Monday, May 23, 2016

One If By Land....

Two if by sea:

"To many business people who need to trek between these two hubs of commerce, seaplane service that whisks passengers from Boston to Manhattan in under 90 minutes is a long-overdue option, particularly because Boston hasn’t had a public helipad in years.

And now that GE wants one....

Logan Airport isn’t far from downtown Boston, but navigating airport security and dealing with traffic makes for a potentially enervating ride....

We're losing altitude, folks, and are bailing out.


Didn't they hand the lanterns in the Old North Church?

There will be some bells ringing and in more ways than one anyway.

It suppose it would be three if by air these days as the downing of the Egyptian plane is about to go under and the drone strike in Pakistan is now my World lead.

This blog will now go silent for the day.