Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Episcopal Envy

As a Catholic I must confess that I was jealous of Episcopalians because their pastors seemed so pure -- as opposed to the filth of my own faith.

"40 tell of sex abuse by students, staff at R.I. prep school" by Bella English Globe Staff  January 05, 2016

Two attorneys representing victims in the burgeoning sex abuse scandal at St. George’s School say that more than 40 people have contacted them with stories ranging from molestation to rape by staff and students at the Episcopalian prep school in Middletown, R.I., most of it in the 1970s and ’80s.

Some of those victims and the attorneys will hold a press conference Tuesday criticizing the school’s own investigation, detailed in a report last month.

See: St. George’s Dirty Little Secret

That was “damage control.”


Would you CouchSurf to find a free bed so you can get LinkedIn with Coleman?

Or let him Groome you?

"Harry Groome is 52 now, a successful marketing man with a wife and two kids, but his freshman fall at St. George’s School is only a bad memory away. At age 14, he arrived at the prep school in Middletown, R.I, excited to be leaving his small Pennsylvania town and settling into dorm life. A second St. George’s alumnus shared a similar account last week with the Globe of being raped by his senior prefect. Now 50 and a television writer in West Hollywood, the man was a 14-year-old sophomore, new to the school in the early ’80s, when it occurred, he said. The victim who was assaulted with the lacrosse stick recalled that his first year at St. George’s, he read “Lord of the Flies,” the William Golding novel in which a group of British schoolboys stranded on a deserted island attempt to govern themselves, with disastrous results. “It was amazing to me that I was reading ‘Lord of the Flies’ and living ‘Lord of the Flies,’ ” he said. “For a young boy, it was very confusing.”

I know I am. 

How could upstanding citizens and the moral beacons for us all be so sick?

St. George’s School assault accusers demand outside review

St. George’s School agrees to new probe of sex abuse

Ex-Mass. AG to lead sex abuse probe at R.I. school

UPDATEAfter 14 years, Cathedral clergy abuse protesters call it quits

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"The news came on the same day that lawyers for the victims identified another of the alleged perpetrators in the scandal, Timothy Tefft, who is currently serving prison time on child pornography charges. He worked at the prestigious Rhode Island prep school in the early 1970s. Tefft is currently serving five years in federal prison after being arrested in September 2013 and pleading guilty in 2014 to a child pornography charge. He was then 65 and had most recently been the editor of the Greenwich Journal and Salem Press, a weekly in New York state owned by his family. He acknowledged possessing dozens of files of child pornography that showed boys under the age of 12 engaged in sexual activity. Tefft admitted he had been downloading such material for at least four years."