Sunday, May 13, 2012

Full Up on the Boston Globe

Then stop reading, right?

"Obesity rates down for infants, toddlers" April 23, 2012|Deborah Kotz, Globe Staff

After a three-decade tripling in childhood obesity rates, the trend has leveled off and, for the first time, appears to be on a substantial decline - at least among Massachusetts infants and preschoolers, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics....

“This is a surprising and encouraging finding,’’ said study leader Dr. Xiaozhong Wen, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Pilgrim....   

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Yes, readers, you can get full-up on lies.

The positive results could indicate that increasing public awareness about the dangers of childhood obesity and state health programs to prevent it could finally be paying off....

More kids are hungry and they consider it a.... sigh.

Unfortunately, specialists caution, the latest obesity data does not mean that we can close the book on the nation’s weight problems....  

Translation: the agenda-pushing guilt trip won't be ending anytime soon.


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It can start with his fat ass. 

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Giving Thanks For the Globe: Child Portion Control

Mass. House moves to allow school bake sales

In Mass. schools, bake sales are back on fund-raiser menu

Sorry, I'm skipping BG snacks these days, and you might want to brown-bag it, kids.

Other entrees: Massachusetts School Lunch

Boston Globe Supper Will Make You Sick

 Time for me to take a break and get some real food, readers. 

Maybe I'll even watch a little TV.  Maybe not.