Sunday, April 29, 2018

Stone-Faced Sunday

That is how I met today's paper from the very beginning.....

‘The fact that she could have been stopped that morning is heartbreaking’

I cringed at what is to be found upon the turn-in when I see State Police credibility is on the line.  My first reaction was this is a further advancement of the Globe's expose on the State Police, which serves several purposes. It advances the notion that the Boston Police should take over the Seaport, while also causing problems for Baker in the fall.

Upon the turn in I saw a new face of evil whose chronic drunk driving is noted (even though she began the morning of tragedy by popping a couple of prescription pills for anxiety and pain). Turns out the victim is of a certain chosen select, which doesn't diminish the death whatsoever. I no longer blame the pre$$ for emphasizing certain lives over others that are unmentioned today. It's noted and we move on -- as did the Globe article, because the end of the piece indicates a lapse at the RMV (which has its hands full with at the moment with the RealID software switch).

The full-page advertisement for Total Liquors on page A3, a regular occurrence, provides an odd juxtaposition as well.

Ailing former Patriots, feeling spurned by the NFL, turn to a clinic with a founder of dubious repute

Can't remember why I forgot to read it.

Why can’t Boston build taller?



At 89, legendary psychiatrist and marijuana advocate still wonders about Harvard professorship

By the time of the turn-in on page B6 I had forgotten all about why he raised hackles at Harvard, sorry.

Come to think of it, he might be able to help those NFL guys -- which would raise hackles elsewhere.


So I open the paper and on page A2 I find:

Korean unity increases pressure on Trump 

It's a New York Times news analysis, (Bloomberg had their say yesterday), and they are just grasping at anything to throw cold water on the recent warming of relations. 

You know, the fault is mine. It's like the old country song Looking For Love in all the Wrong Places: Looking for Peace in a War Paper..... you know. Been more than 11 years of that already. On the bright side, can't be any false hopes when one is not hoping.

Right below that is a New York Times by Jason Horowitz (sigh) that examines the embattled pervert, 'er, Pope, amid the rising global populist tide.

Amid global populist tide, pope increasingly embattled 

I know the guy directs a large flock, of which I self-excommunicated myself, but this idea that He or the Church command any kind of moral voice or authority -- sorry, that went out the window with the pooper-pumpers, never mind the mass graves of kids in Ireland. Next.

The other thing is, somehow Trump and the Republicans are in trouble over here and yet the above piece regarding the Pope -- as well as other political fodder fed to us on a daily basis -- constantly extolls the opposite in resistance, etc. WTF?

Airstrike kills Houthi leaders in Yemen capital

That's very interesting because like this brief, the recent Saudi air slaughter has received only a blip.

Below that brief, the U.N. is calling out ‘‘ethnic cleansing’’ against Muslims, but not where you would think, and child sacrifices in Peru. That makes the Turkish election look tame, as well as  the flare-up in Azerbaijan (aren't they neighbors with Armenia?).

Qatar apparently pays hundreds of millions to free hostages

I guess the masks they had on the other day have been dropped, according to "intercepted communications obtained by The Washington Post" -- meaning the CIA gave them to them.

Being friendly with Iran puts you on the other side of WWIII, I gue$$. That's where all this stuff is headed. Korea has been called off in favor of regime change in Iran, cui bono?

Bitter dispute over a British toddler turns to grief

Another tragedy with massive media coverage, and even Pope Francis was “deeply moved.”


Trump takes aim at familiar targets at Michigan rally

You have to be Freking kidding me! 

My print copy contained an article from New York Times where Trump is portrayed as delusional, the House is already a lost cause, and they could lose the Senate as well despite the 25 Democratic seats up against only 7 Republicans (which is never mentioned, btw). Just forget all about those endangered Democrats from Trump states who are under pressure to also fall in lineThe mixed messages contained in the narrative to sell you a stolen election six months out is nauseating.

Deeper in the article is Trump calling out one of those endangered Democrats, the Montana Democrat Tester, for leaking and killing his VA nomination. What is interesting about that is, now that Jackson has withdrawn, the charges have been dropped. No one is going to investigate the alleged party-prescribing doctor of the Obama administration. What fun those eight years must have been, partying at lobbyist expense, watching porn while on the government clock, etc, etc.

And you do have to give Trump credit for one thing: he blew off the White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

With taunts and guile, the Golden State killer left a trail of horror

Yesterday's concerns about how they got the DNA is an afterthought now, as the article takes a trip down memory lane and the new ads for Mother's Day gifts by 23andMe have begun appearing on television.

The illegal caravan is still coming despite being out of the news lately (same with Stormy), but that hasn't been true of Bill or the teachers. It's whatever serves the agenda at the time.

Tom Brokaw draws support in fight against misconduct allegations 

I guess Abraham is right, nothing at all has changed. Shame on those 65 women in the media. Keep your mouth shut seems to be the message. Brokaw is now claiming he is the victim (what is with these guys, anyway?), and that all he may have done is ‘‘leaned over for a perfunctory good night kiss’’ on the cheek. 

I'm sorry, maybe it is me, but I have never viewed that as a "perfunctory" obligation. What it says to me is Brokaw still doesn't get it, and it exposes the "movement" for what it is: nothing but a political cudgel (btw, when are charges going to be filed against Lauer, Rose, Halperin, et al?).

At least 9 members of Congress have lost their jobs. You'll have to be happy with that.


Charlie Baker gets endorsement but will face primary challenge

The Globe sure gave a lot of pre$$ to a "fringe candidate with hardly any staff or fund-raising," that is "most known for — his controversial writings about gay people, including his claim that homosexuals controlled the German Nazi Party." 

Beyond that, what is noticeable is the level of Trump support in the article and the one just below it:

At Mass. GOP confab, delegates offer praise for Trump

Could it really be possible that the pre$$ is pushing a phony narrative for an upcoming election?

Elizabeth Warren endorses Nick Collins for state Senate

Only 50 supporters showed up?

Guatemalan immigrant released after January arrest

Then the Chinese woman can holler discrimination, right?

Man found fatally shot in Dorchester early Saturday morning

Nobody much cared, people stepped around it without noticing, and I'm wondering if the hit men have been reactivated after a lull to begin what seem to be unsolvable, random shooting across the city in pursuit of the gun control agenda.

Accused killer of Maine deputy captured in woods after manhunt

That people noticed.

You may not have noticed this:

"A Northborough man on probation from a previous child pornography conviction faced another charge at federal court in Worcester on Friday, authorities said. Joshua Lundberg, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child porn in a plea agreement recommending 10 years in prison with 10 years of supervised release, according to the US attorney’s office for Massachusetts. In May 2016, investigators traced a pornographic video to the IP address at Lundberg’s house and later executed a search warrant of the home, prosecutors said in a statement. During the search, investigators found a laptop hidden in a slim space between the top kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, according to the statement. The laptop had been used to share the video and dozens of digital porn files, including a depiction of a young child being raped by a man. At the time, Lundberg was on probation for a 2012 conviction in Worcester Superior Court for possessing and disseminating child pornography, prosecutors said. Lundberg’s sentencing is scheduled for July 23."

..... right to the very end.

Time to go surfing USA.