Friday, January 15, 2016

Fallback Friday: Swampscott Principal’s Office

Did you see who is in there?

"Educator tied to sex chats won’t be charged" by Steven A. Rosenberg Globe Staff  January 07, 2016

Edward Rozmiarek, the former Swampscott High School principal, engaged in a monthlong series of explicit online sex chats with a person he thought was a 13-year-old girl, according to a report released Wednesday by the Beverly Police.

Despite the overt sexual conversation Rozmiarek allegedly initiated, Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said in a statement that no criminal charges would be brought.

“In not charging Mr. Rozmiarek, the Essex district attorney’s office does not suggest that his conduct was in any way appropriate,” Blodgett said. “As repugnant as his conduct was, it simply does not cross the criminal line.”

Carrie Kimball-Monahan, a spokeswoman for Blodgett, said in the statement there was no evidence that Rozmiarek enticed the alleged victim to “go to or stay at a specific location,” which is required by law in order to make an arrest. Under state law, she defined enticement that would lead to criminal charges as attempts to “lure, induce, persuade, tempt, incite, coax, or invite,” or to enter, exit, or remain within a vehicle, dwelling, building, or outdoor space.

Rozmiarek, who was placed on administrative leave by the Swampscott school district Dec. 7 and then resigned the following week, was allegedly communicating with a trained chat decoy from the Perverted Justice Foundation, a nonprofit that alerts police about adults who solicit sex from minors.

Rozmiarek did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Swampscott Superintendent Pamela Angelakis declined to comment on the police report. In a letter to parents on Thursday, Angelakis called the allegations against Rozmiarek “totally repugnant and disgusting.” Also, on Thursday, she named assistant principal Frank Kowalski as the school’s interim principal until the end of the academic year in June.

Carin Marshall, chairwoman of the Swampscott School Committee, called the police report “upsetting and disheartening” but said the district would move forward. “Unfortunately you have to trust people and occasionally it ends up to be misplaced,” she said.

Like in a war-promoting, agenda-pushing pre$$.

At the high school on Thursday, parents said they were shocked to hear the police accusations against Rozmiarek.

“I’m glad he’s gone. I can’t believe it happened. It’s scary,” said Toni Schofield, who was picking up her two daughters at the school on Thursday.

Another thing to be frightened of, and I look twice at at school officials and authority now. That structure seems to attract the perverts these days.

Mark Santhy, who has a daughter in the school, called for a community discussion about the use of social media and its potential impact. “I think we really need to help the children get beyond this and start opening up and talking about it,” he said.

About what? 

I'm not trying to proposition teen-age girls (or boys) in real life or the Internet. I'm simply here, failing to facilitate the filth that is in the Bo$ton Globe.

Liam O’Brien, a junior at the high school, said most students have not been affected because they rarely interact with the principal.

“I guess it’s unnerving but at the same time I almost feel bad because it seems like the Internet creates this wall where people are separated from the reality of their decisions and so they sort of explore things that they normally would never be OK with,” O’Brien said. “And I think that sort of separation can turn somebody who is perfectly normal into something dangerous.”


I start to doubt everything I read in the Globe now because it always seems to contain some outrageous and unbelievable component being used to push some agenda -- and here it is again, and savaging of the Internet, blah, blah. 

Even if the pre$$ version of events were true, and we know they are far from it, it doesn't pass the smell test. It's silly propaganda, agenda-pushing slop so over the top it is beyond belief -- and for good reason.

During a Dec. 7 visit by State Police and Beverly Police to Rozmiarek’s Beverly home, police seized his school-issued laptop and iPad, along with two thumb drives. According to the Beverly Police report, dozens of “graphic files depicting adult pornography” were found on the school laptop.

Where did that come from

Did say adult, didn't it?

In addition, the police report states, while there were “Internet artifacts consistent with chat activity on the websites” involving underage girls on Rozmiarek’s school-issued laptop, “no notable chat communications consistent with enticement were identified.”

You can't comment here and I rarely, if ever, comment anywhere now. 

It's an educational and informational weblog with a touch of analysis and questions.

According to the police report, Rozmiarek initially began his chats on the website,, on Nov. 7, 2015, identifying himself as “AGREATGUY.” He described himself as a 51-year-old high school principal, who claimed to be married and to have an 11-year-old daughter.

Tom Scott, executive director of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents, said he was disappointed about the alleged incidents involving the former principal.

“It’s stupid, it’s inappropriate, and it’s the worst kind of representation of the trust that we have as educators when we’re placed in these positions,” Scott said. “We have got to be a model.”

Sayeth the bastions of transgender confusion and politically-correct dogma.


I suppose none of this should be any surprise anymore. 

Turns out it is the people in power who are the perverts, and what better fold for the predators than the school systems?