Thursday, January 28, 2016

Where You Can Stay Tonight

"Airbnb takes pitch to US mayors" by Cecilia Kang New York Times  January 22, 2016

WASHINGTON — Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s head of global policy, appeared Thursday before hundreds of US mayors with an enticing pitch: Team up with us to collect millions of dollars in taxes for you.

Then you can wake up and go to the casino to play some fanta$y $ports.

On Wednesday, the head of the hotel industry’s lobbying group spoke to the same audience with a very different message: Airbnb isn’t a good partner; it is breaking your city laws.

The heated battle between Airbnb, the popular room-sharing app, and the hotel industry is playing out in city halls across the country. Airbnb has fought back with a political ground campaign led by former White House advisers.

This week, those difference are being aired at the US Conference of Mayors, an event attended by local politicians with heavy influence over the future of the fast-changing lodging industry.

The appeals are taking many forms, but perhaps the sharpest debate is over numbers and facts....


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Can't stay here tonight; no vacancy.

Maybe you should try the Hilton.