Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Blog Sucks

There really is no way of getting around it if you apply an honest appraisal. The problem is the material with which I have to work. That's one of the many reasons I've been absent from posting. I'm just sick of reading shit. If it is not some deliberately distorted distraction, it is some mind-manipulating piece of agenda-pushing garbage. Topping it off are the subtle elitist insults. I know they are only serving their dwindling share of the supremacist market; however, I'm really sick of the Jewish man's and money junkies view of the world being passed off as news. 

I therefore offer my apologies for failing you, my dear and beloved readers. I simply have been unable to summon up the will and energy during my limited free time to become excited about posting must-know items from my morning Boston Globe.  

Even worse, ever-rising prices have put a strain on my budget to the point where I may have to stop purchasing my morning Boston Globe (gasp)!  It's only anecdotal, of course, but I have noticed myself needing to return to the bank before the next paycheck from my under-employing crap job over lack of funds. What strikes me is that two years ago I was able to live within the budget and even save a little; now I am lucky if the balance isn't dipping each week.  When does one get off the Titanic, anyway? Something needs to be cut from my budget, and it looks the like the old BG is on the chopping block.