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Copping Out: Crazy Chicago

"Judge: belief in lizard people, Illuminati make terror suspect unfit" by Michael Tarm Associated Press  August 25, 2016

CHICAGO — A suburban Chicago terrorism suspect charged with attempting to bomb a downtown bar sincerely believes that fantastical lizards, Freemasons, and assorted other shadowy figures are out to get him, so he is mentally unfit to stand trial, a judge concluded Thursday in a rare federal ruling.

Among the plots that 22-year-old Adel Daoud has broached in court was that the judge was herself ‘‘a reptilian overlord’’ and that his own attorneys were in cahoots with the Illuminati, Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman said in explaining her decision at a hearing in US District Court in Chicago.

What psyop prop did the authorities insert into his mind during torture? What drugs did they give him? Don't get me wrong, there is some truth in the things he mentioned. 

The Illuminati are real -- we have seen it in the symbolism and hand signals coming from the privileged elite and their ma$$ media mouthpieces -- however, the term itself is charged to get you to ignore the open $ecret$ in my paper. Call the elite and privileged cla$$es whatever you want. What's in a name? 

The Freemasons are a front for Zionism, the clearest indication being their exposure on the History Channel and other such venues (gives away the UFO hoax, too), and as for the lizard people -- ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Coleman said Daoud’s mental state has deteriorated since previous exams found him competent, saying ‘‘his belief in the Illuminati, Freemasons, and lizard people is sincere and escalating.’’ She pointed to Daoud witnessing a cellmate’s suicide this year and his four years behind bars — often in isolation — as possible explanations.

Well, that would drive anyone insane, or get you to say anything.

Out of almost 500 terrorism-related cases tracked by the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School in New York, director Karen Greenberg said this was among just a few where judges declared a terrorism suspect mentally unfit. Terrorism-case lawyers elsewhere are likely to cite it as they seek similar rulings, she said.

Agents arrested Daoud, then 18-years-old, as part of a 2012 FBI sting after he allegedly placed what he believed to be an explosive device by a downtown Chicago bar. While in jail, he was charged with soliciting the murder of an undercover agent and attacking an inmate who allegedly taunted him with a Prophet Muhammad drawing. 

They damn near dared him to do it.

Daoud, of Hillside, Ill., will be placed in a psychiatric facility for at least three months, although his trial set for Feb. 7 could still proceed if his mental state improves, Coleman said. The legal standard isn’t whether he suffers mental illness, she said, but whether he is rational enough to understand proceedings and work with his legal team.

If Daoud’s mental health does not improve, he could potentially be committed to an institution for years or even decades as he is treated. If convicted at trial, he would face a maximum life sentence on the terrorism charges alone.

Like what they used to do in the Soviet Union under Stalin.

Daoud has appeared jovial, never angry, as he has spoken at hearings about assorted plots, including that Judge Coleman planned to hire Freemasons as jurors to hear his case. He has also asserted that the end-goal for federal authorities was to kill him, saying: ‘‘They’re going to take me downstairs and they’re going to cut my head off.’’

He knows ISIS is a US.-created and $pon$ored outfit!

His legal team pushed for the finding that he is mentally unfit, though Daoud himself had told the judge he felt he was mentally fit. Daoud has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

I can see why he would be suspicious! It probably is a kangaroo court show with everyone playing their role!

At a two-day competency hearing last week, one doctor who examined Daoud supported prosecutors’ contention that he was neither delusional nor paranoid, telling the court his off-beat behavior may be at least partly calculated.

Defense lawyer Thomas Durkin had told Coleman that it would be impossible for him to defend a client at trial who believes his attorneys are in league with the Illuminati, which conspiracy theorists contend is a secret society bent on controlling the world. Durkin has argued for years that federal stings tend to snare psychologically vulnerable youth, not committed would-be terrorists.

‘‘Unquestionably, this supports that contention,’’ he said about Coleman’s finding Thursday.

A spokesman for the US attorney’s office in Chicago declined any comment on the ruling.


Looks to me like more psyop propaganda to slander certain individuals daring to sort out this madness and trying to find the truth.


Looks to me like Chicagoans have more serious matters to deal with than some psycho FBI patsy:

Official police reports directly contradicted video evidence? 

Your kidding!

At least cops aren't getting killed in Chicago:

"Two brothers who were on parole for prior criminal activity have been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade’s, Chicago police announced Sunday. Chicago has been in the throes of a major uptick in gun violence this year, largely centered in a few South and West Side neighborhoods, after years of seeing declines. This July alone, there were 65 homicides — the most that month since 2006...."


Chicago police: 90 homicides in August, 472 shooting victims

That includes babies and it's all caught on video.

1 killed, 4 wounded in Illinois shootings

Why is Chicago a murder capital?

I haven't a clue because it has the severest gun control measures in the entire count..... oooooooooooh!!!!

"Indiana man shot, killed by police after road rage incident" Associated Press  November 07, 2016

CHICAGO — A 25-year-old Indiana man was fatally shot by authorities after a weekend road-rage incident, authorities said.

Police said Joshua Beal of Indianapolis was shot to death Saturday after failing to drop a gun when confronted by an off-duty officer and a police sergeant. Beal’s sister, Cordney Boxley, said members of her family had left a South Side cemetery in a funeral caravan when a car cut off the vehicle she was driving and tried to do the same to her sister. She said people got out of their cars, and a melee followed.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said an off-duty officer was involved in the brawl, as was a police sergeant. He said both officers fired at Beal and will be placed on administrative duty for 30 days....


He should have stayed in the white section of town.

Chicago’s toll is driving up the murder rate for the 30 biggest US cities

Happy Holidays!

"More than 40 people were shot over the holiday weekend in Chicago and more than three dozen guns were seized, police said. The shooting tally includes violence at a family Christmas party on the city’s South Side at which two people were killed and several others wounded. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the majority of shootings and homicides from Friday afternoon through Monday morning were ‘‘targeted attacks by gangs against potential rivals who were at holiday gatherings.’’ Violence over the holiday weekend comes during a surge in city violence....."

I'd say Peace on Earth but.....

"Chicago mayor welcomes help, warns against deploying troops" by Don Babwin Associated Press  January 25, 2017

CHICAGO — A day after President Trump declared he was ready to ‘‘send in the Feds’’ if Chicago can’t reduce its homicides, Mayor Rahm Emanuel warned against deploying the National Guard, saying it would hurt efforts to restore trust in the police.


See: Report says Chicago police violated civil rights for years

‘‘We’re going through a process of reinvigorating community policing, building trust between the community and law enforcement,’’ the mayor told reporters Wednesday.

I thought the teachers wanted him to resign, but that went away fast.

If the president was suggesting the use of federal troops, such a plan could face practical and constitutional obstacles. A law dating back to 1878 prohibits the deployment of federal troops to do the jobs of domestic police, with some rarely invoked exceptions.

What do you call ATF, FBI, DHS, ICE, and all the other alphabet forces at work? Seems like a matter of semantics at this point. The tyranny is already here. 

And besides, we are talking national Guard here. Not like they have never been called out before. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling for martial law. I'm just pointing out the tempest-in-a-teapot quality of the issue.

In his campaign, Trump talked regularly about getting tough on crime, sometimes singling out Chicago, which was in the midst of a year in which the death toll soared to 762 — the most killings in the city in nearly two decades and more than New York and Los Angeles combined. His tweet also came less than two weeks after the Justice Department issued a scathing report that found years of civil rights violations by Chicago police.  

Obama's hometown run by a Zionist mole mayor and it is the deadliest city in the country, doubling up on NY and LA? 

That makes Obama's gun grab efforts look bad in hindsight, huh?.

Emanuel, a Democrat who once worked as former president Obama’s White House chief of staff, said the police department already partners with federal agencies such as the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration to combat crime, including efforts to halt the flow of illegal guns pouring into Chicago from elsewhere. He said he would like to see that cooperation ‘‘expanded dramatically.’’

What's the big deal here then?

On Tuesday night, the mayor told WTTW’s ‘‘Chicago Tonight’’ that he welcomed government assistance in the form of more money to hire officers and more resources to track illegal guns. But he also bluntly said the government has not done nearly enough, something he reiterated on Wednesday....



RelatedAs homicides surge, Chicago will add nearly 1,000 police jobs

Which means more civilians down.

Also see:

"Chicago’s police chief released details Friday of a proposed new policy that would require officers to use the least amount of force necessary and emphasizes the ‘‘sanctity of life.’’

I thought that was the policy, but it's about time, 'eh?

"Chicago police alter policy on force following backlash" Associated Press  March 08, 2017

CHICAGO — A draft of a new Chicago Police Department use-of-force policy released Tuesday would give officers more latitude in deciding when to fire their weapons, backing off an earlier proposal that the police union had said was too restrictive and would have put officers in danger.

So much for the sanctity of human life, and some sections of Chicago must be pure anarchy.

Chicago is struggling to forge a new police policy that balances the need for officers to do their work amid a wave of shootings, while restoring community trust following public anger over the shooting of black teenager Laquan McDonald in 2014.

Why should it be a struggle? I thought we were all in this together.

The new draft backs off a suggestion in October that officers not use force unless ‘‘all other reasonable alternatives have been exhausted,’’ which had prompted concern from the police union that it was ‘‘too restrictive and would endanger officers who need to protect themselves in various situations.’’

The proposal now says that officers are required to use de-escalation tactics only when it does not put their personal safety at risk. ‘‘The requirement that officers apply deescalation principles does not mean officers must endanger themselves,” according to the latest draft.

Fraternal Order of Police president Dean Angelo Sr. told the Chicago Tribune that the changes since October show the department paid attention to union concerns. ‘‘It’s not like we look forward to utilizing force or we look forward to firing our weapon,’’ he said.

At least some unions still have power.

But others said the latest proposal was troubling in the context of a history of Chicago police condoning and using excessive force.

‘‘Nobody wants a cop to be shot or hurt but they haven’t demonstrated good judgment as when to use [lethal force] and when not to,’’ said Alderman Howard Brookins Jr.

Chicago’s police department has been under intense pressure since a video was released in 2015 showing a white officer shooting McDonald 16 times.

And if it hadn't been for the video? Rodney King?


So where are the guns coming from (not a Fast and Furious, I hope):

"US Senator Dick Durbin told Norfolk Southern this week that it must do more to secure a major rail yard on Chicago’s South Side after three major gun thefts led to many of the weapons circulating in nearby violence-plagued neighborhoods, according to a letter the Illinois Democrat sent this week to the company’s CEO. The letter, provided by Durbin’s office Wednesday, cites the theft of some 150 guns between 2014 and 2016. Officials say most of the guns, including semi-automatic rifles, spread into nearby communities, helping to fuel the kind of violence that last year led to 762 homicides in Chicago, more than in New York City and Los Angeles combined. There have been no federal or local hearings on the rail-yard gun thefts, contributing to a perception in neighborhoods near the yard that no one is taking responsibility. The railway did not reply to a request for comment....." 

Are you sure they weren't just being left there for, you know, whoever to "find?"

I suppose that would make all the residents like Daoud, huh?

Also seeIn 2008, they thought their world had changed. But did it?

No. In fact, things are much worse.


Off to prison with you:

"Illinois governor seeks prison tower cameras" AP  |  March 23, 2017

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Governor Bruce Rauner wants to replace guards in watchtowers with closed-circuit cameras at nearly two dozen lower-security Illinois prisons, an effort to cut expenses for a cash-strapped state.

The administration is projecting $4 million in annual savings through reduced overtime pay and ‘‘more efficient management strategies,’’ Rauner spokeswoman Eleni Demertzis said. No security guards will be laid off, corrections department spokeswoman Nicole Wilson said.

Such a proposal has encountered mixed results in other states. Michigan and Pennsylvania prison officials said they abandoned round-the-clock tower staffing in the past decade without layoffs. Wisconsin eliminated 60 guard tower positions in 2015, transferring the officers working there to other posts.

The Republican governor’s office didn’t provide specifics on the change, which would affect the state’s 23 minimum- and medium-security facilities. The four maximum-security prisons would retain full tower staffing.

Of the 11,000 union workers employed by the corrections department, about 6,000 are security workers. Officials had discussed with the union the idea of using high-tech cameras to enhance security, but a union leader said he was wary of removing people from the lookout points.

Thankfully, those in authority are not.


"Prisons fight opioids with $1,000 injection" Associated Press   November 14, 2016

SHERIDAN, Ill. — US prisons are experimenting with a high-priced monthly injection that could help addicted inmates stay off opioids after they are released, but skeptics question its effectiveness and say the manufacturer has marketed an unproven drug to correctional officials.

A single shot of Vivitrol lasts for four weeks and eliminates the need for the daily doses common with alternatives such as methadone. But each shot costs as much as $1,000, and because the drug has a limited track record, experts do not agree on how well it works.

Proponents say it could save money compared with the cost of locking up a drug offender — about $25,000 a year for each inmate at the Sheridan Correctional Center.

Dr. Joshua Lee, of New York University’s medical school, said more evidence is needed to determine whether the drug can help substantial numbers of people, but the early results are encouraging.

For the pharma$eutical bottom line.


Those that should be in prison:

"Wikileaks e-mails show Chicago mayor used personal domain" Associated Press  November 07, 2016

CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel used personal e-mail accounts and a personal e-mail domain to communicate with government officials and political figures, according to a published report based on hacked e-mails posted by WikiLeaks.

Emanuel’s personal account information turned up among the thousands of e-mails from John Podesta, campaign chairman of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Emanuel registered his personal e-mail domain, ‘‘,’’ on May 16, 2011, the day he was sworn into office. The hacked e-mails also turned up evidence of Emanuel’s personal Gmail account.

The messages mark the first direct evidence that Emanuel has used personal e-mail accounts as mayor beyond official city government accounts. Emanuel was sued by the newspaper last year in a case about state open-record laws that is still pending.

Under Illinois law, government business conducted over e-mail by a public official is subject to the state’s open-records law. The paper’s Freedom of Information Act requests filed since Emanuel took office have turned up little to no e-mail communications from the mayor on his government e-mail accounts.

Adam Collins, a spokesman for the mayor, said Emanuel’s use of a customized e-mail domain is common, and added that Emanuel does not use a private e-mail server. Federal records show that since taking office, Emanuel used his custom e-mail domain to send at least seven messages on two different strings to Clinton while she was secretary of state, the newspaper reported.


Globe never took another look at 'em.

"21 across US indicted in ‘sex slave’ ring" by Monica Davey New York Times   May 25, 2017

CHICAGO — The young women, many of them from poor families in Thailand, were promised trips to the United States. They would also receive visas. Life in cities like Chicago would be rosy, they were told, and they would be able to help support their families back home.

As long as you keep your head down (no pun intended, for this sickens me).

But the promises, federal authorities say, came with an enormous toll: The women were required to work as prostitutes in cities all over this country until they could pay off exorbitant “bondage debts,” set as high as $60,000, to the very people who had promised them better lives.

Law enforcement authorities on Thursday announced federal sex-trafficking conspiracy charges against 21 people, part of what they described as one of the most elaborate and extensive sex-trafficking operations they had seen. The operation had gone on for at least eight years, netted tens of millions of dollars, and involved hundreds of women who were shuttled between US cities, sometimes every few weeks, the officials said.

Right under Rahm's nose and in Obama's hometown.

“The women did not have freedom of movement and, until they paid off their bondage debts, were modern-day sex slaves,” an indictment unsealed on Thursday in US District Court in Minnesota said, laying out criminal counts against a long list of defendants, including conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, sex trafficking, and conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

Gregory Brooker, acting US attorney in Minnesota, described the ring as “a multimillion-dollar, modern-day organized crime operation.”

According to the eight-count indictment, the operation was intricate for its organization. Among those indicted were the people owed the bondage debts of the women brought from Bangkok. Others who were indicted served as “house bosses” in cities like Dallas and Austin, Texas; Chicago; and Los Angeles; where they used apartments, hotels, houses and massage parlors for prostitution. Still others served as money launderers, putting cash returns into bank accounts, and facilitators, who took care of details like flying the women from city to city.

Speaking of massages.... that the reason for the delay?

While still in Thailand, the women were usually told they would work as prostitutes, the indictment said, but the terms of deals shifted substantially once they arrived in the United States. Threats were made. Bondage debts suddenly skyrocketed. Some women were even told to have plastic surgery to make them more “appealing” to customers, then ordered to reimburse the cost of surgery as part of their ever-growing debt.

Authorities said the women were kept isolated and were not allowed to leave the prostitution houses without being accompanied by one of the ring’s organizers. The hours of prostitution often ran all day, every day.

Officials said some of the women are now being helped by agencies to find housing and other assistance. But their immigration status is uncertain; many were brought here with visas obtained using false information, authorities said, including fictitious occupations and phony backgrounds. One of the main reasons women had accepted such deals in the first place, the officials said, was the promise of a legitimate visa.

By Thursday, 20 of the 21 accused — all of whom were described as organizers of the operation — had been arrested in various cities. More than a dozen others were arrested in connection with the ring last fall, officials said. In making the latest arrests in places like Chicago, Houston, and San Diego, authorities said they seized hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, along with cellphones, weapons, and condoms.

Lawyers for those arrested could not immediately be reached. Ten of the accused are Thai nationals; the rest are American citizens, the authorities said.

“Is this going to stop sex trafficking from going on? No,” said Thomas J. Dart, the sheriff of Cook County, Ill., whose agency took part in the sprawling investigation. “There’s no naiveté here. The notion that we’re going to eradicate this sort of thing is never going to happen until our society decides it’s wrong.”

And not until the pervasive pedophilia of the ruling elite is exposed for all to see. Unfortunately, the mouthpiece media and pre$$ exists to minimize and cover up those transgressions.



"UN pledges to act against sex abuse by its staffers, focus on aiding victims" by Edith M. Lederer Associated Press  March 10, 2017

UNITED NATIONS — Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced new measures Thursday to tackle an increase in sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers and staff, calling for a new focus on victims and bans on alcohol and fraternization by troops.

We are the U.N. and we are here to help.

A report released Thursday also called on the General Assembly to back the UN chief’s call for financial penalties for failing to investigate allegations and conclude probes ‘‘in a timely manner’’ — and to put that money into the trust fund already established for victims. But it didn’t specify who would have to pay.

You think money heals a broken soul?

‘‘I fully recognize that no magic wand exists to end the problem of sexual exploitation and abuse,’’ Guterres said. ‘‘Nevertheless, I believe that we can dramatically improve how the United Nations addresses this scourge.’’

Actually, there is. It's called jail.


The fact that such a problem even exists is scandalous, never mind the rest of this pr pos article. The UN sex rings have been around on long time, and nothing is as seems in paper. In there BAD is GOOD!

So what about your kids in Chicago?

"Officials, parents worry Chicago schools deal won’t stick" Associated Press  October 11, 2016

CHICAGO — Teachers in the nation’s third-largest school district pulled back from a threatened strike after a tentative last-minute contract agreement that Chicago officials acknowledged Tuesday may amount to a temporary fix and parents worried would fall apart.

‘‘It wasn’t easy, as you all know,’’ Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis said after Monday’s late-night agreement, which now goes to the union’s House of Delegates and all 28,000 members for a final vote.

But even as Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who fought bitterly with Lewis before and during the 2012 teachers’ strike, praised the union and the Chicago Public Schools in a speech Tuesday in which he introduced his 2017 budget proposal, it still isn’t clear how the financially strapped city will pay for the four-year deal.

The proposal includes a 2 percent cost-of-living increase in the third year and 2.5 percent in the fourth year. It doesn’t require current teachers to pay more toward their pensions — a change the schools had been seeking and the union rejected earlier this year — but future hires will have to pick up that additional pension cost.

A key provision is an agreement by the city to divert about $88 million from a $175 million surplus of the city’s at times controversial special taxing districts to the schools. That figure is less than the $200 million in additional spending the union sought.

‘‘Obviously when you take that . . . surplus, that’s not a sustainable way of funding the schools,’’ said Alderman Pat Dowell, who represents South Side neighborhoods. ‘‘The money probably will not available next year so the [union and the school district] are going to have to look for more permanent financing, which is probably at the state level.’’

Had there been a strike, Emanuel would have had to face residents who already are upset over major increases in property taxes and other fees....

You might as well close then.


Bathroom break:

"A federal magistrate judge recommended this week that a transgender girl at the center of a lawsuit over restroom and locker room access be able to use the girls’ locker room at her Illinois high school, writing that the Constitution doesn’t protect students against having to share such facilities with their transgender peers. In an 82-page report, Magistrate Judge Jeffrey T. Gilbert wrote that, ‘‘High school students do not have a constitutional right not to share restrooms or locker rooms with transgender students whose sex assigned at birth is different than theirs.’’

On to college:

"Studies find Ill. fixed-tuition law drives up others’ costs" Associated Press  August 29, 2016

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The Illinois law that locks in tuition rates for in-state students appears to have the unintended effect of driving up tuition for out-of-state students and fees for all, according to a pair of studies from University of Illinois researchers.

Unintended? State is bankrupt, remember? Maybe more of an "oops."

The law, which took effect in 2004, guarantees a freshman at a state university will pay the same tuition rate for four years. Only three other states — Oklahoma, Texas, and, as of this summer, North Carolina — have similar laws. But lawmakers in places such as Utah and Idaho recently have considered or at least discussed fixed-rate tuition laws.

Such laws around the country, however, increased student fees between 2000 and 2012 by 40 percent and tuition rates for out-of-state students by 28 percent, according to a study published in the September-October issue of the Journal of Higher Education by researchers Jennifer Delaney and Tyler Kearney.

In Illinois alone, 12 public universities increased their nonresident tuition rates by up to 30 percent since 2004, which was faster than other states, they wrote in a separate study published last year in the journal Economics of Education Review.

Holy $hit! Where is all the money going?

‘‘Our research is showing the increase beyond what was expected,’’ Delaney said, because university administrators who were forced to plan out revenue needs for four-year periods appear to have increased nonresident tuition as a way to keep the money flowing.

So the education $y$tem isn't really about you at all. It's about -- like everything else in my pre$$ and in AmeriKa -- about money!

Average public-university tuitions that had been under $4,000 both in Illinois and the rest of the country in 2000 grew far apart — by 2010, the average public tuition rate in Illinois was well over $7,000 a year compared with under $5,000 in other states.

price of a state college degree nationwide has risen alongside dwindling state support and a rise in student loan debt; in Illinois, the ongoing budget crisis has cut not only state support of public universities but also financial aid. But those decreases in state support started years ago, and drove drastic jumps in tuition. 

WhereTF is all the dough going?

I mean, these are DEEP BLUE STATES, right?

‘‘I was just getting out of school at that point. I was seeing tuition jumping 16 percent, 18 percent each year,’’ said state Senator Scott Bennett, a Democrat who graduated from the Illinois State University and later the University of Illinois School of Law. His district now includes Urbana-Champaign, and he’s a member of the Senate’s Higher Education Committee.

That led to the creation of Illinois’s law, which was intended to give students predictability in what they would pay. But now, University of Illinois administrators say the studies underline their belief that it’s time to end the tuition-freeze law, spokesman Tom Hardy said.

And the unintended con$equence of that will be even higher tuitions!


This is nuts, readers!