Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday's Absurdities

The Bo$ton Globe has literally become unreadable, folks. 

From the top:

Conservatives are making the case to fire Robert Mueller

The Globe staff turns it into an attack on Fox News with these gems:

"The New York Times reported Tuesday evening that Trump had threatened to end the investigation once before. In early December, the president was furious over news reports about a new round of subpoenas from Mueller, and he told advisers Mueller’s investigation had to be shut down, the Times reported. Those news reports turned out to be erroneous.

One might even say they were fake news (to push an agenda, of course)!

Timothy Snyder, a professor of history at Yale University and author of “The Road to Unfreedom,” a book that tracks the rise of dictators, said, “The rule of law in democracy can only function when we listen to facts, and we’re open to facts, and we’re willing to change our minds. The way authoritarianism wins is if you tell people what they want to hear.”

I guess that is why I'm sick of reading the Globe. It's just the elite $upremaci$ts of Bo$ton talking to themselves. 

What I found upon the turn-in was also this attempt by the Globe staff to minimize the violation of the attorney-client relationship by claiming the politicization of the DoJ is no big deal:

FBI raid was a rare, aggressive move, but also a carefully vetted one, specialists say

And who did they turn to for expert advice?

Laurie Levenson, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and a former prosecutor, Donald K. Stern, a former US attorney in Massachusetts who is now managing director of Affiliated Monitors in Boston, and Tracy Miner, a white-collar defense attorney at Demeo LLP in Boston, who said she was stunned when she heard about the raid (as was I).

And yet I'm told that "still, the public is right to raise questions when prosecutors act so aggressively."

Do I have the right to ask why they are so passive when it comes to the Clinton scum?


Mueller looking into Ukraine funds given to Trump

While ignoring the $13 million Victor Pinchuk gave to the Clinton Foundation.

"Over the months, Trump’s administration has lost patience with the crisis....."

Yeah, it's Trump's antiwar instincts that have gotten him in this mess and why he is so unhinged.

Raids on Trump's Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women

You will have to pay to see that the NYT is now taking tips from the National Enquirer and that Cohen got rich through the taxi medallion service (he survived Uber unlike that guy in Bo$ton?)

Also see: "So Trump has a lawyer named Cohen, who is associated with lots of sleazy Khazars, Ukrainians and other eastern Europeans (Cohen's main business is supposed to be taxis, but my guess is he launders hot eastern European money stolen by Khazar fraudsters and thieves).  Cohen set up the whole NDA (which seems a bit iffy), and claims to have taken it on himself to pay off Stormy Daniels, who works for porn movie companies, which are all controlled by Khazars.  Cohen's offices are raided, and there appears to be lots of illegality lying around, no doubt relating to the money laundering and associated issues.  Now Dershowitz is hanging around the White House, no doubt offering Trump advice on how to escape his legal pressures.  Completely coincidentally, of course, all this exactly whilst Trump has to decide whether to follow Sheldon's demands and start WWIII.  What could possibly go wrong?  If Trump chooses WWIII, do all his legal problems vanish?" -- xymphora


"Boston reaches $5 million settlement with family of boy who drowned at Carson Beach" by Milton J. Valencia Globe Staff  April 10, 2018

The City of Boston has quietly reached a $5 million settlement with the family of Kyzr Willis, a 7-year-old boy who drowned in July 2016 while attending a city-run summer camp in South Boston, the family’s lawyer said Tuesday.

The family had filed a wrongful death suit against the city, saying staff members at the Curley Community Center failed to provide the child with a life jacket — as required by state law — while he played on Carson Beach. Kyzr could not swim.

The family’s lawyer said relatives “wouldn’t wish this type of tragedy on any other family.”

“Nobody wins in a case like this,” said Robert Griffin of Boston. “The only positive outcome there can be is that this doesn’t happen again, and that the situation that was in place at the time Kyzr died is changed.”

That is where the turn-in was, and by the time I got to it I was full of absurdities I didn't bother to read the rest.


I'm told it was “one of the most tragic days for Mayor Walsh in his tenure.”


"One of the newest members of the Boston Police Department is a 37-year-old mother of three whose family makes and distributes blankets to the homeless and who has worked as a technical writer — Jennifer de los Santos, a University of Massachusetts Amherst graduate whose degree is in English and the most physically fit recruit. Led by Commissioner William B. Evans, the throng sang “Happy Birthday” to Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who turned 51......"

Btw, the Globe's agenda in investigating the state police has been revealed as the picture is finally becoming clear: the Bo$ton Globe is running ahead (just ignore the dead body in the car) with the agenda to get the Seaport (an enclave for high-end living, dining, and entertainment) under Bo$ton police authority, not state cops!


Zuckerberg testifies before skeptical lawmakers wary of Facebook’s power

The New York Times tell us that "Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, was forced to admit mistakes and take responsibility for his company’s actions — just like the humbled tobacco, pharmaceutical, and bank executives who were summoned to Washington before him.

Well, tobacco lied to Congre$$ and nothing happened, the drug prices are still exorbitant, and the bankers never faced any reprobation for the MBS and foreclosure fraud crises.

But the hearing was about more than Facebook. It exposed a critical inflection point as the power, sophistication, and potential exploitation of technology outpaces what users, regulators, or even its creators expected or seem prepared to handle.

The moment is creating a tense showdown between two national power centers — Washington and Silicon Valley — as they jockey in a technology-centric world. Although Washington has long served as a check on the power of Wall Street and other profitable sectors, lawmakers have tended to act as proud cheerleaders for technology companies, rather than watchdogs.

(Blog editor is speechless but did laugh at such an absurd narrative. So much for the NYT's credibility -- as if they had any left. That's what did it for me, too. When I read that I said this is useless and absurd. The AmeriKan pre$$ is pathetic)

Light-touch regulation enabled a culture of freewheeling innovation, and the beloved products that Silicon Valley companies created made them politically convenient allies. 

Like MBS and CDO products, right?

Today, five of the eight largest companies in the world are West Coast technology companies. Only a single East Coast institution, JPMorgan Chase, cracks the top 10. And lawmakers on both sides of the aisle suggested that Facebook and other companies may simply have grown too powerful to police themselves.

“Have you gotten too big?” Senator Dan Sullivan, Republican of Alaska, asked Zuckerberg, before suggesting that Facebook might need to be reined in to protect it from itself.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina pressed Zuckerberg on whether Facebook had become a monopoly, asking why Congress “should let you self-regulate.” 

Zuckerberg said because you let other corporate industries do, and in Zuckerberg we trust.


"Stocks jumped Tuesday after Chinese President Xi Jinping said Beijing would reduce tariffs on imported cars and improve intellectual property protection, steps that could ease trade tensions. The dialing back of tensions helped send the price of crude oil up 3.3 percent. Facebook climbed 4.5 percent as CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the Senate about theCambridge Analytica privacy scandal. Twitter, and Snap also rallied. Tech companies had stumbled as investors wondered if the government will implement tighter regulations on them, but those worries eased Tuesday....."

Found that back on page B12 after the Globe front-paged the exact opposite!! 

Talk about your fake news!

As for the trade war with China:

Xi Jinping urges dialogue, not confrontation, after Trump seeks tariffs

The New York Times tells me that "the pro-trade sentiments buoyed markets worldwide, with the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones industrial average both up more than 1 percent in midday trading Tuesday, but Xi and other Chinese leaders have tried to fill the void left by America’s declining presence on the world stage. That call for unity could also help calm some unease resulting from Xi’s recent power grab."

Yup, stock market up BUT..... !

What declining presence? The AmeriKan war machine is bombing like seven different countries and has military bases everywhere? If anything, the empire is expanding!

As for power grabs, that's Mueller job. Imagine how great things will be when it isn't the skeptical and temperamental Trump listening to Bolton but Mike Pence!


Baker criticizes Mount Ida leadership after college’s sudden closure

"Baker, speaking to reporters on Tuesday afternoon at the State House, said what bothered him most was that Mount Ida seemed to have been in decline for a while, so he was “stunned, shocked, amazed, and really disappointed by the current state of play at Mount Ida.”


He knew they were in trouble but was stunned, shocked, and amazed at the announcement?

Boston high school grads missing goal on degrees

They missed their goals and only slightly more than half the graduates are completing college degrees (despite the state being number 1 in education! Must be a low bar.), but "city, school, and civic leaders who have been pushing for higher college completion rates, though, see encouraging numbers in the results. That Boston has focused on college completion for the past decade is a success story in itself. Yet despite all these efforts, big divides persist between those Boston students who achieve their college dreams and those who do not, frequently falling along racial and gender lines."

Not cla$$ though, as they PAT THEMSELVES on the BACK for failure!

Jesus Christ, this richer's paper is f***ing gross, and what is with the Byzantine bureaucracy of higher education anyway? 

"Amid an unprecedented financial crisis, the university has hired at least seven people with connections to state government and politics as administrators with salaries between $81,000 and $222,000 in the past year and a half, records show. The hires include the former head of the state Democratic Party, a former legislative aide, and a former state commissioner of environmental protection. Together, the seven people earn nearly $1 million. A UMass campus spokesman said in a statement that hiring is based on merit, and the hires underscore UMass’s reputation as a place where the politically connected of Beacon Hill can land a job with a single phone call. It’s an attractive place to work in part because the UMass system is part of the state retirement system, so state employees can continue to earn toward their pensions, which are based on their three highest years of pay and their number of years of service. And the campus’s location is for many more appealing than traveling to the other campuses in Lowell, Dartmouth, Worcester, or Amherst."

Oh -- and the $elf-$erving Globe is hollering empire building and racism and at the top of their lungs!



EPA files question need for Pruitt’s 24/7 security, first-class travel; Democrats seek probe

All about taking down Trump's Cabinet and getting Israeli-firsters and Deep State operatives in power. Wasn't Pruitt a governor?

Trump’s chief adviser on homeland security is forced out

What you are not told by the New York Times is Bolton fired him (or did he, sigh!) for what he said about Syria. You toe the Zionist line or your out!

Cosby’s Lawyer Calls Sex Assault Accuser a ‘Con Artist’

I'm told that #MeToo is also on trial, even as "the Los Angeles District Attorney declined to file charges against writer-director James Toback because the statute of limitations expired." (Remember him?). 

Yes, six months into this movement, it’s clear some people don’t get it:

"My firing came in the heat of the #MeToo movement, which I support, believe in, and applaud. I never imagined being a target. I should have been more self-aware of my own behavior and sensitive to the people around me. But I wasn’t, and for that there is no excuse. When I was pulled aside in the middle of a workday and told, “You have to go,” my first response was defensiveness and shock. Bullying? I had thought it was passion and commitment. And the show had thrived. But high ratings are no excuse for inexcusable behavior. A good talk show host knows there’s a time to dig deep and just listen. So I did. All over the country there is a great realignment going on, and this is good. We are in a historic teaching moment and learning moment. My story is a small part of that. I’ve paid a price. Is there room for redemption and rebirth, in our time of Google trails and hashtag headlines? I hope so..... "

That article was just above the #MeToo on trial op, and the guy made it all about him!!!!

TV host resigns after threatening school shooting survivor

Police say girl lied about being attacked over headscarf

Another self-inflicted false flag and more fake news!

No takers for D.C.’s assisted-suicide law

Kind of funny, but Mary Klein, a resident in the final stages of cancer, has became the public face of the movement. 

(Blog editor just shakes head at the Jew-centric quality of my pre$$)

Mississippi tributary called nation’s most endangered river

Pork project for a retiring senator.



Full page advertisement for Total Wine



Trump to skip South America summit to focus on Syria

The printed paper gave me the New York Times slop that noted Obama went in 2011 as he was bombing Libya.

Northern Ireland marks 20 years of peace deal

I had to go to the Dallas Morning News to get the printed photograph of lying war criminal Bliar and rapist and pervert Clinton, all the while wondering why there weren't handcuffs on those wrists.

Vietnam activist sentenced to 13 years on subversion charges

Vietnam must be cozying up to China.

Report: Man tied to Nobel body leaked winner names

Jean-Claude Arnault has separately been embroiled in sexual misconduct allegations.

(Making those self-aggrandizing, self-adulating prizes even more worthless than they are already)

Sudan’s president orders release of all political prisoners

So much for the demonization of him then.

More than 80 dead from tainted liquor in Indonesia

The high taxes spawned a black market.

Trump, May, Obamas not on guest list for royal wedding

Who cares?



"Yulia Skripal released from UK hospital after poisoning; Sergei Skripal’s condition upgraded from critical to stable" by Michael Wolgelenter and Richard Pérez-Peña New York Times   April 10, 2018

LONDON — Yulia S. Skripal has been released from a hospital in southern England, officials said Tuesday, five weeks after she and her father, a former Russian spy, were poisoned with a nerve agent that left them fighting for their lives.

The poisoning of Skripal and her father, Sergei V. Skripal, has had ramifications far beyond the cathedral city of Salisbury, England, where it took place, prompting a confrontation between Russia and the West.

Britain has blamed Moscow for the poisonings, an accusation that the Kremlin has continually mocked and rejected, and the dispute precipitated a series of expulsions of diplomats between the two countries and beyond, as Britain’s allies rallied to its side.

Britain says the poisoning on March 4 involved a rare class of the military-grade nerve agent Novichok, widely believed to have been developed in Soviet laboratories. Yulia Skripal came out of critical condition almost two weeks ago, and her father’s condition was raised from critical to stable on Friday.

“Yulia has asked for privacy from the media, and I want to reiterate that request,” Dr. Christine Blanshard, medical director of Salisbury District Hospital, told reporters on Tuesday. “This is not the end of her treatment, but it marks a significant milestone.”

Though Sergei Skripal, 66, is recovering more slowly than his daughter, Blanshard said he is improving.

“We hope that he, too, will be able to leave hospital in due course,” she said.

She did not comment on reports in the British news media that Yulia Skripal, 33, had been released on Monday. It was not immediately clear where Skripal might go. Investigators have sealed off Sergei Skripal’s house in Salisbury, and investigators say the nerve agent was most likely applied to its front door.

Something they waited three weeks to tell us.

Yulia Skripal, who lives in Russia, was visiting her father when they were poisoned, and it is not clear whether she will return. Russian officials say they have been improperly denied access to her, but the British police said last week that Skripal was aware of the Russian offer to visit and help, and that she had turned it down.

You think I believe anything the British authorities have to say?

On Tuesday, the Russian Embassy in London wrote on Twitter: “We congratulate Yulia Skripal on her recovery. Yet we need urgent proof that what is being done to her is done on her own free will.”

The Sunday Times of London, citing anonymous sources, has reported that senior intelligence officials in Britain were talking to their counterparts at the CIA about sending the Skripals to the United States. The two Russians would be provided with new identities, part of a broader effort to keep them safe in case there should be another attempt on their lives. 

Then Greencrow was right, and why would there be another attempt on a washed up spy who was in the care of M15?

The Russian Embassy seemed to acknowledge that possibility with another post on Twitter later Tuesday, again demanding proof that Skripal was acting of her own accord.

How unreasonable!

“Secret resettlement of Mr. and Ms. Skripal, barred from any contact with their family, will be seen as an abduction or at least as their forced isolation,” the post read.

That is sure what it looks like, all right. So they won't talk. 

Who knows, they may even have been replaced by body doubles.

The case has mixed high-stakes international diplomacy with elements of farce.

That is what not only this item is, but the entire Bo$ton Globe.

Hundreds of diplomats around the world have been expelled, Britain has moved to crack down on the financial dealings of Russians in the country, and President Vladimir Putin’s government has offered a variety of alternative explanations for what happened and complained that the Skripals’ pets — two guinea pigs and a cat — were killed by the British and then cremated to destroy evidence.

This is looking more and more like a hoax.

The investigation took another bizarre twist last week when Viktoria Skripal, a relative of the two Russians, questioned the accounts of the British authorities and said that she was “scared” for the pair.

She made her comments in an interview conducted after she recorded what she said was a phone call with Yulia Skripal. She had given the recording to Russian state television, which broadcast it.

You can't believe them, though. Only my lying, war-promoting, agenda-pushing jew$paper is to be believed.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, an international body, is examining evidence in the case and is expected to announce the results of its tests this week. The findings of its investigation are expected to be limited, however, to identifying the poison but not its source.



"The chief of Britain’s defense research lab, the Porton Down laboratory, acknowledged Tuesday it has not been able to pinpoint the precise source of the nerve agent. Gary Aitkenhead said scientists there identified the substance used on Sergei and Yulia Skripal as a Soviet-developed nerve agent known as Novichok. But he added ‘‘it’s not our job to say where that was actually manufactured.’’

Actually, IT IS, and this after I was told "British officials say that hundreds of people could have been exposed" to something that would kill you nearly instantly and should have sickened the whole block (instead we have a bobby without so much as a mask on as our first photo when the pos prop started), and that the British government " and claims to have solid evidence that Russia was probably behind the attack, and that Putin probably approved it, [but] the British government has not made its evidence public," although they have shared it with lackeys, 'er, allies, and the OPCW is investigating. The alleged attack was March 4. 

They have solid evidence that probably, probably, but you can't see it!! 



Weeks ago, British government officials speculated that the Skripals might never fully recover.

Well, that was weeks ago and down the old memory hole amongst the war drum din, 'eh?

SALISBURY, ENGLAND - APRIL 10: A sign showing local businesses are open next to police officers at a cordon near the scene where former double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia were discovered after being attacked with a nerve-agent on April 10, 2018 in Salisbury, England. Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal were attacked with nerve agent Novichok in Salisbury on March 4, 2018 and have since been under the care of Salisbury District Hospital. Yulia Skripal has now been discharged from the hospital and taken to a secure location while her father remains at the hospital but no longer in a critical condition. (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)
It was back to business, but not quite as usual, near the still-cordoned-off scene of the poisoning.

How come the cop isn't wearing any protective gear?


Hungary opposition paper, radio to shut down after Orban win

Latin America takes Trump’s forgoing of summit in stride

Many dreaded shaking hands with the Trump -- as does he!

Israel says slain Gaza journalist was Hamas militant

It's at the bottom of the page, and what you notice is even though Israel provided no evidence to back up the claim, the jew$paper headline is Israel says! About says it all for the western mouthpieces who don't close ranks regarding the killing of one of their own -- as opposed to the outrage when Holder was spying on and jailing them.

Former Colombian rebel commander is arrested on drug charges

That didn't make my printed paper.



US awards $18.5 billion in hurricane recovery grants for Puerto Rico

That's odd; my printed piece said "the Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded contracts for hurricane supplies without adequately researching whether winning bidders could deliver what they promised, according to a new investigation by Democrats on a Senate oversight committee....."

Young Americans expected to vote at high rate this year, but expectations of a great surge in voting by America’s youth have been dashed in the past. 

RelatedPaul Ryan won’t seek re-election

A sure sign of the upcoming rigged election that will return Congre$$ to the Democrats.



Want to know how to get into Harvard? 

Don't be Asian.

Former MIT student avoids jail time for sexually assaulting woman in college dorm

The judge is baffled, and right next to that article is this:

College students rally for tougher policies to prevent campus sexual assaults

She is part of a student-led movement that has gained greater urgency since President Trump’s education secretary, Betsy DeVos, issued controversial guidelines in September designed to give colleges more flexibility in how they investigate and resolve allegations of sexual misconduct.



Check out these baseball-related patents from more than a century ago

Wastewater company to pay state $1.6 million to settle spill

More than 10 million gallons of raw sewage flowed into state-owned woodlands in Plymouth and Plymouth Harbor

Ex-pastor charged with child rape, up for bail

Haverhill man overdoses and crashes in front of Lawrence police station



Death of 6-year-old girl triggers investigation in Fitchburg 

“A lot of moving parts are going on right now and the public is not in danger,” because the incident was not a random act.

Cover for another drill?



Wynn Resorts seeks to remove Steve Wynn from its Mass. license

What's in a name?



Springfield City Council votes to protect religious freedom of sanctuary church

Campaign for Suffolk DA gets off to a strong start

Legal marijuana advances in Maine

Pence arrives in Boston for GOP fund-raiser

Nowhere to be found own the Globe's web site. 

Must have been the "nearly freezing temperatures."






"Business owners take on $15 minimum wage, paid leave" by Katie Johnston Globe Staff  April 10, 2018

Small business owners grappling with proposals to raise the minimum wage and mandate paid leave expressed their frustrations to business leaders and state lawmakers Tuesday morning — in loud and often heated terms — repeatedly stressing how the increased costs could force them to cut workers, raise prices, or close their doors for good.

“We feel frozen,” said one. “Where is our power to stop this?”

“We can’t as small business owners let you guys do this anymore,” said another, prompting the room to break out in applause. “You’re crushing small business.”

“Am I the only one who finds this whole thing insane?” someone asked.

“No!” the crowd erupted.

Restaurateurs, shop owners, a zoo executive, and a day-care provider were among several hundred people who packed a meeting room at the Omni Parker House to voice their concerns to business leaders, legislators, and Governor Charlie Baker. Christopher Carlozzi, event moderator and head of the National Federation of Independent Business Massachusetts, repeatedly urged business owners to head to Beacon Hill after the forum ended to meet with their state legislators.

If lawmakers fail to act, the measures will go before voters in the fall. Ballot questions to increase tax on income over $1 million and reduce sales tax were also briefly discussed.

SeeSJC should spike proposed millionaires tax

These are far from the only financial pressure facing the state’s small business owners, said Bob Luz, president of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association. Within the last few years they have had to deal with the minimum wage rising from $8 to $11 and paid sick time becoming state law. Unlike 39 other states, Massachusetts doesn’t have a lower teen or training wage, and the state is one of only two that require retailers to pay time and a half on Sundays and holidays. In addition, health care costs are soaring and online retailers are leeching sales from local stores.

Now the Internet is a leech!

Jon Hurst, president of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, said he has never heard so much anger and concern over the future of small business. And he holds unions responsible for pushing these pro-worker measures.

“This labor agenda is holding a gun to our collective heads every two years,” he said. “We have a real fight on our hands.” 

Is that really the best metaphor to be used in these times?

Tony Tierno, owner of Spin Cycle Laundromats in Wakefield and Methuen, estimates he would have to cut back on his employees’ hours and raise prices by about 10 percent if minimum wage and family leave mandates are enacted.

“We’re catering to low-income people that are coming in to use our machines, and we have to go up on the prices on these people,” he said. 

So? The government has made it quite clear that it serves wealth and big bu$ine$$.

The state lawmakers at the forum, members of the Joint Committee on Labor & Workforce Development, tried to assure the testy crowd that they were trying to work out a compromise to keep the issues from going to the ballot, an effort Baker said he supported.

Even if they did, so what? 

We voted for a decrease in the state income tax and the legislature disregarded it. We voted for recreational marijuana and the State House stepped in and rewrote the whole thing.

Quit playing us for suckers with your f***ing elitist shell game, will ya'?

Raise Up Massachusetts, the coalition of labor, religious, and community organizations behind the previous wage hike and paid sick leave law, is leading the charge on a $15 minimum and paid family leave, and has collected enough signatures to put the issue to voters.

The lawmakers repeatedly told the crowd that the initiatives are being driven by advocates and aren’t “coming from us.”

That I believe.

“At the end of the day, we don’t hold the cards. They do,” said Senator Jason Lewis, a Democrat and chair of the Labor and Workforce Development Committee.


A number of business owners are in favor of a $15 minimum wage, including more than 250 around the state who have signed a Massachusetts Business for a Fair Minimum Wage statement. Higher wages lead to more consumer buying power, which leads to job creation, the statement notes; higher wages also mean lower turnover, reduced training costs, and increased productivity. 

Except it doesn't so that. It results in lost jobs. Companies move.

Representative Joseph McKenna, Republican of the 18th Worcester District, noted that business owners are at a disadvantage in the court of public opinion because low-wage workers’ stories are so powerful.

Where would you find those?

“The challenge is that the testimony in favor of these things is very emotional,” he said, urging those in the crowd to talk less about the bottom line and more about the personal hardships they are facing.

That's how you blur debate and obfuscate facts! Government and the war-promoting pre$$ do it all the time. 

Exhibit A: Syria!

Erin Calvo-Bacci, owner of a chocolate manufacturing business in Swampscott, obliged, standing to say she had already sold her house and moved her family into a two-bedroom apartment to keep her business afloat. But speaking out against higher wages is not a popular position, she said.

“A lot of people are too afraid to speak because of the bullies,” she said.....

You mean these guys?

Yeah, they are all on the tolerant, progre$$ive left these days!


Tufts hospital CEO criticizes planned Beth Israel-Lahey merger

I'm told the merger will benefit all!

"What we need now is to show the world we’re not the most racist city in America. Instead, the bureau’s search process reveals how insular this town can be, how the white male insider dominates, and how our leaders still pay lip service to diversity. Larry Cancro, the bureau’s chairman, sounded rather unapologetic to my colleague Adrian Walker when first confirming that no people of color are in contention for the COO post. “When we took on this search, I thought we’d find a lot of good candidates, and we haven’t,” said Cancro, a Red Sox executive. “There aren’t many people of color with a lot of experience.”

How humorously ironic considering it is John Henry's paper leading the charge against racism in Bo$ton.


"For nearly three decades, Pat Moscaritolo has served as Boston’s face to the world. But now the city’s tourism agency is preparing for a future without its prominent chief executive. The bureau is also embarking on a broader strategic shift, to establish a new private-sector revenue source that would reduce its reliance on the ever-changing funding streams from the State House....."

Cancro, says he'd “like to see a more stable funding situation” as we transition to complete corporate government.

Bank of America will stop lending money to makers of assault rifles

They just did (the lenders provided $193 million, among them Bank of America) but the Globe put a silencer on it.



"Peabody medical device and security technology company Analogic Corp. said Tuesday that it had agreed to be acquired by the private investment firm Altaris Capital Partners for $1.1 billion. Analogic had been shopping itself around after it undertook a strategic review process late last year, which was led by a team of three of its independent directors. “Given the increasingly competitive markets that we serve, we have been focused on the need to achieve greater scale in order to generate sustained profitable growth,” Analogic chairman Bernard Bailey said in a statement. The deal is expected to close by the middle of the year."

What type of tracker is in that medical device?

"Volkswagen is set to oust its chief executive, Matthias Mueller (left), as it grapples with a diesel emissions scandal that has cost it billions of dollars, led to the imprisonment of two executives and scarred the German carmaker’s reputation. Herbert Diess, who is in charge of the company’s flagship Volkswagen brand, was likely to succeed Mueller, according to two people with knowledge of the internal discussions. The company said earlier Tuesday that it was considering a leadership change, and a final decision was expected by the end of the week. While there was no obvious trigger for Mueller’s departure at this moment, his efforts to lead the company beyond the 2015 emissions cheating scandal have stalled. The repercussions of the wrongdoing have continued to multiply, tainting not only Volkswagen but also its rivals BMW and Daimler just as they are dealing with an industrywide shift toward electric and self-driving vehicles. Political leaders are pressing the German carmakers to compensate diesel owners who bought cars that turned out to be dirtier than advertised, which could add to the already astronomical cost of the scandal."


"Has craft beer peaked? In one sign that the industry has grown less frothy, more craft breweries closed in 2017 than any time in the past decade. And while the craft beer makers saw more growth in production than the overall market last year, their pace is slowing....."

I left the mug half full and to read any further would strain my neck.



Amgen will build $160 million manufacturing plant in Rhode Island

And they are getting just under $3 million in state tax loot to do it.

Carney Hospital president takes new job

Looks like Brad Pitt and MIT’s Neri Oxman have been friendly for months

His new girl is an Israeli-American architect who is a professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab.


Trump says Syria missile strikes ‘will be coming’


"Netanyahu: Trump Is Very Likely To Order Attack On Syria" (Durden). Must be a wild guess, for how could he know?

"AngloZionist options (intermediate report) UPDATED" (The Saker).  John Bolton is there for the specific purpose of ensuring that the stupidest (and most Zionist) option is taken.

"Sleepers Awake, We are Heading toward Imminent Disaster" (Curtin). 

"Jew d’état 2.0: Slow motion coup kicked into high gear to Make America Israel’s Bitch Again" (Slattery).

"Call the White House and Tell Them NO WAR IN SYRIA – DO IT NOW!" (Anglin).  (((They))) have set this up to get WWIII started before there can be any anti-war protests.  It will be interesting as the (((left))) is usually the anti-war camp, but in this case will have to 'reluctantly' refuse to protest in order for American missiles to protect gas baby and his ilk (on the Libyan model).

Everybody - well, the alt-right, the paleocons, and a few oddities on the left - are praising the Tucker Carlson monologue and interview with an obvious traitor who would have been arrested on the spot if the US was a functioning country:  "MIC DROP: Tucker Killed It Last Night on the Syria Situation" (Anglin)." -- xymphora

Tucker has been the only one on the ma$$ media that has even deigned to question the narrative we have been receiving, and for that he deserves many thanks and a huge shoutout!

"‘Son of a Whore’: Video Shows Israeli Troops Cheering After Shooting Unarmed Palestinian".  "Israeli sniper films shooting of unarmed Palestinian through rifle scope– and celebrates" (Ofir/Weiss).  "Why Israel Feels Threatened by Popular Resistance in Palestine" (Baroud). It's the problem of a unified group of human beings getting between a Khazar and something the Khazar wants to steal. I'm sure many think I am terribly unfair when I refer to the (((media))), but the facts are actually much, much, much worse than I can possibly convey - e.g., Canadian 'journalists':  "Canadian journalists hold emergency meeting over statement condemning Gaza violence" (note the specific reference to fear of a particular kind of criticism, essentially you can't state an obvious truth because of the career-ending problem in the (((media))) of being labeled a 'truth-teller' on one particular issue):
"Jonathan Kay, the Canadian Editor at Quillette Magazine, called the statement “one-sided,” adding that it was an “unusual time” to put out such a statement.

“The narrative wasn’t that different,” Kay said. “It wasn’t one of these incidents … where one side was saying there had been a massacre of hundreds of Palestinians and the Israelis were saying no,” he said.

Jesse Brown, host and publisher of Canadaland, said the statement condemned Israeli policy in a way that would put journalists covering the conflict in a compromised position.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is “probably the issue under which journalists are most scrutinized by all sides,” Brown said.

“Any evidence or perceived evidence of bias is seized upon to prove that, either the journalist is in the pocket of the Israel lobby or that they’re just crusading for the Palestinian cause,” Brown said. “People who cover this have to be incredibly mindful. "
It is simply not possible to convey how deeply evil, and committed as an utterly unified group to violent racist supremacism, these Khazars are. The only way to defeat this pure distillation of Evil is to make it clear that everybody knows, and hates them for it.  2% of the population simply can't scheme against the committed and woke opposition of the 98% no matter how much blackmail and bribery and control of the (((media))) they are able to muster.  These dark days of Wars For The Jews should wake everybody up to the real problem the 98% faces, which is now coming closer to actual nuclear annihilation all because truth-tellers are afraid of being called names.

"Trump Tweets Deranged Threat Against Russia, Says Ready to Bomb Syria [UPDATE: Weird Followup Tweet]" (Anglin):
"Trump just announced he’s planning to bomb Syria.

This is, effectively, the end of his presidency.

I genuinely believed he had stalled this long and was going to be able to avoid this.

But I guess Trump doesn’t give a fuck about the people, and is willing to just be bullied by Jews."
The irony is that Trump is taking steps that will guarantee he loses his Presidency, and he probably will end up in jail, assuming there is a functioning post-nuke US government to jail him.  Did you notice we're about to enter WWIII and there is almost no coverage of it in the (((media))).  (((They))) are trying to sneak it by!

"Nonsense about Syria gas attacks reveals US ideology of tyranny" (Gowans).  Linked to solely as an excellent example of the 'dialectic'.  Noam could have written it (and no doubt will).  No mention of the actual (((problem))), but lots of talk about the Empire.  The use of 'nonsense' in the title must be ironic, or perhaps a signal to the cognoscenti.

"Britain and its Deadly Chemical Games" (Berger).  Reminder of Britain's sordid history of using chemical weapons, and then the kicker:
"But, in addition to the documented use of chemical weapons, Britain is well known for its false-flag provocations in this field. Among them is the so-called White Helmets organization in Syria. When Britain needs to blame Russia, Iran or the Syrian armed forces for the ongoing bombing of allegedly peaceful international radical terrorists, it orders them to destroy hospitals and schools, while using alleged chemical weapons in the process before carrying out “rescue operations” under direct supervision of British special services. Injured children are always on hand as props, with professional cameramen capturing the staged events. It is noteworthy that the founder of this group was James Le Mesurier, a British military intelligence officer with an impressive track record. He’s a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, who saw deployment in some well-known military operations, including in Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. In general, he’s been everywhere the West needed to stage a humanitarian catastrophe, with a subsequent “humanitarian intervention” leading to long sought after Western geopolitical objectives. He is still in the service of Her Majesty, to be more specific –  British military intelligence."
Isn't it interesting how everything is coming together conceptually, as if it were an IQ test for those with an IQ over, say, 75, impossible for any honest person to miss:
  1. Trump's public statements of wanting to get out of Syria;
  2. immediately followed by the latest achingly obvious Syrian gas false-flag (an attack predicted by the Russians for some time);
  3. the recent turkey-shoot Israeli massacres of Gazans, coupled with a slight problem in controlling the narrative outside, of course, the (((media)));
  4. the 'moral' Israeli 'retaliation' for the gas attack, coincidentally at an Iranian drone base;
  5. added, and important:  the parity of populations between Arabs and Jews (actually, a fair count, which nobody seems to want to make, would show more Arabs), together with the stalling and reversal of the Yinon program, demonstrating the hopelessness of the Khazar land thieving project, requiring a Hail Mary ruination of the world to save it;
  6. Skripal, and the false-flag and subsequent political lying spree falling apart so embarrassingly;
  7. the 'anti-Semite' attacks on Corbyn;
  8. Trump's Stormy-Cohen problems; 
  9. Sheldon buying Bolton - who shows up, remarkably, at just the right time - by having his shekel-schlepper Schlomo schlep a big bag of shiny shekels to Trump, telling him not to be a schmuck and refuse the schlepped shiny shekels because if you don't we'll use Stormy-Cohen to embarrass and replace you at which point the next President will take the schlepped shiny shekels and give us the WWIII we demand;
  10. the (((media))) conveying every single fucking obvious lie as if it was uncontested truth; and
  11. the preparation for WWIII by the US and various lackeys.
It's a test, goy, are you smart enough to pass it?  Will you join the woke to fight Pure Evil?   WWIII is evidence of Khazar panic.

"The Russians Are Flabbergasted" (Shamir) (fitting these pieces together is so obvious everybody immediately sees it - but how to stop it?):
"President Trump is so pissed off by the Stormy affair that he is likely to prefer a good old war to another humiliation. This suits his enemies and friends (though not his voters) to a tee. He has a choice of doing a difficult manly act that needs all his courage, but which one? Should he put the well-being of his country at stake and brave Russian missiles, or risk the displeasure of the elites and sack Mueller? He is tempted to do the easy thing. Thus he has been maneuvered into deep waters by a powerful coalition of Brits and Jews, the same people who delivered you the last two world wars.

His attempt to make sense and drop the Syrian hot potato (“I strongly wish for the withdrawal of our forces from Syria”, he tweeted) has been rebuffed by the indomitable Mr Netanyahu. Don’t even think of doing it, the big man from Tel Aviv said to Donny in the tense telephone conversation. Don’t leave Syria, you still have to fight the Iranians and Russians. And don’t forget the Syrian kiddies, added the man still covered with the gore of 2,500 Palestinians shot on his orders last week. The Pentagon and US intelligence agencies take their orders directly from Tel Aviv, or via AIPAC; they are already preparing for an extended stay in Syria, despite Donny’s declarations.

The Jews went ballistic when they heard of Trump’s intention to leave Syria. The scribes of WaPo and NY Times condemned the step as playing into Russian hands. “Washington Post columnist and CNN commentator Catherine Rampell said that “Putin must be ecstatic” with Trump’s instructions to begin planning for withdrawal from the region. Forget the fact that it’d be odd for a president to base all of his foreign policy decisions on what would bother Russia — why isn’t Rampell focusing on how delightful it must be for American soldiers to finally reunite with their families, or how the resources this country has spent overseas can now be used domestically?”, – noted a media reporter. This was the cue for Mueller’s raid of Cohen’s office. The old fool has to be pushed, if he does not want to go by his own will, they decided.

America with its Puritan background is the only country where sexual mores are so strict that they lead to war. Clinton went to war in Yugoslavia because of a blow job, while Trump will possibly destroy the world because of a one-night stand."
Note Shamir's reference to the 2013 missile attack by Israel, an earlier similar effort to jump-start WWIII.  Always the same (((assholes))), never punished for it.

 "Syria - A U.S. Attack Would Be Futile - But Serve A Purpose" (Bhadrakumar):
". . . Trump has been on record that he wants the American military presence in Syria to end. That stance and the present threat to launch an attack on Syria are contradictory. Because, a US attack on Syria will have serious repercussions, including possibly a showdown with Russia, which would mean a US drawdown in Syria may not be possible in a conceivable future.

Perhaps, Trump is indulging in doublespeak and the backdrop could be the criticality that has arisen over Robert Mueller’s investigation into his collusion with Russia, which has now dramatically expanded in scope. The FBI raid on the office of Trump’s attorney in the White House is a very serious development. Trump is just inches away from being implicated in the charges against him leveled by porn star Stormy Daniels. The CNN says, “There could be dark and unprecedented times ahead.” A US attack on Syria can distract attention from the stormy controversy that may arise if at this point Trump axes Mueller and derails the investigation against him. There are precedents when beleaguered American presidents resorted to diversionary tactic. Bill Clinton fired cruise missiles at Kandahar when the scandal over Monica Lewinsky peaked and he was facing the prospect of impeachment.

A US That brings us back to the alleged chemical attack in Douma last weekend. Who would have staged a false flag operation? The finger of suspicion points toward Israel’s role. Israel is desperately keen that the US should have a permanent military presence in Syria. To that end, Israel is fueling tensions that will take matters to a point that a US withdrawal from Syria somehow gets stalled. This is also the impression conveyed by DebkaFile, the Israeli website with links to the intelligence, which specializes in disinformation tactic.

The coincidental Israeli attack on a Syrian air base on Sunday had all the hallmarks of a deliberate act of provocation. Four Iranian military advisors were killed in the Israeli raid. Israel must be hoping against hope that the Iranians will retaliate, leading to a flare-up where the US would get pitted against Iran at some point. Such subterfuges are typical of Israel’s strategy. The point is, Israelis lacks the capacity on its own to tackle the challenge of the expanding Iranian influence in next-door Syria."
Yikes!:  "Who the hell is the prince of this world?" (Guyénot).  The religious basis for our sorrow.  I add a reminder that the Khazars have all the enthusiasm of recent converts.

"Western-Eurasian standoff coming to a head in the Syrian theatre" (Kadi).  How does Putin avoid looking like a pussy while avoiding WWIII?  There is literally no hope from the losers and moral cretins and beshekeled crooks running the West (btw, since WWIII will start by turning all of Europe into a hell worse than Chernobyl, where are the Euro-trash politicians in the discussion? oh, yeah, they are getting ready to start the attack!), but Putin's - actually, probably Lavrov's - demonstrated cleverness may offer a sliver of hope in saving the world from Evil.

"Hopefully the US military, the last and constantly besieged source of honor in the US, understands this and would not comply with a suicidal order from an insane war cabinet."

Pro tip - read what the (((media))) tells you carefully, then believe the exact opposite.  I'm not kidding, it never fails (as an example, actual Syrian government care over civilians in the suburbs of Damascus bears no relationship whatsoever to reports from the (((media))), and (((they))) keep telling us the same lies, over and over, as if (((they))) think we really are morons!).  "Taking the World to the Brink" (Sterling):
"The manipulation of western opinion about the Syrian conflict using fake events is not theory; it has been proven. A good example is the fake kidnapping of NBC reporter Richard Engel in December 2012. Engel and his media team were reportedly kidnapped and threatened with death by “shabiha” supporters of the Syrian president. After days in captivity the American team was supposedly rescued by Free Syrian Army “rebels” after a shootout. In 2015 it was confirmed this was a hoax perpetrated by the FSA and their American supporters. The entire charade was carried out by the “rebels”. The goal was to demonize the Assad government and its supporters, and to romanticize and increase support for the armed opposition. Neither Engel nor NBC confessed to the reality until it was about to be exposed years later, pointing to duplicity and collusion in the deception.

Four and half years ago, on August 21, 2013, the most famous chemical weapons incident occurred. The Syrian government was immediately accused of launching a sarin attack which killed hundreds of children and civilians. Over the next six months investigations were carried out. The conclusions of Seymour Hersh, Parry and the research site concluded that the attack was almost certainly not from the government but actually from one of the ‘rebel’ factions with support from Turkish intelligence services. Two Turkish parliamentary deputies held a press conference and publicly revealed some of the evidence. The intent then, as now, was to provide justification and provocation for the US and NATO to bomb Syrian government installations."