Thursday, January 30, 2014

Go Ask ALICE About Alien Life

I think she'll know!

Better go ask Laurie:

"Laurie Leshin has helped send robots to Mars, overseen NASA’s largest science center, commanded research on human space exploration, and even has a piece of the solar system named after her.

Then she would know all about alien life on the moon.

The 48-year-old geochemist and space scientist’s next mission: leading Worcester Polytechnic Institute as the first woman president in its 149-year history. WPI 's showing in the DARPA robot challenge in December was good….

"The Pentagon’s DARPA Robotics Challenge 2013 Trials was sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA called the event a Grand Challenge, intended to open the way for an era in which a generation of mobile robots will aid in disaster situations, traveling and working where humans cannot. The research agency is trying to develop systems to use in situations like the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. DARPA officials stressed the awards were not final but are pending contract negotiations with the US government." 

Nothing to worry about there.


Maybe you should ask Kenny instead. 

If you ask me, I would say I do not discount alien ancestors or creators, far from it; however, the silence in some quarters and loudness of others leads to me to believe that those long ago beings are now extinct and are not returning. It happens, you know, and one day it will happen to humans on planet Earth. 

I think the final thing that convinced me was the top alien plot for world takeover being collaboration with Nazis under the South Pole. That and the fracking and oil-drilling in the midst of hidden alien bases.