Monday, April 16, 2018

Sprint Monday

What with the weather and all:

On Marathon day, this family of autistic twin runners deserves cheers

Boston Marathon bombings remembered in somber events

A somber Boston Marathon anniversary

Dear Boston, your spirit and caring empowered us

The top story is still Syria, and rather than type the same things and regurgitate the endless propaganda from my pre$$ I'm running forward.

Related: France leads new effort to end civil war in Syria 

The turn-in companion piece when the peril is within.


In Boston-area condos and apartments, the smell of pot pits neighbor against neighbor

Now that marijuana is legal, new narcs are walking the beat: In the Fenway, Charles Martel, who is a clinical social worker and president of his condo building’s board, and other antismoking advocates are trying to educate others about risks beyond unwanted odors, the impact of secondhand smoke, and the possibility that pot smoking could harm property values. “We’re talking about people breaking into units [to steal pot plants],” he said.

Look, it's the Ganja Gestapo!

Katherine Burchman, who regularly vapes marijuana in her Fenway condo, said, “It’s a witch hunt,” noting that she’s caught an upstairs neighbor sniffing outside her door. Her neighbor feels within her rights, Burchman acknowledged, because the building has voted to ban smoking and vaping. Burchman bought into the building before rules were in place but hasn’t been grandfathered in. “I feel like I can’t be comfortable in my own home,” she said.

She must be a Trump voter, and hasn't she been persecuted enough over her faith?.

The recent surge in antismoking efforts has been prompted by marijuana, but any new condo rules also sweep in tobacco smokers, said attorney Richard Brooks. “There are people who’ve been smoking cigarettes for 30 years and all of a sudden they’re being told they can’t smoke in their unit,” he said, adding that existing smokers are often grandfathered in — a deal designed to win their support for curbing pot smoking. Antismoking advocates have latched onto a recent story on National Public Radio that asked if there are risks from secondhand marijuana smoke and concluded the “early science says yes.”

PFFFT, cough, cough, cough!

Doesn't pot help people with cancer?

At least the former governor (who claims he never inhaled, but does drink heavily, thereby shredding his credibility) won't have to worry. He's got a nice place over by Union $quare.


Starbucks CEO apologizes after arrest of 2 black men stirs online furor

My appetite for the agenda-pushing racial division promoted by the pre$$ has curdled, sorry.

GOP attorneys general support citizenship question on census


"More local governments in California are resisting the state’s efforts to resist the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown, and political analysts see politics in play as Republicans try to fire up voters in a state where the GOP has grown weak....."

Kentucky governor apologizes for child sex-abuse remarks

It was an Ashbrook kind of apology, and "a record number of passengers flew out of Logan Airport as school vacation kicked off Friday."

Barbara Bush is in ‘failing health,’ won’t seek additional medical treatment

 ‘‘Everybody’s grandmother’’ had a "down-to-earth public image" and is refusing "new body parts," so perhaps those harvested organs can be used on another member of the elite cla$$. 

I predict the husband will die soon after she does, and we will be treated to a statesmanlike funeral for that war criminal, with his drunk war-criminal son shedding a tear no doubt, as the pre$$ opines his legendary bipartisanship after "Read My Lips," ad nauseam, and lectures us all about the need to pull together, etc, etc.

Trump says all lawyers worried by FBI raid on his attorney

I have to give him credit: It's only been 15 months and I'm already tuning the guy out. That is far and above anyone else and a record, so if that's winning I guess he's number one.

In interview, James Comey launches all-out war with Trump

I was already asleep by the time it came on, and wouldn't have watched it even were I awake. If I want fantasy I'll get it somewhere else, not from some lengthy New York Times hatchet job as they front for Comey. 

Clicking ‘checkout’ could cost more after Supreme Court case

I'm told it will destroy what is left of small business as the corporate court looks inclined to favor the government money grab (all for social services, of course. That's how they sell it to you before stealing it and giving it away to well-connected contacts and concerns).


Arab leaders meet to unify ranks, with eye on Iran

Yup, on to the next military aggression, and it looks like Qatar is back on board, too.

Djukanovic sweeps Montenegro presidential vote

Look for Montenegro to be on front lines in the Balkan battleground of WWIII.

US pastor faces terror trial in Turkey

It is a well-known fact throughout the world that one of the standard NOCs of the CIA are  religious organizations.

Attacks in Afghanistan leave 26 dead, school burned

Kim Jong Un welcomes Chinese envoy

All of a sudden, Syria has overshadowed him.

Have you seen the rumors?

Myanmar repatriates first Rohingya family despite UN warnings

Muslims suffering put it at the bottom of page A8, although I should be thankful it is in there at all, right?


Everett shouldn’t have to pay for Steve Wynn’s misdeeds

Videos show Cambridge officer striking black Harvard student

They never mention what he was on, but I'm with the cops on this one. What if this guy who is naked and tripping darted out into traffic and was killed. As far as I can tell, “These officers did absolutely nothing wrong. They followed policy, they did what they were supposed to do, they were professional in all their dealings with these gentlemen — and instead they got the opposite back."

No is spared when it comes to advancing the agenda.

K9 on his feet after Yarmouth police handler slain

Transit systems across Mass. say they need more state aid

The legislature and the governor are talking cuts so they can feed the MBTA while "the state’s share of their funding has not kept pace with increasing costs, such as for employee health insurance and scheduled pay raises for union workers."

Be prepared for government to break its promises once again and ask to open up contracts for negotiation as the corporate welfare and political patronage continues.

Get your tricorn hat on

I find it insulting that people are "playing" war when the real thing is occurring across half the planet.

MIT satellite is off to search for planets outside our solar system

Did you see who is manning it?

Chris Christie to discuss opioid crisis at Harvard panel 

They say the solution is a declaration of national emergency, the back door to martial law and total police state, and who could argue? It's on humanitarian grounds, and if you oppose it then you don't care, right?

"Peace activists are planning a nonviolent action in Lexington on Patriots' Day to protest what they call nuclear escalation. Massachusetts Peace Action says participants in Monday's demonstration will stand frozen for two minutes on Battle Green in Lexington before walking about three miles to the gates of Hanscom Air Force Base to engage in "acts of peaceful, nonviolent civil disobedience." The action represents the frigid cold of a nuclear winter; the Doomsday Clock, which is now at 2 minutes; and it commemorates the hard work of those who worked in the nuclear freeze movement of the 1980s. Organizers say Hanscom has been chosen to build the Nuclear Command and Control system which would control weapons in a nuclear war (AP)."

I wonder if they will be allowed in like the Catholic peace activists in Georgia. 

Former public defender is found dead along hiking trail

This is slowing me down.

"A man allegedly accidentally shot and wounded his girlfriend in Palmer Saturday night, before fatally shooting himself, officials said Sunday. When police officers arrived to the home on River Street around 10:15 p.m., they found a 21-year-old woman who had been shot once in her lower back, according to a statement from the Hampden District Attorney’s office. She was alert and told police that her boyfriend had accidentally shot her while he was unloading his gun, prosecutors said. Police found the man, who was 24 years old, outside the home. He had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, the district attorney’s office said. The woman was taken to Baystate Medical Center for treatment. Her condition was unclear Sunday night. The victims have not been identified. The Palmer police department and the State Police’s detective unit are investigating the incident, which happened in the Thorndike neighborhood of Palmer. In a statement Sunday morning, Palmer police said there is “no cause for alarm in the community.” Reached by phone, a dispatcher for the department declined to comment further and referred all questions to the district attorney’s office."

Joe Kennedy to headline N.H. event favored by potential presidents

You do know what happened to the last Kennedy that was president and the others that ran?


Nothing left to talk about except the new Operation Mockingbird:

"In 2015, Steven Waldman, who ran Beliefnet, a site dedicated to faith and spirituality, and worked for the Federal Communications Commission as a senior adviser, wrote a paper funded by the Ford Foundation arguing for the creation of a national service program for journalists....."

The Ford Foundation is a notorious CIA front, which is why I no longer watch DN.

Maybe the next big hit will save wretched and woeful Hollywood.

Just crossed the finish line.