Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday's Turds

Afternoon update: Israel was source of secrets that Trump gave to Russians, officials say

Was it a set-up for the upcoming trip, and please Mr. President, make sure your own security is tight and do not rely on the Secret Service or Israel.

So Israel has deep insight into ISIS, huh?


It's the first thing I do in the morning:

Trump accused of revealing classified info to Russians

I already covered that last night, and they of course left out what’s most important.

US accuses Syria of mass executions and burning bodies

Yeah, about the alleged crematoria (man, are they ever scrapping the bottom of the barrel with bald-faced and brazen base imagery in the shop-worn mind manipulation bit).... sigh.

Any wonder why the Globe is hitting a sour note with me? Bruce Almighty!

Think I will wait for the ruling before commenting on the new FBI man. Maybe they can find these missing reports:

Seven people killed in fire at Ohio home
Barron Trump to attend private Episcopal school in Md.

Then there is the missed subway ride that is torpedoing Cuomo's chances in 2020, and de Blasio is no better. At least they are not on strike yet.

Unarmed man dies after Vegas officer uses neck technique

What happens in Vegas.... heads to the Supreme Court?

The Globe did make sure you heard from the young black Democrats, who also haven't learned the failure of identity politics.

As for the World:

British WWII veteran, 101, breaks world sky-diving record

Czech crisis goes on as leader rejects finance minister replacement

Maybe Casey Affleck can help?

"German Holocaust denier arrested in Hungary" New York Times   May 16, 2017

BUDAPEST — An 81-year-old former Marxist urban guerrilla who became a far-right extremist and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for Holocaust denial was arrested in Hungary on Monday after illegally leaving Germany, officials said.

OMG, they busted a German Gladio!!!

The arrest added a wrinkle to the case of Horst Mahler, a bizarre figure. Once part of the extreme left that violently opposed residual Nazi tendencies in Germany, he is now known for anti-Semitic and anti-American rants. In 2009, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for incitement of hate and for denial of the Holocaust. He was released from prison in 2015 because of serious illness and was put on probation....

This is the same sort of underlying theme as the Syrian slop, meant to invoke the same imagery in your mind!!


He's an agent, same as this guy:

France’s new president names a Republican as prime minister

We are told he is con$olidating center-left and center-right, whatever those terms mean.

US trumpets Mosul gains, but Iraq says more aid needed As of March 31, the Pentagon has spent $12.5 billion on the fight against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria with daily costs averaging $13 million since the operation was launched in 2014.

(Blog editor's eyes bulged)

So who is tampering with the Iranian elections?

North Korea says new long-range missile can carry heavy warhead

Well, they called his bluff so what is next?

At least the assassination attempt against Duterte was reported.

It's about this time of the morning where I grow tired of what the Bo$ton Globe has to say as I move to the Metro:

ACLU files complaint over Malden school’s policy on braids

Meet the diploma team, unsung heroes of college commencements

Little oops over at Emerson on the grand day $poiled it for 'em (at least there is always good old UMa$$ or Colby-$awyer; just forget about the dorm room and cafeteria).

Disabled homeless girl is at center of fight over housing

They are saying prison might be a good place? I'd suspect that ends up at the Supreme Court.

I'm sure you will come into contact with plenty of people there from all sorts of ethnic and sexual backgrounds to enhance your cultural understanding of the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the money laundering operation is going well; the dough is falling like snowflakes (don't plant just yet) and millionaires will be more than happy to pay a tax (and about those increases in the pot tax....).

I suppose you would have to be smoking to believe her.

I've given up on Bo$ton real e$tate, so I won't be staying at the Omni.

Did you see who wasn't faithful to its undocumented (and what they built with it)?

"In a sign of the times for Fidelity Investments, the Boston mutual fund giant on Monday launched two new low-cost index funds, both focused on sustainability, or the stocks of companies that pay attention to the environment, corporate governance, and social issues. Fidelity for years stayed out of so-called “socially responsible” investing, saying it would always pick the most profitable stocks for its investors. But the sustainable trend has now become so ubiquitous that most mainstream firms now have offerings, in part to appeal to millennials...."

It's the 1990s Green Con$umeri$m all over again, and how they going to invest when the gigs are drying up?

"Tesla Inc. lost a buy rating from one of its longtime bulls, with a Morgan Stanley analyst boosting his projection for how much cash the carmaker will burn through as more prosperous rivals encroach on its business. Adam Jonas, Morgan Stanley’s top auto analyst, has been one of the biggest advocates for Tesla stock, envisioning offerings of a ride-for-hire service that could double the value of the company. He now sees operating losses continuing through next year and estimates the company will consume $3.1 billion this year, compared with an earlier estimate of $2.3 billion. Tesla burned through $622.4 million during the first three months of the year, about half the amount raised in equity and debt offerings in March."

How is Musk going to rehabilitate the company?

"Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, part of the Partners HealthCare network, is slashing 35 jobs to cut costs. The cuts come as the entire Partners network embarks on a three-year initiative to rein in spending and become more efficient. The layoffs are expected to reduce costs by $4.3 million. Additional job cuts are possible, as Spaulding executives said they’re still looking for another $5 million in savings."

Maybe a merger would help, and what exactly are they doing over there????!!!

"The latest acquisition will give Thermo Fisher, which supplies equipment to research labs around the world, a stronger foothold in the fast-growing business of developing and producing drug compounds and ingredients for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The buyout of Patheon will more than double Thermo Fisher’s sales in that market. “It’s really about expanding our capabilities,” Thermo Fisher chief executive Marc N. Casper said. “We want to be able to offer our customers a menu of services.” It’s the second-largest in a string of more than a dozen takeovers engineered by Waltham-based Thermo Fisher since it was formed in 2006. Thermo Fisher, with a market value of more than $67 billion, is one of the largest public companies in Massachusetts. It posted a profit of $2.4 billion in 2016...."

That means they are bigger than Biogen, and how much tax loot were both given?

Surgeons plan to use hepatitis-infected hearts to slash wait for a transplant

That wouldn't be the first time the Globe missed an operation. I gue$$ they didn't have the guts like he once did.

At least the Geneva spring auction season has kicked off.

Also see: Shadow Broker Bull$h**

I want to wipe up today's dump now:

"Cyberattack could cost billions, but so far US has been mostly spared" by Hiawatha Bray Globe Staff  May 16, 2017

There is your first clue as to where it originated.

The accounts receiving the ransoms are now being scrutinized by every major police organization on the planet.

As of Monday afternoon, researcher Ethan Heilman, a doctoral student in computer science at Boston University, who is working with BU professor Sharon Goldberg to develop a truly anonymous version of bitcoin, said, “Bitcoin is anonymous as long as you don’t use it or spend it.”


I must be losing my mind.

If the criminals were smart, Heilman said, they’d have asked for payment in the form of gift cards from retail stores. Many cybercriminals do this because gift card numbers can be easily traded for cash in the criminal underground, and the transactions aren’t a matter of public record.

“The use of bitcoin in this ransomware attack suggests . . . they don’t know what they’re doing,” Heilman said."


And they outwitted all the cybersecurity and government agencies tasked with watching them?



That's all the studying I had to do, HA-HA-HA-HA!

So who do you think hit the dispensaries?

Refugees Who Helped Snowden Denied Asylum

Did you know Snowden was a Russian spy?

Wikileaks leaker to be released from military prison

They really did a number on that kid while he was in torture, I mean custody, and you lose one you win one.

I will let you make the call as to what show you want to watch tonight.