Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DA Sex Abuse Charge Dug Out of Grave

They have a name for that, don't they?

"A former student at Deerfield Academy preparatory school has filed a federal lawsuit alleging he was sexually abused by a faculty member while on athletic trips to Connecticut in the 1980s. The former student names the Massachusetts school and its former golf and squash coaches in the lawsuit, which was filed in US District Court in Connecticut on June 19. He said the coaches would bring him to the car of another faculty member, Bryce Lambert, who would abuse him before driving him home. Messages seeking comment were left Tuesday with the school, its attorney, and at the North Carolina home of former golf coach John Graney. Lambert is deceased."

That surprises me. Has to be a joke.

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Oh, sorry. Different Deerfield.

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He literally slept like the dead(!). 

See the flags he had?