Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sparkless Saturday

The inspiration for the title of this post came when I saw this printed photograph in conjunction with what I had been considering regarding a sort of Next Days Update scenario. There was literally nothing over the last two days regarding follow up, so I'm faced with an overblown crisis presented for whatever reason, or a real crisis gone away, huh? I suppose all that smoke won't help them breathe life into a carbon tax.

What does draw attention is the top of the front page and as authorities pieced together the suspect’s history, a picture began to emerge with a special three-page section inside. The more script something gets, the more I suspect some agenda is pushed and am less likely to read it these days. It contrasts with the one-day wonders and complete omissions, although I'm not much better here. Saturday is usually my big blog day (ha!), and I don't see it happening nor do I see myself preparing posts for tomorrow, lack of enthusiasm for the pre$$ not the least of the reasons why.

The printed variety left me feeling that way today -- totally uninterested but duly noted, however, with all intents to read. What do they say, Que Sera, Sera? -- but there was an explosion when I logged on. Seeing such a thing as good and peaceful is beyond mind-boggling and quite scary actually coming from that source. That and all the get ready to die talk in the Globe these days (talk about seeing dead people!). God help us all going forward.


It's really hard to start a fire from scratch. I did take a peek at yesterday's paper and Israel was the first thing that came to mind in what was of interest; however, I never marked or really read it at all.

As for today, I don't know how many chirps you will be getting out of me. I will say the ma$$ media caricatures being unmasked behind closed doors did draw my eye, if for no other reason than to expose someone who has become, sorry to say, a cartoon character -- or is auditioning for the VP job in what is envisioned as some sort of dream ticket (at least she kept the salute short).

Of more important is the eugenics push and the endless wars (yeah, that guy also started them in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine while pivoting towards China. Great). Those pieces sparked a flicker of light in my eye, but with each passing moment the spark dims. Maybe I'll get to them later (ha!).

I'm not trying to Taunton you, readers, and I'm not trying to be funny about real tragedy; just want to   duck out of here as quickly as possible because I'm no longer fired up by the elite insult and lying slop spewing forth from the Globe on a daily basis. Sorry.

I can hear the response out there, "Well, what do you want?"

The best answer I can give is "I don't know, but I know I don't want this.