May God Bless the Protesters for trying, and damn our front-men leaders and their rulers for eternity.

Rich Negrin, Philadelphia’s managing director, said city officials have been preparing for the Occupy gathering, a conference being held by a spinoff group known as The 99% Working Group, and other events planned by Tea Party activists.  

Yeah, Occupy and Tea Party working together, yeah.  And even if it is just, say 80%, of us under the ruling elite and its bureaucratic and subordinate underlings. That's still a lot of different people with different outlooks supporting the same goals. We are the People of the United States of America, and our country has been hijacked by Wall Street thieves and a foreign government.

Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel said the department will bolster its police presence downtown. They plan to use uniformed and nonuniformed personnel, mounted units, and bicycle officers, but he declined to say how many additional officers will be on.  

Yeah, LOOK OUT for those NONUNIFORMED PERSONNEL! They will be the ONES RAISING TROUBLE to DISCREDIT the PROTESTERS and thus DISCREDIT their MESSAGE to the American public -- as seen through the corporate and Zionist prism I call AmeriKan media.

Most of the events will center on Independence National Historical Park in the city’s historic district, an area widely known as the cradle of liberty, home to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and the place where the Declaration of Independence was first read aloud and the US Constitution was adopted.

And to think 225 years later we are once-again slaves to central banking in service to global conquest and empire.

Larry Swetman, a member of Occupy Philadelphia, said the conference will feature teach-ins, workshops, and protests. On the fourth day, Swetman said, protesters will come up with a list of goals that probably will cover a broad range of issues including health care and housing. A group of protesters plans to lead a 99-mile march to Wall Street on July 5.

It will be interesting to see how much print the Globe devotes to these developments.


Then again, they did try and link the patsies in Cleveland and Chicago to Occupy.  

What better way to damage a group forever and get them on board, 'eh?  

Cui bono?

And what an opportunity for me, 'eh? The post held together long enough for me to get up. Yaaaaay!