Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pope Orders a Pizza

It's on him, too:

"Visiting Naples, pope gets pizza to go" Associated Press  March 24, 2015

ROME — Pope Francis, who recently lamented he can’t slip out and get a pizza like he used to, finally got one, though it was hand-delivered to his popemobile.

Pizza maker Enzo Cacialli delivered the pie as Francis sped by the Naples waterfront Saturday during his one-day visit to the city famous for its pizza.

Cacialli, whose father made pizza for Bill Clinton during a 1994 presidential visit, said he used yellow tomatoes rather than red to reflect the colors of the Holy See.

How did it taste?

Francis now eats in the communal dining room of the Vatican hotel, serving himself cafeteria-style like the rest of the guests at dinner.

Francis also got some other treats during his visit to Naples: some biscuits and sweets made by some cloistered nuns who crowded around him as he sat in the Naples cathedral....


He then went and took a shower.