Thursday, February 25, 2016

Self-Gagging Goggin

"Charlestown man gets two years for withholding testimony in slaying of teen" by Peter Schworm Globe Staff  February 18, 2016

A Charlestown man pleaded guilty Tuesday to withholding testimony in a murder case and was sentenced to two years behind bars.

Daniel Goggin, 21, refused to provide information during a grand jury investigation into the 2014 murder of Ryan Morrissey, the Suffolk County district attorney’s office said. He pleaded guilty to criminal contempt of court as his trial was scheduled to begin.

Despite his refusal to testify, the grand jury returned first-degree murder indictments against three men: Julio Baez, 24, of Charlestown; Danilo Soto, 22, of Dorchester; and Alexander Soto, 18, of Charlestown. The case is pending in Suffolk Superior Court.

“Almost every unsolved murder case is one witness away from being solved,” Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said. “If you’re afraid or at risk, we can help you. Boston and Suffolk County lead the state in using witness protection funds. But if you defy a court order and try to stymie a murder investigation, you’re going to face serious consequences.”

During his first appearance before the grand jury on Feb. 24, 2015, Goggin was appointed an attorney and invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege, prosecutors said.

During his second appearance on March 26, 2015, Goggin received a judicial order of immunity, invalidating his Fifth Amendment claim. In spite of that order, Goggin refused to testify on that date and again on March 30, officials said.

Morrissey, 17, was mistakenly targeted when he was gunned down outside a convenience store in Charlestown, authorities said....


I'm not saying a thing.