Friday, May 12, 2017

Texas Wrestles With Transgender Issue

It does Beggs a few questions:

"Texas bill could deny transgender wrestler title defense" by Jim Vertuno, AP, May 11, 2017

When transgender wrestler Mack Beggs won a girls' state championship, his victory drew jeers and complaints that his steroid therapy treatment had given him an unfair advantage against girls who risked injury just by getting on the mat with him. 

I remember some girls I would have liked to have wrestled with back in high school.

Beggs, a Dallas-area junior, had to wrestle against girls against his wishes, and the proposed bill would not change that rule.

Beggs' case drew national attention in February when he won the state championship in Class 6A, the classification for the state's largest schools. His title-winning match earned him a bloody nose on the mat and boos from a crowd upset by his victory. He has a 56-0 record and wants to wrestle next season in his senior year....

I'm confused, and I suppose that's the point. Make whatever perversions popular and "normal," and I suppose all the confusion leads to pedophile mentors that will help you sort it all out.


Look, this is an issue I also wrestle with in the sense that I see everyone as a unique individual. That requires me to accept their vision of themselves, while at the same time recognizing that the kids are being used to push an entirely different agenda. If nothing else it serves as a moral debasement and that's when I think of Rome. 

UPDATE: Cambridge high school tackles gender climate head-on

So which bathroom am I supposed to use?