Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Last Night's Nightmare

"The Grim Sleeper was among at least three serial killers who stalked Los Angeles-area women during the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980s and 1990s. The attacks were dubbed the ‘‘Southside Slayer’’ killings before authorities concluded more than one attacker was involved."

It was an emotional beginning to the long-awaited ‘‘Grim Sleeper’’ trial, but then the dream just faded down the memory hole.


Trump Unstoppable? 

Apparently, that is a nightmare for some:

Trump’s rise befuddles Mass. GOP

Increasingly, former Republican officeholders and political professionals sound fatalistic about Trump’s prospects — to win not just Massachusetts but nationally as well. If he takes the party’s nomination, it would present some Republicans with another, larger decision: whether to support him in November.

Look, the e$tabli$hment is feeling fatalistic(?) about our democratic republic and are trying to muscle "us" -- whatever that means -- out.

They’d vote for Trump, ‘but I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that’

A recent AP-GfK poll showed far more Republicans than not say they’d vote for Trump in the general election, and 86 percent of Republican voters think he can win in November — giving him a 15 percentage point advantage over anyone else.

And ‘‘if it come[s down to] him and Hillary....’’ 

He wins Nevada.

Senate should ignore Rubio and confirm US ambassador to Mexico

My guess is he doesn't like witches. 

So what is with the outfit anyway?

Texas court tosses criminal case against Rick Perry

Oh, yeah, remember him?

And look who is trying to spoil the party (and set himself up as the draftee of a brokered convention?): 

Romney says ‘bombshell’ could be in Trump’s taxes 

The remarks on Wednesday reflected the Republican Party establishment’s growing worry that Trump will become the nominee.

I'm thinking the voters are not going to care about the issue as they have proven time and again so far (in fact, Romney criticism should help him), and that's one heck of a photograph they led with. Mitt the hypocrite. 

He didn't return the favor, huh?