Saturday, January 9, 2016

Slow Saturday Special: Taking Stockert of the Secret Service

Obama no longer has to worry. He's done his job well, right up until the end, for his masters, and the final year free of scandals will prove it.

The guy who has to worry is Trump. WRH mentioned the RFK treatment, and it's not beyond the realm of the impossible -- not when you see something like this (or this).

And the best part? It will all be blamed on ISIS.

"Man drove a truck filled with weapons to D.C. to kidnap Obamas’ dog, Secret Service says" by Washington Post  January 08, 2016

WASHINGTON — A man who plotted to kidnap the Obama family’s pet dogs was arrested in Washington on Wednesday with a cache of weapons and ammunition in his car, the U.S. Secret Service said.

They've just ruined the whole show, folks. 

This stuff is SO LAUGHABLE and OVER THE TOP it is NO LONGER EFFECTIVE and makes them look FOOLISH!

One of the keys to propagandizing a population, guys, is make it somewhat believable -- not this third-rate joke that someone decided to float to push the security agenda even further. In context of the current gun grab, it's even more understandable.

Upon his arrest, Scott D. Stockert, 49, of Dickinson, North Dakota, made a series of outlandish claims to officers - that he was Jesus Christ, that he was the son of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, that he planned to run for president, and that he was there to kidnap Bo or Sunny, the Obama’s dogs, the Secret Service said in a court document. 

Yeah, they always link mental illness to these scripted and staged fictions and pathetic psyops meant to manipulate the mind and provide a base narrative for the whole endeavor.

According to a filing in District of Columbia Superior Court, the Minnesota field office of the Secret Service first learned of Stockert’s intention to kidnap one of the Obamas’ Portuguese water dogs.

After Stockert drove his pickup truck from North Dakota to New York to Washington, Secret Service officers found him at a Hampton Inn at 901 6th Street NW, the court document said.

When agents asked him whether he had any weapons, he told them he had two firearms in his truck and then directed them to the truck.

Agents found the two firearms under the backseat - a 12-gauge pump shotgun and a bolt-action .22-caliber rifle. They learned that he was not registered to own a gun and arrested him, the court document said. They also found more than 350 rounds of ammunition, a billy club and a machete with a 12-inch blade.

That was the whole of my print; the rest is from the web version.

He was charged with carrying a rifle or shotgun outside of his home or place of business, which is illegal in most cases in the District.

At a preliminary hearing Friday morning, a judge found probable cause for the case to move forward. The judge ordered that Stockert be released into a high-intensity supervision program pending a court date to be set later. 

OMG, he works for the government!

During his release, Stockert cannot possess any real or imitation weapons, or go near the White House or Capitol, the judge ordered.


It's another stunt, and I've lost track of how many others in-between. The reason so many of them are found drunk or asleep (when not stiffing prostitutes in more ways than one) is because they know when an assassination is coming. They will be told to basically stand down. Procedures will be altered, and any whistleblowers or those who fail to play ball with the cover will be eliminated.

Ah, the end of the long and Silky Road....