Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday's Turkeys

Before getting to the print copy I saw these:

Alan Rickman dies at 69, family says

My favorites of him are Galaxy Quest and Sense and Sensibility. 

I'm all over the lot and hard to pigeonhole when it comes to the movies, huh?

ISIS claims responsibility for Jakarta attacks

A Starbucks was bombed

And speaking of false flags and Turkeys.... the photo looks fake to me, sorry.

What keeps Donald Trump on top In the next six months, the presidential race is all about math.

And how the e$tabli$hment screws him.

Two $1m Powerball winners in Mass.

Wasn't me.

What Forrest Gump Forgot 

It's all the gobble at the bottom of today's front page.

"The turkey currently boasts a sizable Facebook following. It has been the focus of at least one Harvard-affiliated anthropological study, and it has served as the inspiration for both conspiracy theorists — some turkey-truth-ers remain convinced that there are, in fact, multiple Harvard turkeys — and for fan fiction. 

(Blog editor frowns, looks at what he has read and highlighted, and is sick of the elitist insult)

Though wild turkeys are a familiar presence in Boston and its suburbs, neighbors in Cambridge speak of the Harvard Square turkey with a combination of wonder and awe, marveling at its chutzpah, and a mere sighting of the bird is enough to whip onlookers into a state of delirium."

And I must be delirious to continue purcha$ing and reading this insulting and self-internalized slop. 

At least we know what is for lunch.