Friday, January 31, 2014

Kids in Utah Schools Going Hungry

But always remember the school and government love you kids, so much so that they will send you away to wars based on lies and steal your futures from you after loading you up with student loan debt. 

You can chew on that for a while, kids!

"Utah school district apologizes for tossing meals" Associated Press, January 31, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY — A school district apologized Thursday to outraged parents after about 30 students at a Salt Lake City school had their lunches thrown out because of outstanding balances on their food accounts.

Ever here of putting it on the tab? 

And how $ad is it when $chools are in the $ame cla$$ as all the other money-grubbing in$titutions the$e days?

School District spokesman Jason Olsen said the district is investigating what happened at Uintah Elementary. ‘‘This was a mistake. This was handled wrong,’’ Olsen said .

Erica Lukes said her 11-year-old daughter came home Tuesday and reported that officials had taken away her pizza and thrown it out.

Not the healthiest lunch going, but better than nothing.

The action was ‘‘humiliating and demoralizing,’’ Lukes said.

Kind of like something a BULLY would do?

Students were given their lunches and then went to a pay station where their accounts were checked, Olsen said. Students whose lunches were thrown out were given milk and fruit, a standard practice when students don’t have lunch money, he said.

The 21st-century bread-and-water, and I guess the school is preparing them for their futures in prison and the total surveillance society. Kids are a-learnin'!

Officials started notifying parents Monday that children were behind on the payments.

What, they not part of the 1%?


I'm so happy I live in Massachusetts where something like that could never happen here. The reason it happened there is because it is no longer your friendly school cafeteria worker, it's a contracted out for profit position now. 

Probably did you a favor anyway because I heard school lunches suck.