Friday, January 15, 2016

Fallback Friday: Third Rock Cubed

I want no piece of it:

"Ex-Cubist CEO joins Third Rock Ventures" by Robert Weisman Globe Staff  January 07, 2016

Michael W. Bonney, the former chief executive of Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. who left after it was sold to drug giant Merck & Co., has been named a partner at Third Rock Ventures.

He didn't have to grovel for the last two years.

The Boston venture capital firm said in a statement Thursday that the 57-year-old Bonney will help Third Rock create and grow biotechnology startups. He previously held executive jobs at Biogen Inc. and AstraZeneca PLC. He also sits on the boards of several biotech companies and organizations, including Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc., Celgene Corp., and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. The job at Third Rock, which started Thursday, will be a new kind of undertaking for Bonney.

Have you $een what they pay?

In an interview, Bonney said he spent much of last year talking to others in the industry and taking advantage of “reflective time” to ponder his next career move. Bonney said he was attracted to Third Rock partly by the opportunity to train and mentor the next generation of biopharma leaders. “I have enough gray hair that part of my obligation is to keep the ecosystem healthy,” he said. 

Meaning we all have to be suffering some maladies or being outright sick. 

It's good for bidne$$!

He cited Third Rock’s “hands-on approach” to launching companies. “With the spectacular science going on now, I wanted to be able to deploy capital to advance that science,” Bonney said....