Monday, April 9, 2018

The Globe's Monday Morning $h!t

It's the Globe's top story this morning, and it's 2003 all over again! 

"Trump says Syria will pay ‘big price’ for new chemical attack" by Julie Hirschfeld Davis New York Times  April 08, 2018 

And it's John Bolton's first day, how about that, huh? 

Before scanning the front page paragraphs that I eventually decided were nothing but pure war drum filth, I asked this question: why would the Syrians do such a thing?? They have won the war and are mopping up the U.S.- and $unni-supplied "terrorists." This attack makes absolutely no sense whatsoever were the propaganda pre$$ narrative were to be believed.

Upon the turn-in I find: 

WASHINGTON — The attack appeared to break the will of Douma’s rebels, who agreed Sunday to a deal with the government to hand the area over and be bused to another area outside government control in the country’s north. 

Yup, one phony bull-oney charge as they are bussed to a U.S. sanctuary.

Western governments expressed alarm at the latest attack, with the British Foreign Office calling for an urgent investigation and saying that if the use of chemical weapons proved to be true, “it is further proof of Assad’s brutality.”

Now that Skripal is falling apart they need to divert attention to something else!

State news media in Syria denied that government forces had used chemical weapons and accused the Islamist rebel group that controls Douma, the Army of Islam, of fabricating the videos to solicit international support as defeat loomed.

The Russian Foreign and Defense Ministries also denied that chemical weapons had been used.

They have all caught on, and the Russians warned us about this very particularly a few weeks ago. Said a false flag was being prepared; therefore, this propaganda being blared from the front page is a false flag at best, a fake video at worst, and the entire internet is alive on what an obvious false-flag, or even completely phony, attack this is. They are calling it another Reichstag Fire as we sleep walk towards WWIII (read all updates and comments).

The Syrian government and its allies — the Russian military and militias backed by Iran — have surrounded and bombarded the area, killing more than 1,600 people and forcing tens of thousands to flee, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict from Britain through contacts in Syria.

Douma has been the last remaining town still controlled by rebels in the area, and the Syrian government vowed to retake it.

Over the weekend, the government began another offensive in the area. The intensity of the shelling and airstrikes caused many residents to seek safety in basements, which could have made them more vulnerable to poisonous gases.

How goes that Saudi offensive in Yemen, anyway?

On Saturday afternoon, 15 people, including women and children, reported breathing problems after an airstrike in their area, Mahmoud Aadam a spokesman for the Syrian Civil Defense, which rescues people after airstrikes, said via Facebook Live on Sunday.

Well, as we have all seen since the Cambridge Analytica scandal was unfurled by the pre$$, Facebook is fake news!! Can't have it both ways, guys!

Then, after dark, a government helicopter dropped exploding barrels that dispersed an unknown chemical substance that affected many more people, Aadam said. The continued assaults made it hard for rescue workers to look for victims, he said, meaning that it was difficult to establish a comprehensive death toll. Those symptoms included trouble breathing, foaming at the mouth, burning eyes, and the “emission of a chlorine-like odor.”

I'm starting to choke on laughter because this smells like nothing but crap!

On Sunday, rescue workers were “going into homes and finding people dead,” he said.

Thomas Bossert, Trump’s Homeland Security adviser, said he and the rest of the president’s national security team had conferred with the president about how to respond to the chemical attack. Asked specifically about the possibility of a missile strike, Bossert did not rule it out.

“I wouldn’t take anything off the table,” Bossert said on ABC’s “This Week.” “These are horrible photos; we’re looking into the attack at this point.”

That raised the prospect of a strike along the lines of one that the president ordered almost exactly a year ago after a sarin gas attack in Khan Sheikhoun that killed more than 80 civilians. In that strike, the US military dropped 59 Tomahawk missiles on the Al Shayrat airfield. 

Yeah, and if Trump falls for this fake again it will show just how much of a Zionist tool he is. Of course, he did that one-off to get them off his back because his inclination is to ‘‘to get out, to bring our troops back home, to start rebuilding our nation.’’ 

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than this stink erupted.

Trump may be considering such a strike even as he has expressed his desire in recent days to pull US troops out of Syria, where they are seeking to eliminate the last vestiges of the Islamic State.

Which is odd because "Obama unleashed the CIA to operate covertly with Saudi Arabia and other countries. The CIA and Saudi Arabia teamed up in an operation code-named Timber Sycamore to back anti-Assad Syrian forces and jihadists from outside Syria."

White House officials said Trump would meet Monday at the White House with senior military leaders.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said Trump should make good on what the president appeared to be threatening on Twitter.

If the president “doesn’t follow through and live up to that tweet, he’s going to look weak in the eyes of Russia and Iran,” Graham said on “This Week.” “This is a defining moment.”

Even Senator Susan Collins of Maine said a military response by the United States should remain an option. Then all will be well. (At least "we" have Democrats that disagree, right?)

Time to REALLY PANIC (so where do they stand on the draft?)!

“You need to follow through with that tweet,” he added. “Show a resolve that Obama never did to get this right.”

Yup, join the list and all the concerns regarding impeachment will just melt away, too! You'll have to wait until 2020, Globe!

About the time of the 2013 chemical attack in Syria, Trump had argued fiercely against US intervention in Syria. In more than a dozen messages on Twitter in 2013 and 2014, he said the nation’s civil war was “not our problem” and that American troops should “stay out.”

That was before he was sitting in the Oval Office and under Zionist control.

In a statement Saturday night, the State Department called the situation in Douma an “alleged chemical weapons attack” and said the reports about it were “horrifying and demand an immediate response by the international community.”

The statement took Moscow to task, saying it had breached international obligations and calling into question its commitment to weapons nonproliferation, but while members of his administration have often been harshly critical of Putin, Trump has in general spoken warmly of his Russian counterpart.

US officials said the process was underway to confirm whether the Syrian government had used chemical weapons and, if so, what kind.

How long they going to wait before confirming the lie?

Since last April’s strike on the airfield, the Pentagon has updated lists of potential Syrian military and government targets should Trump order another strike.

Oh, had the targets ready to go and on his desk just like the Afghan invasion was on Bush's desk just before 9/11.

A senior Navy officer said Sunday that warships capable of firing cruise missiles were in the Mediterranean on routine, long-scheduled deployments but had not received any orders to prepare to move closer to Syria or to prepare to carry out any strikes.....

Let's hope cooler heads prevail. You know, the ones who see this endless pile of Zioni$t war propaganda for what it is.


All I see is a guy in a gas mask holding a kid, that's all. Can't confirm anything else. If you think I'm believing the caption provided by the lying, war-promoting pre$$, you haven't been paying attention.

UPDATESSyria, Russia blame Israel for pre-dawn missile strike on air base

Well, they did foreshadow such a thing, and there are multiple reports of an attack on Syria while my entire jew$paper is nothing but the Zioni$t War Agenda, front and center (btw, nothing from Gaza today -- except for what the Globe hid, nor Yemen, but amazingly the in the Congo makes an appearance. Kabila must be running afoul of the ma$ters). Even the Pope is chiming in, although his moral authority is greatly diminished in light of the centuries of pedophilia in the Church. Looks like that is where will be the next mass casualty event in AmeriKa, too.

Time to the train the hell out of Bo$ton:

"Rail officials knew that judge’s son had poor driving record, yet made him an engineer" by Andrea Estes Globe Staff  April 09, 2018

The former operator of the state’s commuter rail system said earlier this year that it was unaware one of its engineers had a poor driving record — more than 80 pages long — when it put him behind the controls of a locomotive train.

But internal records obtained by the Globe indicate that the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company, which operated the system until 2014, knew that Roberto Ronquillo III had had his license suspended twice after being pulled over for drunken driving. Despite this, he started training in 2011 to become an engineer, carrying thousands of commuters each day.

Ronquillo, son of the chief justice of the Boston Municipal Court, was also penalized multiple times for safety violations on the job both before and after Keolis took over the system in 2014.

So that is how he got the job, huh?

“Employees that repeatedly engage in risky behavior have no business running a train or working on a track gang,” said David Hughes, former Amtrak acting chief executive and chief engineer. “Risky behavior is a hazard to everyone nearby.”

Roberto Ronquillo III has a long, notably poor driving record — printed out, it exceeds 80 pages — including multiple stops for drunken driving and 10 license suspensions.

Ronquillo left Keolis weeks after the Globe published a story in February detailing his lengthy driving record. He did not respond to requests for comment. A company spokesman wouldn’t provide details.

I wasn't blogging back then so.....

Spokesman Tory Mazzola declined to discuss Ronquillo’s disciplinary record, saying: “We don’t comment on personnel matters or the specifics of an individual’s performance.”

But in an e-mailed statement, Mazzola said: “The safety of our passengers and employees is our highest priority. We have a robust program of monitoring performance, providing continuous training, and evaluating train operations.”

MBCR, which oversaw the system from 2003 to mid-2014, dissolved and is no longer a company. A spokesman declined to comment.

MBCR certified him as an engineer in 2012 and recertified him in 2013.

By the time he was granted a transfer to customer service in 2017, Ronquillo had amassed a personal driving record so bad that a state board said he could have a license only if his car was outfitted with an ignition interlock device, which requires a breath test to start the car.

When the Globe published its story in February, former commuter rail officials suggested they were unaware of how bad Ronquillo’s driving record was.

A person associated with MBCR acknowledged at the time that there was no evidence in the defunct company’s records that MBCR checked Ronquillo’s driving history before re-certifying him to be an engineer in 2013.

“It’s unacceptable. It should never have happened,” said this person, who was not allowed to speak publicly for the company. “We should have caught it.”

But records show that MBCR did pull Ronquillo’s driving record twice, once before he was promoted from assistant conductor to engineer in 2011. At that time, the record would have shown two drunken driving arrests — one in 2003 and another in 2008 — among other driving infractions. Because of his troubles, the company required as a condition of his promotion that he agree to enhanced drug and alcohol testing for two years.

MBCR officials earlier this year suggested they first certified Ronquillo because federal rules allowed them to look at Ronquillo’s record for only the preceding three years, a period that did not include any drunken driving convictions or license suspensions.

Hughes, the former Amtrak acting CEO, said MBCR should never have promoted Ronquillo to engineer.

“Nothing prevents the operators from checking lifestyles for employees who will have life and death responsibility for passengers and other employees,” he said. “The fact that enhanced screening was imposed says they already knew he was a risky hire.’”

And MBCR officials pulled his record again in September 2013 — a year after he had been operating trains by himself as a fully certified engineer.

By this time, Ronquillo’s personal driving record had only gotten worse — he had completed bad driver’s school, a course required when drivers have three accidents or traffic offenses for which they were found responsible within a 24-month period. (Ronquillo completed the course three times, according to the RMV.)

He had also been arrested and convicted of drunken driving in California and charged with drunken driving after getting into an accident in the Back Bay, records show.

In January 2014, because of the California conviction, the Registry of Motor Vehicles suspended Ronquillo’s license to drive, which put him in the position of being licensed to drive a commuter rail train but not an automobile.

Ronquillo was required to report the license suspensions, something he did not do, according to MBCR and Keolis officials.

Nor did Ronquillo inform Keolis in April 2015 that Medford police pulled him over in his Cadillac while his license was suspended for drunken driving. This time, he was found in violation of probation and sent to jail overnight — the only time he has been locked up, records show.

All the while, Ronquillo continued to drive commuter rail trains, running up infractions at work while he was running up infractions on the road.....

In 2013, 2014, twice in 2015, and his last in 2016.


On the flip side I am reminded that I should break this addiction and stay inside tomorrow morning.


Michigan will no longer provide free bottled water to Flint

What's with the winter coats and hats?

You know, managing water is the government’s “most important policy challenge.” 

I know he ate lead as child, but: 

‘‘I'm sure when I was 2 years old I was somewhere eating a paint chip,’’ he said with a chuckle, and he encouraged parents to get medical checkups for their children. ‘‘They will be fine . . . as long as we’re looking after them’’

Ummm, no they won't be, jerk. The damage from lead poisoning is irreversible!


"Workers’ radiation exposure atomic plant demolition" Associated Press  April 08, 2018

SPOKANE, Wash. — Seven decades after the making of key portions of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation are being exposed to radiation as they tear down buildings that helped create the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

Dozens of workers demolishing a plutonium processing plant from the 1940s have inhaled or ingested radioactive particles in the past year, and even carried some of that radiation into their vehicles, according to the US Department of Energy.

Where did the cars go?

The incidents have prompted the federal government, along with state regulators, to halt the demolition of the sprawling Plutonium Finishing Plant until a safe plan can be developed.

The contamination has also shaken confidence in a massive cleanup of Hanford, the nation’s most polluted nuclear weapons production site. The work costs the federal treasury around $2 billion a year. Hanford is near the city of Richland, about 200 miles southeast of Seattle.

They are asking us to have confidence in institutions and people who have proven to be nothing but corrupt, neglectful, and $elf-$erving, all the while looting and lying. All that money being spent to clean up wasteful programs that caused massive pollution, but we all may have to worry about a different kind of radiation soon, that of fallout from the mushroom clouds. That is where this world is being driven by western and Zionist psychopaths.

Oh, btw, forget about the radioactive contamination. Just don't piss in the pool!

‘‘This is a very disturbing set of incidents,’’ said Tom Carpenter, head of the Seattle-based watchdog group Hanford Challenge.

The Energy Department, which owns Hanford, has launched an independent investigation into the spread of radiation at the plant. The investigation will be conducted by an agency office that is not connected to work at Hanford.

Radioactive particles are known to have contaminated 42 workers, which led to the shutdown of demolition, the agency has said.

Carpenter said widespread worker contamination has been rare at Hanford in recent decades. Plutonium production ended in the 1980s and the site in 1989 switched its focus to cleanup of nuclear wastes.

‘‘It’s one of the more serious events to happen in the age of cleanup at Hanford,’’ Carpenter said. ‘‘There have been other incidents, but none rose to the level of plutonium contamination of this many people and private vehicles and being found miles and miles away.’’

A union representing some Hanford workers said it was closely monitoring the situation.

‘‘We’ve got our eyes on [the Energy Department] and will do what we’ve got to do to keep workers safe,’’ said Paul Ruggles, vice-president of the Hanford Atomic Metal Trades Council.

Workers have the ability to immediately shut a project down, and will not hesitate to do so if their safety is threatened, Ruggles said. 

Why do the words of labor ring so hollow in AmeriKa?

Hanford officials issued a report in late March that said a total of 42 Hanford workers inhaled or ingested radioactive particles from demolition of the Plutonium Finishing Plant when they were exposed during contamination events in June and December of last year.

Radioactive contamination was also found outside plant offices and inside two dozen vehicles, the report said.

Seven workers’ homes were checked for radioactive contamination, with none found, the report said.

The report concluded Hanford officials placed too much reliance on air-monitoring systems that failed to pick up the spread of radioactive particles.

Managers of the private contractor performing the demolition work for the federal government were also caught between maintaining safety and trying to make progress toward project deadlines, according to the report.

Yup, choices, choices.


I then smelt the residue of gunpowder along with something fishy (at least it wasn't pedophilia).

"Shortly after news of the fire broke, President Trump, who was in Washington, tweeted: ‘‘Fire at Trump Tower is out. Very confined (well built building). Firemen (and women) did a great job. Thank you!’’ Asked if that assessment was accurate, Nigro said, ‘‘It’s a well-built building. The upper floors, the residence floors, are not sprinklered.’’ Fire sprinklers were not required in New York City high-rises when Trump Tower was completed in 1983....."

So when does it drop into its own footprint, and did you see the rent?


"Hungary’s hard-line leader earns another term" by James McAuley Washington Post  April 08, 2018

BUDAPEST — Viktor Orban, Hungary’s staunchly antimigrant prime minister, was reelected Sunday after his right-wing Fidesz party was projected to win a supermajority of seats in Hungary’s Parliament.

The resounding victory will likely permit Orban’s government to continue with democratic backsliding.

With 88 percent of the vote counted, Orban’s ruling party and its small ally, the Christian Democrat party, had secured 133 of the 199 seats in Parliament, the minimum needed for a two-thirds majority, according to projections.

The right-wing nationalist Jobbik party placed second, with 26 seats, while a Socialist-led, left-wing coalition ran third, with 20.

Only two other parties, former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany’s Democratic Coalition and the green Politics Can Be Different party were expected to surpass the 5 percent threshold needed to form a parliamentary faction.

In his acceptance speech to cheering supporters, Orban called the result a mandate.

‘‘We created the opportunity to defend Hungary,’’ he said. “A great battle is behind us. We have achieved a decisive victory.’’

The vote — easily the most consequential since Hungary’s post-communist transition — was widely seen as a reflection on the state of democracy and the rule of law in a European Union member state that in recent years has been sliding toward autocracy.

The result, coming in an election with high turnout, squashed any hopes of an opposition presence in a country that has essentially been a one-party state for nearly a decade.

Well, at least we know for which side the WaPo cast its ballot. As for me, I'm tired of the code words and all the rest -- especially when I live in a country that is a one-party state, the Zionist Party, with two factions. Nice trick.

In the past eight years in power, Orban — in two consecutive terms as prime minister — has enacted drastic changes to Hungary’s constitution, attempted to dismantle its system of checks and balances, and sought to silence his critics, notably in the Hungarian media.

As he cast his ballot, Orban couched the election in existential terms: ‘‘What’s at stake is Hungary’s future,’’ he said.

In a video posted Sunday on his Facebook page, Gergely Karacsony, the Socialist party candidate for prime minister, announced that the turnout alone constituted an important achievement. ‘‘We are hopeful that the higher the turnout, the more people will vote for change,’’ he said.

But the results didn’t bear that out, with the turnout exceeding 68 percent just before the polls closed.

For some voters — even those who saw no viable alternative — the point was to limit the party’s power by any available means. To that end, this election, compared with Orban’s victories in 2010 and 2014, was widely seen as a battle over the country’s democratic future.

Soros didn't kick in any money this time?

‘‘What they are doing with the rule of law, with democratic institutions, they’re taking everything away from the people,’’ said Frazsina Nagy, 28, a lawyer in Budapest, after she cast her ballot.

‘‘The situation is terrifying,’’ said Lilla Szalay, 37, a psychologist, who stood with her young daughter after voting in a Budapest school. ‘‘Everybody wants to go abroad. If things stay this way, we will have to go abroad, too — and I don’t want to.’’

‘‘It’s the corruption. In other countries, when there’s stories like this that come out, there is at least a kind of shame, a kind of immediate dismissal,’’ said a man who agreed to be identified only as Adam. ‘‘Here they don’t even bother with that. They know they are untouchable.’’

He hasn't been to AmeriKa! You get PROMOTED for such things!

Some of Orban’s supporters agree that their leader has his downsides but ultimately vowed to stand by him.

Yeah, he won overwhelmingly but it was a tepid mandate. 


Gabor Csorba, 48, a church finance officer, said he did not approve of certain aspects of Orban’s personality and rhetoric but that he voted for the incumbent anyway.

‘‘It’s better this kind of society will continue or else there will be instability ahead,’’ he said, after casting his ballot at the same polling place as Orban, noting that he has been a Fidesz voter since the 1990s, after Hungary’s post-communist transition.

‘‘I don’t see any program from the opposition,’’ Csorba said.

They must be Democrats!

Zsuzsa Dessewffy, 68, a producer with Echo television, a channel owned by one of Orban’s oligarch friends, likewise said there was no alternative. She also voted for the incumbent, she said.

‘‘He is the only one who has some spirit. The other side had eight years to find someone with that kind of spirit.’’

This is a point that even some of Orban’s critics concede.

‘‘The opposition is fragmented,’’ said Zoltan Katzenbach, a retired finance professional, outside of a polling place in Buda. ‘‘There is no real stable challenger.’’

‘‘The opposition parties started to work on cooperation too late,’’ Nagy said.....



"Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will try to secure his third consecutive term, and fourth overall since 1998, in Sunday’s parliamentary election, facing a fragmented left-wing opposition and a nationalist party. Polls show Orban’s Fidesz party and the Christian Democrats, an ally, are favored to win most of the 199 seats at stake, but there are many uncertainties about how big their margins of victory will be (AP)."

All the uncertainty been cleared up for you?

"International Court says Israel, Hamas acts on border may be war crimes" by Ilan Ben Zion Associated Press  April 08, 2018

JERUSALEM — The chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court raised concerns Sunday that Israel and Hamas may have committed war crimes during a current flare-up of violence in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement, Fatou Bensouda’s office expressed ‘‘grave concern’’ over the shootings of Palestinians by Israeli troops during mass protests along Gaza’s border with Israel.

Her office said that Israel’s ‘‘violence against civilians — in a situation such as one prevailing in Gaza’’ may constitute war crimes.


C'mon, U.N.

But in an apparent reference to Gaza’s Hamas rulers, she also said ‘‘the use of civilian presence for the purpose of shielding military activities’’ could also be a war crime. 

Oh, so they have adopted the Israeli line of human shields. How disgusting!

I wouldn't expect any charges to come forth. I mean, when was the last time you saw anyone other than some double-crossed African tinpot dictator or recalcitrant Serb up there? I have yet to see Bush, Bliar, or the coterie of Israeli war cabinet criminals being marched in front of the bar in chains.

Of course, the ‘‘two things need to be seen separately, independent of the fact.’’

Bensouda is already in the midst of a ‘‘preliminary examination’’ of possible war crimes, launched after a 2014 war between Israel and Hamas. That is the first step toward a formal war crimes investigation.

They are still investigating from four years ago? How long can it take?

‘‘While a preliminary examination is not an investigation, any new alleged crime committed in the context of the situation in Palestine may be subjected to my office’s scrutiny,’’ she said. ‘‘This applies to the events of the past weeks and to any future incident.’’

Then you need to also go back in 1948, too.

Palestinian health officials say at least 31 people have been killed by Israeli fire, including 25 people killed during protests.

Yeah, Israel has been shooting at them all week. Soldiers get bored in their snipers nests along the berms.

Israel says the protests are a smoke screen for attacks on its troops and attempts to breach the border fence. It says militants have attempted to carry out shootings plant bombs or infiltrate the fence, and that its snipers have only fired at ‘‘instigators’’ trying to carry out attacks.

I've kind of stopped listening to the endless lies that come out of Israel's mouth, sorry.

But witness accounts and amateur videos have shown some demonstrators appeared to be unarmed or far from the fence when they were shot. The European Union and United Nations have called for an independent investigation into the shootings.

I didn't see the United States joining them in the call, and there you go. Eyewitnesses and real video prove that the Israelis are lying out of every orifice they have.

Hamas, an Islamic militant group that calls for Israel’s destruction, has sought to organize protests until May 15, the anniversary of Israel’s founding. Palestinians on that date commemorate their mass uprooting during the 1948 war over Israel’s creation. 

That's another distortion at best. What Hamas has said is the Palestinian Authority can negotiate a two-state settlement and that they would then put that deal to a referendum.

Hamas, which is considered a terrorist group by Israel and its Western allies, has controlled Gaza since ousting forces of internationally recognized President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007.

There they go again! They didn't "oust" anyone. Hamas won the right to govern through election. 

You know, after a while you get so, so sick of the endless lies, distortions, and omissions of the pre$$ you just tune them out.

On Sunday, Abbas said that unless his government reassumes full control over Gaza, including the rival party’s weapons stockpiles, he will ‘‘not be responsible for what goes on’’ there.

Exposing himself as the Zionist tool everyone knows he is!

Abbas’s comments dealt another blow to months of US-backed Egyptian efforts to negotiate a deal that would sideline Hamas and enable the Palestinian self-rule government to return to Gaza.

Is that what the deal was because that is not the way I recall it being reported at all. It was to be a unity government. No wonder talks have collapsed. Abbas behaves just like the Zionists he has to negotiate with!

Recent reconciliation efforts by Abbas’s Fatah party and Hamas have stalled.

In a separate development Sunday, Israeli police said a Palestinian who tried to stab an Israeli in the West Bank was shot.

Except it is NOT a "separate development." If it were, it wouldn't be in the article. That's how devious are the Jewi$h propagandists that write this sh*t. You are meant to make the mental linkage even though they claim it's separate.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the Palestinian was armed with a long screwdriver and was trying to stab the Israeli near the settlement of Mishor Adumim when another Israeli civilian shot the would-be attacker. The wounded Palestinian was taken to hospital in serious condition.

You'd think it were Indianapolis. We are told he was armed, blah, blah, but the indisputable fact is an Israeli shot a Palestinian.

There has been a spike in violence since President Trump’s Dec. 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Palestinians seek East Jerusalem as their future capital and view Trump’s decision as siding with Israel.


A rabbi says you should go visit the mosque.

Also see:

Pakistan summons US envoy over deadly crash

Remember Raymond Davis and what it cost to get him out?

Pretty much at war with Pakistan anyway, and that is the route of Chinese troops will take if needed. Hope India is ready for it (you can always flee to Nepal, ladies, just don't take a plane).

Gee, India makes a deal with Russia for missile defense and all of a sudden my jew$paper is raising the mistreatment of women. Remember the tourist rapes and the bride burnings?


Sorry I don't care about Kansas or Cosby and the movement narratives surrounding the continued coverage.

"In first year, Gorsuch is reliable conservative vote" by Jessica Gresko Associated Press  April 08, 2018

WASHINGTON — So far, President Trump’s pick for the high court, its 113th justice, has been what Republicans believed and hoped he would be — a reliably conservative vote.

In some cases, Neil Gorsuch, who became the Supreme Court’s newest member a year ago this Tuesday, has been criticized for seemingly talking down to readers or to his colleagues on the opposite side of an issue, but he has also won praise for being clear and engaging.

The Bo$ton Globe does it to me every morning.

Opinion writing isn’t new for Gorsuch, who spent a decade as a federal appeals court judge before joining the Supreme Court. Now, however, it comes with higher stakes and a broader audience.

Analysts caution against reading too much into Gorsuch’s first Supreme Court writings. 

The article continues anyway.

Gorsuch has been the target of criticism from the left over the past year, perhaps in part because of the political atmosphere in which he was confirmed.

Some critics have noted that Gorsuch’s few public appearances since becoming a justice have included speaking at events linked to people who helped him get his new job. His decision to speak at an event at Trump’s Washington hotel in September drew particular ire.

Gorsuch has some special roles as the court’s newest member. Those include taking notes and speaking last at the justices’ private conferences as well as opening the door when anyone knocks.

So he is a gopher due to seniority? 

Who knew the Court was a frat?

Gorsuch gave up ready access to skiing, a favorite activity, when he left his home in Colorado for the nation’s capital. His outdoor activities these days include taking regular, early morning bike rides, he has said, and he has been spotted leaving the court on two wheels.....

Why is the pre$$ advertising his daily routine?



Now the Globe cares about Brazil and it looks to me like opposition is forming to the American puppet that was installed in a judicial coup:

"Jailing of former Brazil leader puts election in turmoil" by Mauricio Savarese Associated Press  April 08, 2018

CURITIBA, Brazil — Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva woke up in jail Sunday as the first current or former president in Brazil’s modern history to be incarcerated, adding unpredictability to the country’s upcoming presidential elections.

Foreshadowing possible unrest in the weeks to come, about 500 supporters remained outside the jail hours after police shot rubber bullets and sprayed tear gas to disperse the crowd.

That's why the AmeriKan pre$$ took notice.

The Workers’ Party said eight people were injured during the Saturday night’s clashes and one was hospitalized. No serious injuries were reported.

‘‘The police cowardly attacked us last night, but we accept that we have to stay outside the perimeter. We will respect it,’’ said Roberto Baggio, local coordinator of the Landless Workers’ Movement.

‘‘We are expecting people from southern Brazil to arrive here today,’’ Baggio said. “We are not leaving until Lula is freed.’’

Federal police agents said da Silva did not speak during his transfer from Sao Bernardo do Campo to Curitiba.

Da Silva’s fall from grace has unfolded steadily over the past week after the Supreme Federal Tribunal, the country’s top court, ruled against his petition to remain free while he continued to appeal his 12-year sentence for money laundering and corruption. But his prison conditions will not be dismal.

What is it, home arrest like what they get here?

Not considered a formal cell, the 160-square-feet room that has been set aside for the former president is on the fourth floor of the five-story Federal Police building in Curitiba. It is mostly used as a dormitory for agents visiting from other cities across the country.

It's still a jail!

Brazilian news site G1 reported that da Silva’s room has bars on the outer side of its single window and none on its door. It has enough space for a single bed and a small table now that its usual bunk beds have been removed. It also has a private bathroom with a toilet and a shower with hot water.

They make it sound like a four-star hotel!

Federal police said da Silva had bread, butter, and coffee for breakfast on Sunday morning and was told that he could knock on his room’s door if there was anything he needed. 

I see he is getting the regular prison rations, though.

He was also told he would be allowed to watch TV, and police said he was planning to watch his soccer team, Corinthians, play the state championship final against their arch rivals, Palmeiras.

Oh, well, now he is being spoiled!

Workers’ Party leader Gleisi Hoffmann said da Silva was in a good mood and that she accompanied the former president until he entered the room where he will serve his sentence.

Meanwhile, opinions about the jailing of da Silva remained strong in the southern city of Curitiba, which is considered to be the center of the so-called ‘‘Car Wash’’ investigation.

Judge Sergio Moro, who oversees many of the Car Wash cases in the city and ordered da Silva arrested, is often seen as a hero for jailing politicians involved in the widespread corruption scheme.

Let's put him on the Supreme Court!

‘‘There are a lot of people in jail who haven’t even been tried. Lula was sentenced to 12 years in prison, he should have been there already,’’ said Valmir Oliveira, who works for Parana’s sanitation company. ‘‘For the majority that works for this country, this was a relief. He is not above the law. I hope more of those politicians come to Curitiba.’’

A few houses around the federal police building flew Brazilian flags, which have become a symbol of those who wanted da Silva jailed. But detractors had largely left the area around the jail, and downtown Curitiba was quiet on Sunday as residents seemed to go about their day.

Da Silva will be held far from other prisoners in the building, who are on the second floor, G1 reported.

Some of those being held in the general lockup area are also charged with crimes related to the Car Wash corruption scandal, such as Antonio Palocci, a former minister in da Silva’s government, and Leo Pinheiro, the former president of construction firm OAS, who testified that the apartment at the center of da Silva’s case was reserved for the former president as part of a bribe.

During his time at the jail, da Silva will be on 24-hour watch and will be given two hours outside each day. His three meals will be served with plastic utensils and he will be able to receive visitors on Wednesdays, G1 also said.

Regular inmates only get one.

The towering political figure, who had originally defied an arrest warrant and hunkered down in a metal workers union where he began his rise through the ranks of Brazilian politics, will continue to appeal his corruption conviction from jail.

Hey, Trump, you better bomb Syria!!


So when is the riot?

Another drive-by fake in Germany?

"German van driver had run-ins with police, suicidal thoughts" by Kirsten Grieshaber Associated Press  April 08, 2018

MÜNSTER, Germany — The 48-year-old German man who drove a van into a crowd in Münster was well known to police, had a history of run-ins with the law and had expressed suicidal thoughts to a neighbor last month, German prosecutors said Sunday.

The man, whose name was not released, killed two people and injured 20 others Saturday afternoon by crashing into those drinking outside a popular bar in the western German city’s Old Town. He then shot himself to death inside the van.

Yeah, if you say so. 

He was a prohibitionist then?

The impact of the crash was so violent that the van did not stop until it hit the pub’s stone wall.

Police said Sunday that they believed he acted alone, but did not explain why they thought that.

The picture painted by police showed the suspect as a Münster resident who was apparently financially well off but was frequently at odds with authorities and in court often. Local media reported that he is an industrial designer who once threatened his father with an ax.

I'm tired of pictures that the police paint.

Münster police President Hajo Kuhlisch said the man’s four apartments — two in Münster and two in Saxony — and several cars had been searched thoroughly.

Prosecutors said he had expressed suicidal plans by e-mail to a neighbor. Police were told about the e-mail and went to the man’s Münster home but he was not there.

They then told local authorities at the man’s other homes in Dresden and Pirna in eastern Germany about the note, but he could not be found there either.

In a joint statement Sunday, police and prosecutors said the suspect didn’t mention any intention to harm other people in his e-mail. The city’s health services had also been in touch with the man, but authorities didn’t say why. Germany has very strict privacy laws on medical issues.

Authorities still appeared stumped about the man’s motive for the attack. ‘‘We have no indications that there is a political background or that others were involved’’ in Saturday’s deadly crash, prosecutor Elke Adomeit told reporters. ‘‘But he was well known to the police.’’

They always are!

Inside the silver-gray van, police found illegal firecrackers that were disguised as a fake bomb, a fake pistol, and the real gun that the driver used to kill himself.

Was it a Ford?

Inside the apartment where the man was living, which was near the crash scene, police found more firecrackers and a ‘‘no-longer usable AK-47 machine gun.’’ Police also found several gas bottles and canisters containing gasoline and bio-ethanol, but did not know yet why they were stored there.

Right, he was a suicidal bomb.... er.

How do you say Gladio mind f*** in German?

‘‘We are now focusing our investigations on getting a comprehensive picture of the perpetrator’s behavior in the weeks [before the crash] to find out his motivation for this horrible act,’’ Kuhlisch said in the statement.

In a separate development Sunday, six people were detained in connection with what police and prosecutors allege was a plan to carry out an attack on Berlin’s half-marathon Sunday, German authorities said. 

Another "separate" development!

‘‘There were isolated indications that those arrested, aged between 18 and 21 years, were participating in the preparation of a crime in connection with this event,’’ prosecutors and police said.

The German daily Die Welt first reported that police foiled a plot to attack race spectators and participants with knives. It said the main suspect allegedly knew Anis Amri, a Tunisian who killed 12 people and injured dozens more when he drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin in December 2016.....

Well, you might as well avoid the race, especially with the assassination squads prowling the area (you were forewarned, you know). Fits in perfectly with the disarming agenda and push, doesn't it? 

Took your mind off of Deutsche Bank’s problems though, didn't it?


Was on his way to Houston, believe it or not.

Globe doesn't want to talk so all quiet now.