely, about 32 percent said they had no opinion of Markey, and 17 percent said they had never heard of him....

Then they are either lying or stoo-pid. I don't even follow the scene that close (I only partially read a Globe) and I know who he is.


And he's still ahead of Lynch.


Lynch doesn’t sign DOMA brief, blames e-mail glitch

He just lost the gay vote. Plus he also said something wrong about abortion.

Lynch’s health care vote at issue in Senate campaign

And now he voted the wrong way(?) on Obamacare?

Lynch, Markey seek support in Senate race
Union can’t agree on Democratic Senate candidate
Lynch, Markey make cases before union
Lynch tries to strike a chord with working class ad
Stephen Lynch, Edward Markey vie for union support

Who cares about them anymore?

"Unions collide in Lynch-Markey Senate contest" by Jim O’Sullivan  |  Globe Staff, March 21, 2013

Lingering ill will over the AFL-CIO’s decision not to endorse in the US Senate Democratic primary has roiled the close-knit world of Massachusetts unions, with a coalition of building trades and firefighter groups lashing out at what they see as a betrayal of US Representative Stephen F. Lynch, a former union president.

Didn't he know there are new rules here in Democrat Massachusetts?

The decision, made earlier this month, robbed Lynch of a potentially pivotal injection of campaign cash and manpower as he continues to trail US Representative Edward J. Markey in public polling. And Lynch’s labor allies are worried that the perceived snub could dilute the movement’s influence with its go-to guy if he loses and remains in the House, where he cofounded the Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus....

The friction speaks to a larger divide within the national movement, between its more progressive and centrist wings, old rivalries that flare up sporadically. In the race to fill the seat left open when John F. Kerry became secretary of state, the hardhats and firefighters are backing Lynch, while teachers’ unions and the politically influential Service Employees International unions prefer Markey....

Wow, Lynch is the working stiff's guy.


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Not only that, Markey has the environmentalists locked up:

"Who is Tom Steyer, and why does he think he can bully Massachusetts politicians? The California hedge-fund mogul waded into the Commonwealth’s Senate race this week, sending Democratic candidate Stephen Lynch a letter instructing him to drop his support for a controversial pipeline project “by high noon on Friday, March 22,” or face an aggressive campaign paid for by the billionaire." 

He's got nothing better to do with the billions than politics?

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The flip side of the Koch brothers. 

Also see: 

High noon? I won’t be shoved

Gotta admire that. 

Lynch, Markey sign pledge to limit third-party ads

So long, Steyer. 

If you $ay so, Globe. 

"US Representative Edward J. Markey is leading the race for the Democratic Senate nomination, according to a new WBUR poll released Tuesday. Markey, a Malden Democrat heavily backed by the national Democratic establishment, leads his rival, US Representative Stephen F. Lynch of South Boston, by 11 percentage points among likely Democratic voters, 35 percent to 24 percent, according to the poll. But about 30 percent of those surveyed said they have never heard of or are undecided about both candidates. Respondents said they had a more favorable view of Lynch than Markey. Either one would hold a lead of at least 17 percentage points over any of the GOP candidates in a hypothetical general-election match-up." 

But as Brownie showed us, that can change in a minute.

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Given that and bad lot of major candidates to choose from, Lynch seems the least noxious.

That's not saying much, so maybe I'll just vote for Jack again. 

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I don't think it's gunna be you, Steve.