Thursday, April 26, 2018

This Is It Thursday

I already did a preview and I see not one article I would even be interested in reading.

Was unhappy right from the very start.

At Yale, you can take a course on being happy. And many students are

I'm happiest when I don't buy or blog about what BS is in the Globe on a daily basis. 

At least the class will keep things in a positive perspective when you don't get the job. 

So what did you major in? 


Oh, okay, we'll call you.

Supreme Court will be asked to decide whether bigotry tainted Trump’s travel ban

Logan to study if a train (or monorail) should replace shuttles at the airport

Lawmakers reject Seaport joint policing, but idea may not be dead

That agenda-pushing idea behind the Globe's self-serving expose may not be, but this guys campaign is:

Setti Warren to end campaign for governor


Key Supreme Court justices appear friendly to travel ban

Cosby’s defense criticized as jurors start deliberating

AP, other media seek access to records in Mueller probe

VA nominee ponders withdrawing as new allegations emerge

With help of DNA, police arrest ‘Golden State Killer’ suspect

HUD secretary proposes raising rent for low-income Americans

Needs it to pay for the dining room furnishings, does he?

Military sex assault reports jump 10 percent

First time they have pulled back the covers in a while, ladies.

Florida Republicans may be forced to act on voting rights

SC corrections officers charged with bribery, racketeering

Younger Americans less apt to use unique passwords

Republicans see close margin in Arizona as another wake-up call

Oh, they won?


Pope to host abuse victims individually, seek forgiveness

Danish inventor is convicted of killing journalist

When does the Israeli soldier face them for killing that Palestinian kid, and where is the pre$$ outrage over it?

Chemical weapons team gathers more samples from Syrian town

Indian court jails spiritual guru for life in rape case

China says further steps ready to target Taiwan independence

Hatred of journalists on the rise worldwide, watchdog says

No one likes a liar.

Scientists release most detailed star chart of the Milky Way

Protests Erupt Anew in Armenia Amid Political Deadlock

CIA coup attempt in progress.

Emmanuel Macron challenges American ‘short-term’ thinking on the environment

Germans don skullcaps to protest anti-Semitism

Isn't that just putting a bullseye on their head?


Obama threw the regulatory engine into overdrive. Trump is slowing it down

What is the responsibility of Congress on the travel ban and immigration?

Being ‘shocked’ isn’t enough. Baker needs to fix Mount Ida mess

Why? Did he make it?

Arizona election sends red flag to GOP

They have seen it and are responding.


3 teenagers charged in Maine murder face uncertain legal future

That was yesterday's top story.

Lawsuit alleges Lincoln-Sudbury school officials failed to investigate sexual assault

Springfield wants MGM and its casino to stay

Looks like they will:

‘Boston is not up for sale’ Wynn Resorts CEO says

A hard lesson at Mount Ida

Bernard A. Margolis, former Boston Public Library president, dies at 69

Boston comic Nick Di Paolo is fired by SiriusXM for tweet to ‘future school shooter’

A Downeast Cider bar is coming to the Greenway in May

Crazy snake worms are not on the plane

Plymouth woman faces charges in stabbing of her 12-year-old son

Former R.I. governor Lincoln Chafee considers run for old Senate seat

Veteran WBZ news reporter Lana Jones dies at 62

San Juan, P.R., mayor lifts up young women in Holyoke

Deputy sheriff is fatally shot in Norridgewock, Maine

Ed Markey calls on nuclear regulators to protect plants against rising seas

Media group changes name of annual award after revelation of WWII fabrications

More made up "news?"

And you wonder why I'm not reading it?

New England news in brief

Hank Azaria says he’s willing to ‘step aside’ amid criticism of ‘Simpsons’ character Apu

Remembering Peggy Freydberg with ‘Poems from the Pond’

Former ambassador Rufus Gifford adds celebrity sizzle to congressional race

Placido Domingo, at 77, still savors ‘this privilege, to make people happy’



Condos more costly than houses in Massachusetts

Raffles hotel coming to Boston via new Back Bay tower

Shire takeover may take months to finish

Will Wynn blink first in its showdown over the Everett casino?

I thought that question was answered above.

Medicaid needs to change, head of program says in Boston, and that includes spending caps

Also known as rationing. 

Think I'll go cancel that doctor's appointment.

Comcast starts bidding war with 21st Century Fox for Sky

As if it matters which conglomerate is shoveling the propaganda.

Twitter is profitable again in 1Q, Wall Street not impressed

FEMA may let people rebuild on same flood-prone sites where they got post-disaster buyouts

Facebook reaps soaring profits amid turbulent times

$candal helped them, huh?


I was always taught not to talk with my mouth full.

Stocks close mixed

Same as my feelings toward the slop in the regional flag$hit.