Saturday, January 25, 2014

Connecticut's Homeless Kids

Maybe they could come to Boston.

"Youth homeless backers criticize lack of Conn. housing" by Stephen Singer |  Associated Press, December 13, 2013

HARTFORD — A lack of available safe housing for young people in crisis is to blame for youth homelessness in Connecticut, advocates said Thursday as they called for more and better housing….

Homeless youth often consider suicide, trade sex for money and a place to sleep, and often do not even see themselves as homeless, the report said. Because of their age, they are vulnerable to assaults on streets and at adult shelters, which have a high prevalence of health problems such as HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. And for nearly a quarter of homeless youth, their first sexual encounter occurs at age 12 or younger.

Two groups account for homeless youth and children: homeless families with children and youth with no accompanying adult. Unaccompanied children and youth account for as many as 1 million to 3 million youth or children, or 1 percent of the urban homeless.

Experts cannot easily get an accurate count. Being young and homeless, they say, is often the same as being invisible.

Youngsters with nowhere to live ‘‘couch surf’’ at friends’ homes for short periods and are counted differently or not at all by state agencies.


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