Thursday, January 23, 2014

Black Widows Spinning Webs in Sochi

See: CIA-Duh to Spoil Sochi Olympics

And if nothing happens, at least they will have ruined the Russian Olympics in $ome way:

"Russians hunt possible suicide bombers; Police identify 3 women; US offers help with security" by Nataliya Vasilyeva |  Associated Press, January 22, 2014

SOCHI, Russia — Security officials are hunting down three potential female suicide bombers, one of whom is believed to be in Sochi, where the Winter Olympics will begin next month.

Police leaflets at a central Sochi hotel on Tuesday contained warnings about the three suspects. A police letter said that one of them, Ruzanna Ibragimova, a 22-year-old widow of an Islamic militant, was at large in the city.

She was the female suicider who was supposedly dead from an earlier attack. Another CIA pre$$ exhumation.

A US congressman who was in Sochi on Tuesday to assess the situation said he was impressed by the work of Russian security forces but troubled that potential suicide bombers had gotten into the city, despite all of the extraordinary security measures.

‘‘We know some of them got through the perimeter,’’ said Representative Michael McCaul, Republican of Texas and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. ‘‘She’s for real. What we don’t know is how many more black widows are out there.’’

Russian authorities have blamed the widows of slain insurgents for previous suicide attacks in the country.

The Black Sea resort city will host the Games amid concerns about security and potential terrorist attacks.

The southern city of Volgograd was rocked by two suicide bombings in late December that killed 34 and injured scores. An Islamic militant group in Dagestan posted a video on Sunday claiming responsibility for the bombings and threatened to strike the Games in Sochi, about 300 miles west of Dagestan.

McCaul said he had numerous meetings with officials in Moscow and Sochi and was briefed by the joint operation center in Sochi, which is responsible for overall security in the area.

‘‘The one improvement I would ask of the Russians is to allow our intelligence services to coordinate and cooperate better with theirs,’’ McCaul said. Although the Russian side was confident that it could provide security, the United States has information that could help keep the Games safe, he said.

He says all this after they blew off Russian warnings regarding the cover story crap in Boston.

The New York Times reported that the United States and Russia have opened discussions about using sophisticated US electronic equipment, developed by the Pentagon to counter improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan and Iraq, in a new effort to help secure the Winter Olympics.

The wars were worth something at least!

The potential for a technological exchange was part of an extensive discussion in Brussels on Tuesday when General Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, held his first face-to-face meeting with his Russian counterpart, General Valery Gerasimov, chief of the general staff.

The Defense Department would be willing to provide equipment designed to detect and disrupt cellphone or radio signals used by militants to detonate improvised explosives from a distance, Dempsey said. But he cautioned that technical experts from both nations first needed to make sure that the US systems could be integrated into the communications networks and security systems being set in place by Russia.

In discussing the Pentagon’s technology to counter improvised explosives, Dempsey noted that this was “something that we’ve become extraordinarily familiar with.” Homemade bombs planted by militants have been the leading cause of deaths and injuries to US service members in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But especially during the early implementation of the technology, the US military found it had created a muddle of electronic signals in which competing and overlapping systems canceled out the effectiveness of other systems in use at the same time and in the same area.

“If you’re not careful, you can actually degrade capability, not enhance it,” Dempsey said.

The discussion between Dempsey and Gerasimov came one day after Pentagon officials disclosed that the US European Command was drawing up plans to have two Navy warships in the Black Sea at the time of the Sochi Games, should they be needed in case of emergency. The Games begin Feb. 7.

During their meetings here, the US and Russian military chiefs sought to advance an agenda of exchanges and continued cooperation on counterterrorism and anti-piracy operations even as diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow swing between caustic disagreement and cautious cooperation.

No mention of Snowden or Syria but they talked pirates that haven't appeared in I don't know how long?

Dempsey, in an interview with the Times, said it was important for the two militaries “not to foreclose on conversations, even if at some points there are disagreements that prevent the forward movement” in other parts of the relationship, whether political or diplomatic.

McCaul expressed concern that terrorists could have gotten into Sochi before security was tightened.

‘‘How many potential cells could be in Sochi and the Olympic village?’’ he said. ‘‘But after ‘the ring of steel’ was implemented we have this one person who seems to have been able to penetrate it. It does demonstrate vulnerability.’’

So when is the false flag attack, Mike?

Police material distributed to the hotel staff included pictures of two other women in veils: 26-year-old Zaira Aliyeva and 34-year-old Dzhannet Tsakhayeva. It said they had been trained ‘‘to perpetrate acts of terrorism.’’

It warned that the two women ‘‘are probably among us,’’ but, unlike Ibragimova’s case, did not say whether they are in Sochi.

Russian troops also have been active fighting militants in Dagestan, one of the predominantly Muslim republics in Russia’s North Caucasus and the center of an Islamic insurgency that has engulfed the region.


"Edward Davis discusses Olympics security" by Andy Metzger |  State House News Service,  January 22, 2014

With security concerns dominating the news of the upcoming Olympics in Russia, local law enforcement officials said the outlook would be markedly different if Boston hosted the Summer Games in 2024.

Oh, no, I don't want them here!

“We are probably better suited than any other place in the country to work in this coordinated fashion,” retired Boston police commissioner Edward F. Davis told a special commission studying the feasibility of hosting the international games on Tuesday at the State House.

Davis noted the joint federal and state fusion centers and the state’s history of hosting sports championships and the 2004 Democratic National Convention, a national special security event, where — as would be the case with the Olympics — the US Secret Service managed the security.

That ALL FAILED in light of the Marathon bombings!

The lead-up to games in Sochi has been marked by civil rights concerns over a Russian law limiting expressions of homosexuality and security worries heightened by suicide bombings targeting public transportation in Volgograd, which is in the same region, over the fall and winter.

Located 200 miles from Chechnya and 250 miles from Dagestan, areas where the alleged Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev have familial ties, Sochi is “the worst possible example” for comparisons with Boston, Davis told reporters.

“Having a low-level war occurring there over the last 20 years makes that unique, and I can’t see a scenario in the United States that would replicate that situation. However, our intelligence systems need to be working very closely together. The threat that comes out of the Caucasus really needs to be factored into anything that we do here in the United States,” said Davis, who added that a close working relationship between the FBI and Russia’s security force is important.

Davis dung really deep!

President Vladmir Putin said he has committed 40,000 police and special services officers to protect the games, which begin Feb. 7 and last through Feb. 23.

“The numbers have been increasing at Olympic Games over time, so we expect there will be thousands of security people here, but we’re not fighting a war 600 miles away,” Davis said.

No, "we" are fighting them worldwide.

Following the Boston Marathon bombings, which killed three spectators in April of last year, the security for the 26.2-mile event will be heightened. Davis said his successor, Commissioner William Evans, and state officials are focused on that issue.

“There’s going to be increases in surveillance,” Davis said. “There’s going to be increases in numbers; there’s going to be increases in cameras; there’s going to be a much different security posture next year than there was last year. We felt we were prepared for the threat, and we were prepared for the threat that we knew about. It was the unknown that caught us, and that’s really what you have to worry about.”

What a pile of garbage! 

See: Tsarnaev and Friends 

Yeah, somehow they missed it all.

According to new reports, Russian authorities have been hunting for a widow of a militant. She is suspected of seeking to launch a suicide bombing around Sochi.

Asked whether he would feel safe going to the Olympics next month, Davis said he would go in defiance of any threat but would not want his family to go.

Well, a lot of AmeriKan officials, including Obummer, are not going so the FALSE FLAG is DEFINITELY ON!  Bet there will be some sort of SYRIAN CONNECTION when the propaganda pre$$ gets around to reporting it.

“I would personally go because I feel that we shouldn’t change our activities because of threats of terrorists,” Davis said. “I wouldn’t let my family go. I would advise my family against going there because of the unique situation they have right now.”

That will make them real happy as they worry about you, but whatever.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was in Charlestown on Tuesday taking part in a student financial aid day, fielded questions about the possibility of the United States withdrawing from the Winter Games for security reasons.

I think WE SHOULD! 

You can't risk athletes over a potential false flag attack no matter how hard or how many years they have trained in pursuit of their dreams. Who cares how much money NBC has invested in coverage and advertising? Just can't risk an Olympics in Russia of all places. 

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Screw that! Lives are at risk!

Who was the genius behind awarding them the Olympics? Couldn't have held it in AmeriKa or Western Europe? You know, a nice safe place to have an Olympics, not behind a ring of steal and Iron Curtain. That would be like putting them in Tokyo in 2020.

“I think we have legitimate security concerns. Let’s see what happens over the next few days about whether or not any of those concerns can be alleviated,” Warren said, adding, “Right now, it’s still an unfolding situation and we don’t have full information about what’s happening and whether they have adequate security in place.”

A few days is not going to change anything, and she is a nice nice woman but…. she jus really getting nothing done. Her voice is submerged by Reid and leadership even as she toes the Democrat party line on so many things. Her new Glass-Steagel bill can't even get a hearing in committee, and the student loan bill still makes the government a $40 billion a year profit on student debt. The institutions as drawn by the framers would work, but the $y$tem has been so corrupted with corporate money that it is a rotted and hulking carcass incapable of change. One or two voices down there just not getting it done for me anymore. 


Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins, a member of the special commission, reported that his analysis shows the state would have adequate police, federal officers, and private security to protect the games.

He also said he thinks the state would be able to train Olympic security forces adequately while maintaining other operations, adding it was too early to determine whether potential venues would be able to be adequately secured.


"Doubts persist on Olympic security" by David Filipov |  Globe Staff, January 23, 2014

To quell terrorism fears as the Sochi Olympics near, President Vladimir Putin of Russia has mustered an army of tens of thousands of police and military personnel, installed a security system dubbed the “ring of steel,” and issued repeated assurances that these Games will be safe.

London lives in a ring of steel, but forget that. That looks like a RUSSIAN INVASION FORCE!

But a frantic search this week for a potential suicide bomber who may have infiltrated Sochi, and threats of bloodshed from Islamic militant groups based only a few hundred miles from the city, have fueled alarm that Russia might be focused on the wrong kind of threat — and unprepared for the consequences of violence.

Translation: The covert western intelligence operation and its CIA-Duh assets FALSE FLAG is a GOOOOOOOO!!!!

US officials have added their own concerns about the willingness of Russian security agencies to share intelligence, and hinted at frustration that Russian officials have failed to share their contingency plans in case of an emergency that might require the evacuation of the 15,000 Americans expected to attend the Games.

“Russia is not great at sharing information with the United States,” Representative William R. Keating, Democrat of Bourne, said Wednesday after returning from a trip to Sochi in which he inspected security procedures at the Olympic venues. “We’re willing to do everything we can . . . but it’s their country.’’

They alerted us before 9/11 and before Boston, but that doesn't fit the current propaganda narrative and stoopid readers like me will have forgotten all about that! This is such rank rot pre$$ I'm stuck in!

Keating said the Russian security force in Sochi would comprise 100,000 personnel, including 40,000 police and 30,000 military. He said security measures include drones and six independent antimissile systems.

He expressed confidence that American citizens at the Olympics would be safe, but his visit comes amid concerns by himself and other lawmakers who have said that the Russians have resisted sharing intelligence with US agencies as had been hoped.

Translation: Americans will not be targets -- meaning if Americans are attacked it is likely a MOSSAD OPERATION as the Jewish mafia has bases in all former Soviet Republics.


"Keating said, terrorists might have embedded people, or explosives, in the city before Russia imposed a strict security zone."

You have been forewarned!

Keating, after meeting with Russian officials in May, had suggested that better intelligence sharing might have prevented the Boston Marathon bombings, though at the time he faulted the FBI for not acting more decisively after Russian intelligence alerted US officials that alleged bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev might be trying to join Islamic insurgents in Russia. US and Russian intelligence have worked together more closely in the aftermath of the bombings, Keating said, “but it has not expanded beyond the Boston Marathon cooperation.”

Oh, so the limited hangout cover story is useful here, but…. is it any wonder I no longer believe nor want to read this slop?

Tsarnaev in 2012 spent six months in Dagestan, a restive Russian province on the Caspian Sea that has become the center of an insurgency led by militants seeking to create an independent state governed by Islamic Shariah law in the Caucasus.

As the Feb. 7 opening of the Olympics approaches, events in the region have renewed security concerns.

Over the weekend, a video surfaced on a Russian-language jihadist website in which two men, who said they were members of a terrorist group based in Dagestan, took responsibility for two suicide bombings last month in which more than 30 people were killed in the southern Russian city of Volgograd, approximately 400 miles inland from Sochi on the Black Sea coast.

In the video, one of the men said, “If you hold the Olympics, you’ll get a present from us for the Muslim blood that’s been spilled.” A different post on the site goes further, threatening further attacks, “up to and including chemical [weapons].”

Well, since the NSA is MONITORING and COLLECTING EVERYTHING, tell the AmeriKans to GO GET 'EM! 

Readers, the RANK ROT of AmeriKa's mouthpiece media and propaganda pre$$ is BEYOND MY CAPABILITY to express outrage anymore. It's THROW TONS of SHIT OUT THERE and HOPE SOME WILL STICK!

Putin, buffeted by the threats, as well as warnings such as the State Department’s recent alert to Americans of the potential for terrorism at the Sochi Games, over the weekend asserted that Russia is prepared for the threat.

Right, Putin is benefiting from all this.

“We have a perfect understanding of the scope of the threat, and how to deal with it, and how to prevent it,” he said at a briefing with international media.

Putin, however, has been silent on the Pentagon’s offer to supply ships and air assets to assist in a mass evacuation from the Games in the event one is necessary.

Analysts suggest that the show of force in Sochi, with its numerous security perimeters, rigid document checks, and street patrols, has made large-scale attacks that were the signatures of the Chechen rebels — such as the 2002 raid on a Moscow theater in which more than 900 hostages were held — unlikely.

“I foresee no strong possibility of major terrorist attack that would require mass evacuation, like a mass hostage taking or a series of hostage-takings,” said Simon Saradzhyan, a research fellow at Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University.

He also said potential terrorists will have difficulty moving explosives into the city, past security checkpoints. More likely, Saradzhyan said, is the possibility that would-be terrorists planted bombs in facilities during their construction.

“Or people have moved into the city long ago and are just biding their time waiting for the right time to strike,” he said.

You know what? I'm not going to watch one minute of the Olympics. Can't see throughout the CIA-Duh web.

That concern took on the look of reality after Russian security forces launched a massive search this week for at least four possible suicide bombers — including the 22-year-old widow of an alleged militant in the North Caucasus who is believed to be inside the Sochi security zone.

The incident shed light on another problem, said Andrei Soldatov, an investigative journalist who has written extensively on Russian intelligence agencies: poor communication among various Russian law enforcement agencies. For several days, he said, authorities were searching for a possible suicide bomber who authorities in Dagestan said was actually killed before the manhunt began.

Yeah, I found out about that DAYS AGO, and here the pos press is mentioning it as an afterthought. What a tipping tell of a CIA operation and covert black bag job.

“Intelligence gathering and intelligence sharing — here the FSB and others still have problems, mostly caused by lack of trust between different departments,” Soldatov said.

You know, like the U.S. agencies that are always protecting their turf and operations.

The threat of terror from the North Caucasus was always a concern for these Olympics — in 2007, when Russia was awarded the Games, an Islamic insurgency in Chechnya was also still active. Doku Umarov, the leader of the North Caucasus insurgency and Russia’s most-wanted militant, has repeatedly vowed to stop the Olympics “using any methods that Allah allows us.”

The pro-Moscow leader of Chechnya recently said that Umarov had been killed, but there has been no confirmation. His death, analysts say, would not hinder the insurgency’s highly autonomous groups, which are responsible for daily raids on government forces.

Then why is the CIA ghost that is in and out of the grave like so many getting so much pre$$ in my paper?

“The main goal is to show that this is our territory, and holding these infidel Games with all the various attractions shouldn’t be done,” said Gordon M. Hahn of Geostrategic Forecasting, a think tank based in Chicago, who has written extensively about Islamic extremism in the North Caucasus.

He said the threat of chemical weapons mentioned in the video has some validity: Insurgents from Dagestan have been fighting in Syria alongside jihadist groups, raising the possibility of access to the chemical weapons arsenal in that country.

I TOLD YOU there would be a SYRIAN CONNECTION, and what chutzpah my propaganda pre$$ has to now claim the Al-CIA-Duh insurgents they support are involved in chemical weapons! It's whatever pile of bull$hit that is u$eful at the present time, huh? 

Of course, the U.N. and allies supposedly have control and have moved the CWs out of country. Is that who they gave them to? And none of this limited hangout bulloney mentions that no sarin use was actually found and the whole thing was a staged and scripted hoax video to demonize the Syrian government. 

Ah, the layers and layers of limited hangouts we must claw through like a spider's web of lies!

Analysts also pointed out that with so much attention focused on Sochi, and in particular, the Olympic venues, militants may find an opportunity to strike at other targets within Russia — such as the attack on Volgograd.

Looks the Russians do have their hands full. Maybe they won't pick up any medals that way.

“This is a perfect opportunity to achieve maximum impact with minimum effort,” said Pavel Baev, a Russia specialist at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo. “Sochi, in this context, is a major opportunity for every small terrorist cell. Getting there is very difficult, it is by no means a soft target, but so many security resources have been concentrated there, and in Moscow, that many other places have become targets that are softer-than-soft.”

Translation: a WAVE of TERROR ACROSS RUSSIA is being TELEGRAPHED so hold on to your "toilets!"

Keating noted concerns that areas just outside Sochi’s security zone could be targeted, as well as targets in other cities in the region.

While he expects that American citizens at the Olympics will be safe, he urged them to stay vigilant and pay attention to updates from the State Department.

Keating said he would not, as a member of Congress, attend the Games in support of the Obama administration, which is avoiding the Games because of a Russian law that criminalizes public expression of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender relationships. 

That's the excuse for being absent during the false flag Olympic terror of 2014!



"Israel says it prevented Al Qaeda attack on US Embassy" by Ian Deitch |  Associated Press, January 23, 2014

JERUSALEM — Israel said Wednesday that it had foiled an ‘‘advanced’’ Al Qaeda plan to carry out a suicide bombing on the US Embassy in Tel Aviv and bomb other targets, in what analysts said was the first time the global terrorism network’s leadership has been directly involved in plotting an attack inside Israel.

I laughed when I saw this!

The Shin Bet intelligence agency said it had arrested three Palestinians who allegedly plotted bombings, shootings, kidnappings, and other attacks.



Also see: Fake al-Qaeda Arrested in Jerusalem

It said the Palestinian men, two from Jerusalem and one from the West Bank, were recruited by an operative based in the Gaza Strip who worked for Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri.

Looks like his photo with the Star of David blanket background was taken off the web. 

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Then Hamas is our…. friend?

The State Department said the United States was not yet able to corroborate the Israeli claims.

Translation: They know this is propaganda and bullshit.

While a number of groups inspired by Al Qaeda have carried out attacks against Israel before, this appeared to mark the first time an attack was directly planned by Al Qaeda leaders.

Yeah, except this attack was planned against U.S. territory. Jewpress can't even get that right.

Shin Bet said the Palestinians planned to attack a Jerusalem conference center with firearms and then kill rescue workers with a truck bomb. Al Qaeda also planned to send foreign militants to attack the US Embassy in Tel Aviv on the same day, it said.

It said five men whose identity and nationality were not disclosed were to fly into Israel with fake Russian passports to attack the American embassy. It was not clear where the men are located.

Yeah, why not? Why not throw that into this piece of absolute Jewish fiction that is my jew$paper? 

I should THANK THEM for the LAUGHS this morning because I needed them!

The Palestinian operatives had planned on several other attacks, it said. One included shooting out the tires of a bus and then gunning down passengers and ambulance workers.

The agency said the plot was in ‘‘advanced planning stages’’ but gave no further information on how close the men got to carrying it out.

It is the SAME SCRIPT every single time!

It said the Palestinians from Jerusalem had used their Israeli resident cards to scope out and gather intelligence on targets.

Meaning Jerusalem must be all Israel's and Israeli-Arabs must be stripped of citizenship. Reading this agenda is getting too easy!

They were arrested in the past few weeks, it said.

Look at how this article is basically an Israeli intel hand-out, folks. 

And if they were arrested in the past few weeks why is this COMING OUT NOW?!!

A number of Al Qaeda-inspired groups have carried out rocket attacks from Gaza and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, as well as shootings in the West Bank.

See: The Gaza Rocket Squads

More false flags!

Israeli intelligence calls these groups part of a ‘‘global jihad’’ movement.

Aviv Oreg, a former head of the Israeli military intelligence unit that tracks Al Qaeda, said the plot marked the first time it has been directly linked to an attempted attack in Israel.

‘‘This is the first time that Ayman al-Zawahri was directly involved,’’ he said. ‘‘For them, it would have been a great achievement.’’

Shin Bet said the three suspects made contact with Al Qaeda over the Internet.

Then they are either COMPLETE IDIOTS when anyone conscious nows the NSA is MONITORING EVERYTHING, or this is a COMPLETE LOAD of SET-UP BS!!! 

It said they planned on traveling to Syria — where various jihadist groups are battling the forces of President Bashar Assad — for training.

Russian passports, Syrian training, this pile of Jewish propaganda is IMMENSE!

Oreg said that many foreign fighters fighting the Assad regime are from Chechnya and predominantly Muslim parts of Russia and speculated that the militants with the phony documents would be from there.

Oh, like the kind Israel gets from the criminal hacking of consumer accounts as well as operations in places like New Zealand and such.


Wake up, America! 

That is an ISRAELI THREAT on par with 9/11 because Obummer and Kohn Kerry aren't with the program!


Six Zionist Companies Own 96% of the World's Media
Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed
Operation Mockingbird

Why Am I No Longer Reading the Newspaper?

I thought the INTERESTS behind the NARRATIVE are important. 

Could we be looking at ANOTHER MUNICH, dear readers? 

Also see: The Munich 1972 Olympic Games "Massacre" Was A Mossad False Flag Operation: Here Is The Proof! 

It would certainly take attention away from something like this: 

"It was the second time in recent days that Israel carried out an attack…. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly warned that Israel will take preventive action and retaliate swiftly and strongly against those who seek to harm it.

“We thwart terror attacks if we identify them while they are still being planned and we respond decisively against those who harm us,” Netanyahu said at a news conference Tuesday, hours before the latest attack. “If Hamas and the terror organizations have forgotten this message, they will learn it harshly very soon.” 

Are we looking at CAST LEAD III during the Olympics when NO ONE IS WATCHING (except we are, we are)? 


"Russia to free oil tycoon’s partner" by ANDREW E. KRAMER |  New York Times Syndicate, January 24, 2014

MOSCOW — Taking a cue from President Vladimir Putin’s support of amnesties and pardons before the Winter Olympics, the Russian Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the business partner of the former oil tycoon Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky should be released from prison.

Putin pardoned Khodorkovsky in December. The ruling regarding his business partner, Platon A. Lebedev, came when two months remained on a sentence of 10 years and eight months.

It was handed down two weeks before the opening of the Winter Olympics as Russian officials have been seeking to bolster the country’s image during the games.

Although rights groups called for the release of both Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, the ruling to free Lebedev seems unlikely to assuage a central concern raised by the high-profile case.

Critics have said that the Russian courts, including the Supreme Court, are effectively subordinate to the political demands of the Kremlin in spite of ostensible independence, an idea that would be illustrated by Lebedev’s release as much as his imprisonment.

The two businessmen were convicted of tax evasion and fraud in 2005 and their sentences extended in a second trial five years later.

The Parliament last year adopted an amnesty timed to coincide with the 20-year anniversary of the second post-Soviet Russian Constitution passed in 1993. It had the effect of releasing controversial prisoners such as members of the protest band Pussy Riot.

I find the name offensive (among other things).