Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lawrence Shooting Was Out of Love

"Lawrence man shoots girlfriend, kills self during standoff" by Andy Rosen and Evan Allen Globe Staff  April 26, 2016

LAWRENCE — A man shot his girlfriend inside their apartment here Tuesday, then barricaded himself inside, touching off an exchange of gunfire with police before he took his own life, police said.

Authorities did not identify the couple, but the woman’s sister, Cleopatra Reynoso, said Yenny Santos was shot five times, and doctors were not sure she would survive.

Gunshots rang out around noon at the three-story home on Melrose Street, bringing the neighborhood to a standstill. Police, including a SWAT team, cordoned off the neighborhood and evacuated people from nearby buildings.

Lawrence Police Chief James Fitzpatrick said the gunman, who was 34, fired at police, and that an officer returned fire before the man killed himself.

A neighbor who lives in the building said police had told him that the victim fled downstairs into his apartment, leaving blood on a bed and the walls. Investigators remained at his house through the late afternoon, and he and his family were not able to return for hours.

The neighbor, who asked not to be named, said he had heard the couple arguing before, but that he was shocked to hear a gunshot, followed by the terrible sound of something falling.

“I never thought that they would go to that extreme,” the neighbor said. “Not like that.”

The neighbor said he called police, and drew them a sketch of his apartment because the building’s units are similar in layout.

As police investigated, neighbors and family members gathered nearby, seeking any information about what happened. Many residents were parents whose children go to school nearby.

“My daughter’s school is right up the street,” said one woman.

It was placed on “soft lockdown.”

Santos’s boyfriend was a quiet person who was often angry, Reynoso said.

“He wasn’t able to express himself about any issues,” she said. “If something bothered him, he’s not a person who can express it at all. He just gets mad all the time, maybe cries.”

He should have started blogging.


"Officials identify Lawrence man who shot girlfriend" by Evan Allen Globe Staff  April 27, 2016

LAWRENCE — In April 2007, Antonio Gonzalez, 34, flew into a rage after Yenny Santos, 36, received a text message from a male friend, court documents show. He punched her in the head and body, and kept her from escaping by yanking back her hair.

When a male friend intervened, Gonzalez grabbed a knife and swiped at Santos, missing her and cutting himself, according to court documents. He chased Santos down the street, catching up to her just as police arrived.

At that time, Santos told police she had just returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic when Gonzalez, who allegedly was drunk, went through her cellphone and began accusing her of infidelity, according to the documents....

They gotta get rid of booze like they would guns.


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