Saturday, April 14, 2018

Brady Busted For Drunk Driving

Don't worry, he won't be missing any game time:

"Police said they would do a sobriety test. They said he told them: I’m a state senator" by Joshua Miller Globe Staff  March 27, 2018

State Senator Michael D. Brady was arrested in Weymouth over the weekend for drunken driving and pleaded not guilty Monday to one count of operating under the influence of liquor, one count of negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and one civil count of a marked lanes violation, according to court records and officials.

When a Weymouth police officer pulled the Brockton Democrat over early Saturday and told the senator he would be testing his ability to drive a car, Brady handed the officer a Massachusetts identification card “and stated he was a state senator,” according to a written description of the arrest by police.

The implication being I think I'm above the law, but I'm sure that was just part of the drunken haze (when, you know, people let their guard down and tell you how they really feel).

Brady was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot and glassy eyes, slurred his words, and his breath reeked of alcohol, police said. He failed several sobriety tests, they said.

In a statement, Brady, 55, acknowledged he was taken into custody by police and apologized for the fallout from the arrest.

I don't know where to begin with such arrogance. He's apologizing for how it looks. Not for the behavior, not for his actions that could have gotten someone killed.  

“While driving home, I was stopped early in the morning on Saturday, March 24, by the Weymouth police on Route 18 in South Weymouth and placed under arrest. I was released later in the morning,” said Brady, who was first elected to the Senate in a 2015 special election and reelected in 2016.

“I want to apologize to the Weymouth police, my constituents, my friends, and colleagues in the Legislature for any embarrassment and distraction that this incident causes. I know that as a senator, I am held to a higher standard, and I will abide by the advice of my counsel as this matter is adjudicated by our judiciary,” he said. “I am grateful for the fairness, integrity, and transparency of that process.”

Yeah, I'll bet. These guys get top tier treatment because they rub elbows with the judges and law enforcement.

He didn't really apologize for the conduct, did he? He's sorry for the embarrassment and distraction to his circle of friends, but I don't see him sorry for the actual behavior.

Brady, who police said declined to take a chemical breath test, said he doesn’t anticipate making any further statement in the matter.

A sign of guilt.

According to a police description of events, Brady “failed” multiple sobriety tests.

The Massachusetts Republican Party, which hopes to unseat Brady this fall, knocked him within hours of news reports about his arrest. Brady represents Brockton, part of East Bridgewater and several other towns — a politically competitive Senate district.

Globe backhandedly knocking the rightful criticism there?

“It’s deeply disturbing that a sitting legislator would attempt to leverage the weight of his taxpayer-funded public office when facing arrest,” MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack said in a statement.

Isn't it also illegal?

“It’s why voters are fed up with the unaccountable culture in the Democrat-run Legislature, in which there is one set of rules for the insiders, and another for everyone else,” MacCormack added.....

Yes, one might say the voters hold the Trump card.


Now what could poor Mr. Brady do to rehabilitate that image right quick?

"State senator enters alcohol treatment" by John R. Ellement and Joshua Miller Globe Staff  March 28, 2018

State Senator Michael D. Brady, who pleaded not guilty to a drunken driving charge this week, entered a treatment program for alcohol abuse Wednesday as new details emerged of a 1998 crash in Weymouth where police cited him for drunken driving — but for which he was never prosecuted. 

Yeah, right, I'm sick and I'm getting treated. Been there, done that. He's hiding is what it is.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Brockton Democrat said he was seeking treatment and counseling for alcohol use.

“I will be admitting myself for professional treatment and counseling for alcohol use. The course of treatment requires my full attention over the next few days,” he said. “I look forward to returning to work next week.”

He's coming back next week, huh?

Then he is not getting treated at all!! It's a 14-day program at minimum!

I trust the Globe will chase him down to ask some questions. 

Did he vote for the crime bill?

Brady also apologized Wednesday to his constituents and colleagues “for the embarrassment that this incident has caused.”

Brady was arrested by Weymouth police on Saturday, the second time officers in the South Shore community have cited him for drunken driving, according to Weymouth police records obtained Wednesday by the Globe.

On Dec. 4, 1998, shortly before midnight, Weymouth police arrived at 652 Pleasant St., where they found a white Pontiac Fiero had been driven into a telephone pole “at a high rate of speed,” according to a Weymouth police report written at the time.

“The telephone pole had penetrated all the way through the front end to the fire wall, and there were no skid marks,’’ according to the report.

Then he is lucky he is still living.

Brady was injured but conscious and identified himself to police, according to the records.

Paramedics were also at the scene of the crash, and while Brady was in an ambulance, then-Weymouth police Officer Richard M. Fuller Jr. stepped inside and spoke with him.

“As paramedics stabilized Brady I was able to talk to him in the confines of their ambulance,” wrote Fuller, who is now a captain. “I immediately noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Brady’s person.”

Fuller asked Brady to explain why his car slammed into a telephone pole. “He stated that he had missed the turn,’’ wrote Fuller, who added, “the accident did not occur on a turn.”

Brady told Fuller he had been drinking at a bar called the Yard Rock in Quincy since 1 or 2 p.m. that day. The crash took place around 11:35 p.m. “I then questioned him as to how much he had to drink and he stated that he had ‘a lot of beers.’ ”

Fuller concluded that Brady was “extremely intoxicated,’’ a view Fuller said was shared by the paramedics.

Brady was not placed under arrest, however, because of his injuries, the report said. Instead, Fuller sent him a citation in the mail charging him with operating under the influence and operating to endanger, according to Weymouth police records.


"A Waltham man was arrested for drunken driving after he rammed into a utility pole and a home in Newton Thursday morning, injuring himself and his passenger, State Police said. Julio Savedra Alonzo, 23, was driving in a 2004 Toyota Matrix around 1:40 a.m. when he lost control of the car on Boylston Street and crashed into the pole and the home’s porch steps, police said in a statement. Aside from the brick staircase, the building did not suffer extensive damage, said Newton Fire Lieutenant Eric Fricke. “The utility pole was completely snapped in half and Eversource needed to install a new one,” Fricke said. The passenger had to be extricated by Newton firefighters. Alonzo, who suffered minor injuries, and his passenger, who sustained more serious injuries, were taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, State Police said. No further information about the passenger was immediately available. Minutes before barreling into the Newton house, Alonzo allegedly sped through a construction site on Boylston Street in Brookline and did not stop for police when signaled to do so, said Brookline Police Deputy Superintendent Michael Gropman."

Also see:

"A 25-year-old Rutland man was killed after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a Worcester home Saturday morning. The man, who was not identified, drove his Jeep Cherokee into the oncoming lane and jumped a curb before crashing into a home at 578 Chandler St., according to Worcester police. Police who arrived at the scene shortly after 9 a.m. saw the seriously injured driver exit the Jeep and walk approximately 20 feet before collapsing, according to police. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Jeep was towed away by investigators, who said they will conduct a full mechanical inspection to determine whether any malfunctions might have led to the crash."

The power and gas are still out at the house.

The case against Brady then shifted to Quincy District Court for a clerk’s hearing, which is historically a closed-door process where information about the evidence presented is not made public unless a criminal case moves forward.

The hearing appears to have been in early 1999, and the outcome seems to have been overwhelmingly in favor of Brady.

Based on court and Registry of Motor Vehicles documents, the operating under the influence of liquor charge appears to have been dismissed outright; the driving to endanger criminal charge reduced to a marked lanes violation, a civil infraction that cost him $100. And Brady was found responsible for not wearing a seat belt, and was fined $35.

The court records list Brady’s attorney as Robert Creedon. But it was not immediately clear if that was a reference to Robert S. Creedon Jr., a member of a politically connected Brockton family and former state senator who is currently the clerk magistrate for Plymouth County Superior Court.

In 1999, Creedon was a Democratic state senator from Brockton and Brady was a member of Brockton’s City Council.

Calls to the Brockton courthouse where Creedon works and to his home in Brockton were not returned Wednesday.

Brady’s more recent encounter with Weymouth police took place March 24, when an officer pulled over the 55-year-old and told the senator he would be testing his ability to drive a car.

Instead of providing a driver’s license, Brady handed the officer a Massachusetts identification card “and stated he was a state senator,” according to a written description of the arrest by police.

Unsteady on his feet, Brady had bloodshot and glassy eyes, slurred his words, and his breath reeked of alcohol, police said. He declined to take a chemical breath test after failing several sobriety tests in a parking lot, according to police.

Brady served on the Brockton City Council from 1997 to 2009, according to his official biography.

He was elected a state representative in 2008.

As a senator, he has voted in favor of toughening operating under the influence laws.....


The hypocrisy doesn't get any better than that!!



UPDATE: Was seen drunk at a flea market only a week later(?)!